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Currently, we're accepting canons and OCs, and because the game does have some adult themes like violence, we have to limit our players to at least sixeen years old.

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<<< January 30th Weekly Story Updates
Posted: Jan 31 2012, 06:08 AM

Punches from the Punch Dimension

Group: X-Men [Staff]
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Featured Plot

Nothing new

Site Wide Plot

Here either

Side Plots

Tommy appears at the Institute and finds Hulkling. I think people are supposed to be chasing him, but I keep forgetting to post there.
See: First Steps

The Black Rook finalizes a partnership that leaves Hellfire and the Brotherhood happy campers.
See: Closing the Deal

Martin catches up with Rusty through a bit of Tribble wrangling.
See: Inner Fires

The Psycho Santa Investigation continues as Jamie and Alix send everyone's favorite Wild Child into a homeless shelter because apparently out of everyone in X-Investigations he looks the part the best.
See: Santa Investigation: Getting a Clue

A giant tree appears in Central Park. Whatever could it mean? Return of a long lost character perhaps?
See: The Savage Garden

Marrow and Logan head off in order to map some areas that are not able to be scanned, do some bonding, and run into the Wendigo.
See: Ravenous

Alix, Riva and Blake are having a run in with Exodus, Blob and Sack.
See: The Loan Shark

Following a lead in a missing persons case, these intrepid investigators don't have much luck either as their mission lands them quickly in a confrontation with the enemy. XMR Teamup!
See: Bookie

Character Threads

I guess I don't do these on a regular enough basis, since people can never seem to send me their threads on time. I'm going to say this thread is about manipulation.
See: Bel Ami

Tommy comes to see Jac - after a month of her being there... You're only quick when you want to be, I see.
See: Are we really who we used to be?

Martin deals with the doubts of becoming an X-Man. Rahne lets the secret loose that being an X-Men isn't all about fighting, or being like the others.
See: Running With the Finest

Mykayla makes an explosive entrance into our world. I hope the Mutant Hunters can handle this one.
See: The Mad Hatter

Rogue returns to Utopia in the aftermath of her power malfunction.
See: Mess Hall

Chrysalis visits Archangel at Worthington Complex in hopes of finding the X-men.
See: One Last Chance

Trance joins the board and has our 11,000th thread! How the hell have we written so much stuff?
See: Hope? I could use a ray of that

Jack attempts to train Kelrian and Martin using a real-life scenario instead of one-on-one combat.
See: count of casualty

Amara's asking Rahne about Doug for some reason.
See: Go-Getter

Marrow is honing her knife throwin' skills when Martin bothers her. Rest in Pieces, Martin Krane.
See: Brackish

There's a gargoyle looking at the X-Investigations Building. I wonder what for.
See: Rock and a high place

Bishop gives Jamie a bit of training, which apparently involves having his girlfriend watch him get beat up.
See: Sting Like a Butterfly

Rahne goes looking for whoever was stashing booze around Utopia. Don't know what's going to happen when she finds him.
See: Seeking Answers

Flashback Threads

An account of Black Tom Cassidy's days in an undisclosed SHIELD prison.
See: Tally Marks on the Prison Cell Wall

Notable Events

I don't even know anymore


February 02.....Bobby "Iceman" Drake (25)
February 03.....Chris "C-Trate Galford (28)

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