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A year of peace... mostly...

The Illuminati is scattered. The Purifiers have been silent. Apocalypse lies shattered beneath the desert sands.

The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters welcomes new students, and faculty, a time of serenity and safety descended upon us all. The Defenders, X-Factor, X-FI, Horizon Labs... there's been minor dust ups here and there. A power swap at the school, a little bit of sneakiness by the Red Court, a few smaller issues. Nothing we can't cope with, nothing that threatens the world.

But working beneath the surface, a new danger might be raising its head. Where is Magneto? What is it that the man called Sinister wants? Mutants have begun to go missing, but so far, there's been no connection between them, no concrete evidence that there's even something beyond the normal tragedies of the lost.

It can't be that simple, can it? This world cannot be entering a new age so easily.

How long will Peace last?

Has the [Revolution] stalled?

Don't you believe it.

What will it bring us when it does?

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<<< All Apologies, Lilandra
Posted: Oct 3 2011, 10:59 PM

Channeling of Geothermal Energy/Widdle Bwutha

Group: New Recruit
Posts: 72
Member No.: 1,437
Joined: 15-September 11

Date: September 5th, 2011
Time: Early Night

It had been months since he became Majestor, months since D'Ken's death. Months since the Shi'ar went from the Eagles of the Sea to the Nation of the Phoenix. Just like Adam had said on that first day as Majestor, the Shi'ar did rebuild, and in some ways it appeared as they were improving with the rebuilding. There were some that did not approve of the new Majestor, it was not because he was not qualified, or doing a fine job as Majestor for such a young age. It was because he was not of Shi'ar birth, he was D'Ken's adoptive son but not of the former Majestor's blood. If it was not for the sisters...there may have been several members of the faction leaving or attempting to remove him from power.

However there was a problem he had. The day that D'Ken died, there had been rumors he had heard. It was disheartening, more so as he continued to here more about them, interviewed some respected officers that were there during the attack. Even his dear Cal'syee... There was some part of him that truly did not want to believe it, but all evidence to the contrary said it was true.

Lilandra Neramani betrayed the Shi'ar and allowed the former Majestor to die.

The punishment for it was death for anyone...but Adam couldn't kill her, he had known her his whole life. She was a friend... and family. However this was not something that could just be swept under the carpet, too many people saw her betrayal. Too many people knew to hide it.

<"A'vera...please contact Lilandra and have her meet me in my office."> Adam said softly. He didn't want to do this, every corner of his heart told him not to do it... but it was the law, and in the new dawn of the Shi'ar and Madripoor that started in his reign, no one was above the law, not even the Majestor that made them. <"Make sure she is unarmed."> He added. Even if it was heartbreaking and he trusted Lilandra, he was still no fool. A Majestor could do great things, but they also needed to be ready to do horrible things. D'ken told him that the first day that Adam came into the Neramani household. D'Ken told him many things.

user posted image
Lilandra Neramani
Posted: Oct 8 2011, 12:50 AM

NPC: Low Level Telepathy

Group: NPC Account
Posts: 47
Member No.: 1,250
Joined: 4-May 11

As the weeks passed, Lilandra could practically see the cogs turning within the Shi’ar. There had been far too many witnesses to her betrayal, her split second decision to allow Corsair to pass by her without a fight, to take D’Ken down. In all honesty, she had expected the hammer to come down far sooner than this. Despite the suspicion being leveled at her by so many, Lilandra had continued on her business as usual – for all appearances, the woman was completely unperturbed by the wary looks and rumors. Of course, that hid the fact that she was far warier than she seemed, because a part of her fully expected an attack ordered by her sister, Deathbird, to take her out of the equation.

Some of her officers, still loyal to her, had told her about the inquiries coming from the Majestor, they tried to warn her. She merely smiled and told them not to worry, although she knew they still did. Lilandra had never in her life been a coward, and the mere thought of running from the truth was folly. So when the summons finally came from the new Majestor, Vulcan, including the instruction to leave her weapons behind…She knew what that meant.

The message was received with a calm smile while in her quarters, as she closed the journal spread across her desk. Alone for a moment, she gave them a rather disturbed look – she’d read through D’Ken’s journals more than once already, each time just as horrifying as the first. The firsthand accounts of orchestrating the cold blooded murder of the previous Majestor…Of her mother. The images of those vicious murders flashed through Lilandra’s mind, and once the line was drawn, it made so much more sense. Cal’syee. Her sister. Ice flooded her veins as she changed into a flattering cream sun dress. Her dark hair was left loose, a few strands obscuring the thin black markings around her eyes.

She received more than a few looks as she strode to Vulcan’s office, more for her unusual attire than anything – the woman was far more often seen in dark colors, and pants. The sudden appearance of a dress was strange for many to see. A guard outside the office scanned her for weapons, which she allowed with a polite smile. Finally entering, she bowed deeply to Adam, a serious look on her face.

“You wished to see me, Majestor?” The woman’s voice was just as calm as ever, and her dark gaze was clear and level-headed as she regarded Adam. Flashes from D’Ken’s journals came to her mind, sections on Adam, on his birth, his family. The memory she’d seen in Corsair’s mind, of the death of his first wife, Adam’s mother…The distress she felt over trying to reconcile the truth of those journals with what she remembered her brother for didn’t show in her face.
Posted: Oct 17 2011, 08:43 PM

Channeling of Geothermal Energy/Widdle Bwutha

Group: New Recruit
Posts: 72
Member No.: 1,437
Joined: 15-September 11

When she walked in Adam was standing in front of his desk. The room had barely looked like what D'Ken had set up months ago before his passing. Though there was one thing that remained on the walls that Lilandra may recognize. A black and white family portrait of her younger self, her sister, and brother. Why wouldn't Adam keep that? They were his family for all he was concerned, even though Lilandra knew the nightmarish truth about his birth, and the rest of his life as D'Ken's play thing.

<"You are like a rose, Lilandra."> Adam said commenting on her appearance. <"Decorated or left simply alone you are both beautiful and stunning."> It would not be the first time that he ever flattered her appearance, mostly because before his relationship with Cal'syee had even started, a much younger and less cruel Adam Neramani had an innocent crush on the older woman. How things change.

<"Unfortunately, roses have thorns..."> He muttered softly as he got up from the same seat that D'Ken had used for many years before Emperor Vulcan ever occurred, and despite the months using it, the chair was still far from comfortable for the young man.

<"Lilandra..."> He started almost sadly. <"In the months since D'Ken's death aboard the Chandilar, I have personally investigated the events that took place that day. Initially it was to learn more about my brother's team and the tatics they used in conjunction with the Starjammers lest they attack together once more... during my investigation however."> He paused, eyes looking from the floor and back up to her, staring directly into her dark gaze.

<"Lilandra, I have always loved you like family, but from what I have found out...because of how many people saw you..."> He paused as he closed his eyes once again and took in a breath. <"How could you betray the Shi'ar? How could you just let Corsair and that wife of his get to D'Ken?!"> He shouted, the rooms were sound proof however so no one would hear anything that would occur with in them.

<"Why, Lilandra? You know the punishment for what you have done. Treason is punishable by death! So why would you ever commit it...and allow your own brother to fall?">

user posted image
Lilandra Neramani
Posted: Oct 20 2011, 01:06 AM

NPC: Low Level Telepathy

Group: NPC Account
Posts: 47
Member No.: 1,250
Joined: 4-May 11

The past months had been a study in patience and a test of Lilandra’s acting abilities. She had only one person among those she trusted whom she had confided in, a man among the guards that she knew would never betray her. As an insurance policy, she had told him about the journals, should something happen to her – after all, Lilandra knew that Cal’syee would likely find this the perfect time to try and cause her death. And with her position so shaky now, she wouldn’t put it past her sister to capitalize. The turmoil beneath her façade was well hidden, and her gaze wandered only momentarily to the portrait in the office. But rather than take comfort in it, she found it a disturbing reminder of the cold-hearted murder of her mother.

The compliment was not replied to, although she inclined her head politely at the words. She could already hear the ‘but’ he was preparing, and did not smile, as she might have before when faced with a compliment. This was not an occasion where such trivial words mattered. He stood, her dark gaze following him as he moved to stand before her, showing no surprise at his declaration. It was well known to her already that he had been looking into the events – for more reasons than just learning about his family.

Lilandra met his eyes steadily, her stance relaxed, seemingly unconcerned – the same well-poised stature she had always carried herself with. She didn’t lower her head in guilt, and while her eyes flashed when he shouted, she neither flinched nor backed away. Allowing him to finish ranting, questions hanging over her head like a noose, ready to drop, and Lilandra did not hesitate, despite knowing the consequences.

“I do not expect you to understand, Adam.” For the first time, she did not use his title, and her mask dropped, nostrils flaring proudly. “I loved my brother, for all his flaws…But when faced with perhaps his biggest flaw, I faltered. I read Corsair’s mind, his memories…” The very thought of what she had found caused her eyes to flash, narrowing at Adam. “D’Ken was wrong. In so many ways. And Corsair had every right to finish that battle, for what D’Ken did to him.” She drew herself up straighter, meeting Adam’s eyes with a sharp look.

“If death is my punishment, so be it. I’ll not apologize for doing what was right.” Treasonous though it had been. She had no doubt that Adam could kill her if he chose, but she held out the belief that he would not do so. More importantly, she had absolutely no intention of dying, not here, not today.
Posted: Oct 23 2011, 06:44 PM

Channeling of Geothermal Energy/Widdle Bwutha

Group: New Recruit
Posts: 72
Member No.: 1,437
Joined: 15-September 11

D'Ken was wrong? Corsair had every right? If the Shi'ar was a religion that would have been blasphemous in his eyes. Adam never had a choice in his life, from birth he was groomed to be the perfect citizen and soldier of the Shi'ar and Madripoor, potentially the most patriotic member of the Imperial Guard. For all the flaws and wrong doing of the country that was the blending of the rich and ruined, he would protect it, he would give his life for it.

Lilandra would know that, Cal'syee would know that, everyone who knew him would know that. Maybe that was the reason D'Ken made him his successor. Or that is what Adam would have liked to believe. Adam knew that D'Ken's mind had been slipping, and perhaps there was something medically wrong, but to say Corsair was right? It made his blood boil, and his eyes start to glow in response to his emotions.

He was young, and despite all his training to control himself and make himself hard to read, Vulcan was still a bit of a hot head.

"Corsair is never right! He is a pirate, a thief and in direct opposition to the well being and growth of the Shi'ar empire." He said with a heated intensity. There was of course more Adam would have said, more personal reasons to be angry with Corsair and the entire situation. Corsair was his biological father, and Vulcan possessed the belief that Corsair was directly responsible for why the boy never had a mother, even more so Corsair forever scarred the young Majestor, taking his eye, marking his face, and damaging his psyche.

The Majestor looked at Lilandra, one of the very few members of his adoptive family left in the world. He loved her, but this was inexcusable. The heat rose in the room as Adam's eyes glowed a vibrant yellow and orange like orbs of fire. He could have executed her right then and there with just a flash from those eyes, or a touch of his hands. But he didn't.

He closed his eyes, forcing himself to calm down, show control and restraint with his great power. Something she taught him where Cal'syee or D'Ken would have encouraged the young man to do nothing but demonstrate his superiority to all. Good rulers could be feared. Great ones however were feared for the power they had, and loved for the restraint and compassion they showed.

"I will not send you to death, Lilandra." Adam responded softly. "That will be by your own hands if you do not heed my words." He looked up at her with that single blue eye that he had left. "There is a ship leaving for the United States tomorrow at 5 A.M. You have until the end of this meeting until then to be on it, if you are not I will have no choice but to send the Imperial Guard after you." Adam said with an absolute coldness. "As of tomorrow you are exiled from Madripoor and the Shi'ar, stripped of all titles and privileges. Any of the Shi'ar who contact you or you attempt to contact shall be treated as acting out of treason to the country of Madripoor and the Shi'ar Empire, and shall be executed accordingly."

He looked at her dark gaze. "Do you understand, Lilandra?"

user posted image
Lilandra Neramani
Posted: Nov 15 2011, 12:51 AM

NPC: Low Level Telepathy

Group: NPC Account
Posts: 47
Member No.: 1,250
Joined: 4-May 11

To so many within the Shi’ar, including herself in past times, what she had just spoken would have been instant death. The mere idea that the leader, the man in charge, the man who had done so much for the Shi’ar was wrong…She could practically feel Adam’s fury. Had she not been family, Lilandra had no doubt that she would have been dead already. If death was to be her punishment, then the dark haired woman no longer needed to censor herself. Always so careful of what to say, how to say it, diplomatic as opposed to fully truthful, it had been necessary to survive. Adam’s eyes were glowing, and she lifted her head to meet his gaze, her dark eyes sharp and narrowed at his words.

“Corsair is your father,” She snapped right back at him, and her nostrils flared. “And D’Ken was a murderer, for what he did to your mother.” Lilandra drew herself up, her mind open, catching the fringe thoughts that passed through the young Majestor’s mind, not needing to delve deeper. If he tried to kill her, she would put up a fight. Lilandra had always been prepared to fight those closest to her – a habit, probably from the many attacks Deathbird had subjected her to. While proud to see his restraint, no small feat considering how he had been raised, the older woman did not heel.

Arching an eyebrow at his words, she let him speak, and while sadness flashed in her gaze, there was more steel in her than ever before. Exile, that was unexpected, because she had been sure that Cal’syee would have pushed for her death. It was a sign that perhaps Adam would become his own man after all. Meeting his eyes, she nodded, a small smile playing at her lips.

“I understand, Adam.” The punishment was understandable, far less than she would have expected. There would be no trouble for her there – unlike so many of the royals, Lilandra had been out of this world before. The majority of her fortune was not within Madripoor, and despite D’Ken’s thoroughness in so many ways, she had accounts and connections that even had had not discovered. Charles crossed her mind, leading directly back to the thought of Scott and Jean. She had seen her mentor in the Phoenix’s thoughts…And she knew someone else who could help. Stepping towards the door, the brunette paused for a moment, glancing over her shoulder at Adam.

“Perhaps when you are ready, I will share with you…What D’Ken did. To you…And to me.” The smile was sad, because no matter what she said now, Adam would not believe her. Not yet. Turning, she exited the room, back to her quarters to prepare for her exile.
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