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If you are looking for the best X-Men rpg around, you found it. We're a non-movieverse based on but not stringently following 616 canon.

Currently, we're accepting canons and OCs, and because the game does have some adult themes like violence, we have to limit our players to at least sixeen years old.

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Welcome to X-Men Revolution, hope you survive!

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Posted: Dec 6 2011, 02:05 AM


November 12

Doctor Song Ji Myung, as her nameplate inaccurately named her, sat behind her desk looking over some paper work. The notes were over two years old, and had the stained remnants of the destruction from that time. She was in the process of copying them to her new hard drive, trying to read some of the blurred writing. This was not her favorite work, but it had to be done. To make it all worse, she kept looking at the wood in the desk, the pulp of the paper, and the skin of her own hand. Everything else was so much more interesting at the moment.

Deciding against staying in the office to catch up on paper work, she went back to her open lab area, the glass walls giving her a good view of outside and inside. Ever since her arrival, she had sequestered herself here to set up her lab area. Now that it was officially finished, she was ready to socialize, but did not feel comfortable talking with anyone as of yet.

It wasn't that she was uncomfortable around the people. It was more that she was still becoming accustomed to the differences in their DNA strains. Everyone she met was cataloged in her own internal databases, the mutations taken note of. There was something about all these people that brought them together, something the outside world would never understand.

A sample of her own skin lay under the microscope. Alongside that was a sample of a normal human's skin. She didn't need the microscopes, but they came in handy. Walking past all this, she made her way into the hall, watching for anyone else who may enter the infirmary.
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