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<<< United, Deathbird; Open to Madripoor
Posted: Apr 13 2012, 03:21 AM

Channeling of Geothermal Energy/Widdle Bwutha

Group: New Recruit
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Date: April 6th, 2012
Time: Mid Afternoon.

<"Was the parade really necessary?"> Adam asked looking out from a balcony window down at Madripoor's main street filled with performers and floats and crowds of his beloved citizens lined the streets to see them. The Shi'ar Flag was hung on every light post displaying the golden bird of prey crest on the crimson red banner. Madripoor was the Shi'ar's now. It had always belonged to the Shi'ar Syndicate, but now... it was the home to the new Shi'ar Imperium. Vulcan's government he established after removing all competition from the other groups that claimed Madripoor as theirs. They called him the false Majestor, the 'Unmarked Emperor', but now those men that opposed him, opposed the way of life that he was born into nearly 19 years ago, they were all dead or they fled the island country. He could not have accomplished it without his Guard, with out Davan, and most certainly without his fiance, the woman that would become his wife today.

Davan smirked from behind. <"I do not think anything less would be worthy of celebration, Adam."> The elder man now out of his red power armor put his hand on the young Majestor's shoulder. A father's comfort, D'Ken claimed Vulcan as his son, Corsair was the Majestor's blood father, but Davan Shakari... he was the only one that ever gave Adam any sort of familial comfort. <"You deserve it after what you have done, besides you're marrying a real Neramani, you really think the Majestrix would settle for anything less extravagant."> He chuckled straightening out the Majestor's tie.

Adam hid a light chuckle. It was almost funny how much one week could change things, from the highly destructive warlord on the sea destroying any enemy ship with fiery blasts, to the present where he was an almost nervous young groom on his wedding day. The wedding while political in it's origin, Adam did love Cal'syee in many ways, love her enough for marriage? He was not sure, it was a large step, but he loved his country enough to go through with it. She carried a lot of influence with the people, especially the criminal underbelly that dealt with the Shi'ar. That was his goal with everything he had done since he inherited the title of Majestor. To make Madripoor the kingdom he remembered from those old story books he was read to as a child. He was once the knight, now he was the king.

<"I am not interrupting anything am I, my Majestor?"> An older feminine voice spoke up as she entered the room. She was wearing a modest red and gold dress, in her early fifties. She smiled happily as she saw Adam next to her husband. The little boy the former Majestor gave her to raise all those years ago, now the ruler over the island country. Ch'ylaritha Shakari.

It had been years since he last saw her, but Adam knew her the moment he heard her voice, elated he went to hug his former caretaker kissing both of her cheeks. <"I am glad you came."> Adam said letting his smile shine through in that moment alone.

<"Of course I would come, Adam. My how tall you have gotten, still growing I bet as well."> Ch'ylaritha smiled and patted the Majestor's cheek. <"I can't believe I get to see this day."> She muttered softly. <"I remember the day D'ken gave you to me, wrapped up in that little blue blanket. I swear I almost didn't recognize him with a child in his arms."> She chuckled. <"But now that baby is all grown up, hero to the country, ruler, and now you'll be a married man as well."> She smiled, holding back some tears.

The young man looked at her with his good eye and returned her smile before looking at Davan as well. <"I owe it all to both of you."> He said softly, meaning every word. <"Both of you were my parents no matter whom lays claim to that title, and I would have been proud to call myself a Shakari."> He meant that, potentially more than most realized. They were his family for seven years of his life before he was taken away to be groomed into what he was now, but always holding onto what they taught him.

Then the music outdoors began picking up, the bride and groom were to take their 'chariot' down the road to the building where they would be wed in front of the entire country, televised, made into the event of the year for Madripoor, a holiday even. <"I have to go."> Adam said straightening up, giving Ch'ylaritha a kiss on the forehead before turning to head out of the room. <"Davan, my last act as a bachelor Majestor... I name you Praetor to the new Shi'ar Imperium."> Vulcan said with a smirk. <"Make sure the Guard is in place, I would really hate for gunfire on my wedding day."> He joked. <"Then be prepared to be my best man, you've been my advisor, mentor, caretaker, it's only fitting for you to take that role as well.">

Davan smiled. <"Yes, sir.">

Then Vulcan left them, the two people who raised him as a boy making his way to the elevator, feeling the butterflies in his stomach flutter with each ding of a floor going down until he hit the lobby where he would find a literal chariot waiting for him. <"Thank god I plan on only marrying once. This is ridiculous."> He muttered to himself, waiting for his bride to be.

user posted image
Posted: Apr 14 2012, 01:17 AM

NPC: Avian Characteristics/Superstrength

Group: Guests
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Finally the time had come, the time that she had been waiting on for so long. The wedding of Cal’syee and young Adam meant a lot for the nation of Madripoor and for the individuals involved. The empire always belonged to Cal’syee or at least that was how she felt since childhood. She had always believed herself to be destined to rule despite her elder brother D’Ken being first in line. It would have been easy enough to just rip his arrogant head off long ago, but young Adam came into the picture and muddled things up. She had been infuriated that her brother would take on an heir especially one born of the blasted Corsair and his wife; however she had soon formulated a plan. Her claws were sunken deep into boy and over the years she twisted and molded him. And now here they were about to be wed.

Did she honestly love him? It was possible that some genuine feelings were harbored for Adam. But this wedding was not one out of love. It was for Madripoor. The rebellions had finally come to an end, enemies of the Shi’ar were either slaughtered or joined the empire, and even those damned Starjammers had been quiet. A few fireworks sounded off outside her window telling of the nation wide celebration taking place. Cal’syee stood stoically gazing out at her subjects. This of course did not have to be the spectacle that it was, but Cal’syee was a woman that did not half-ass anything. This was going to be a day that all would remember.

<”Isn’t it beautiful?”> Cal’syee asked her loyal servants, the sisters Kilana and Rahasia that had been by her side for years now. Next to her deceased brother they were the only ones that knew of the woman’s deep, dark secrets.

<”Indeed,”> said Kilana. <”And it is all yours.”>

Cal’syee smirked and turned to face them. <”Mm yes. If only I didn’t have to share with my beloved husband to be.”> She had to do what was necessary. <”Come now, ladies. I do not want to be late for my own wedding.”>

By the time she reached the lobby, Adam was already present and waiting. Her violet gown trailed behind her as she sauntered over to the only man that had ever held her feelings. Cal’syee smiled as she placed a hand at his cheek. <”Adam, my love. The time has finally come for us to be one.”>

user posted image
By Riva
Posted: Apr 16 2012, 05:05 PM

NPC: Strength, Heat Vision, Frost Breath

Group: NPC Account [Staff]
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Joined: 8-May 11

The planning that had gone into the parade he was taking a part of had been extensive, and it's success depended on every this and that being just so. He was the Praetor of the Shi'ar though; the Captain of the Guard and so much more. Things would go perfectly because he was in charge, and he willed it to be so. His massive purple frame was comfortably squeezed into appropriate attire that complimented his skintone while remaining true to the colors of the soon to be Shi'ar Imperium.

Surrounded by non-essential Shi'ar soldiers, and one or two of the Elite Guard to help with appearance and keeping the masses under the illusion that this was for them and their well being. He stood tall on the raised platform of the parade float as it slowly traveled through the street; he waved and smiled and did everything that was expected of him...he hated all this pomp and preening, but it was a necessary step to ensure that things went according to plan. He couldn't waste too much time though, as the wedding was still in it's infancy stages and would be starting soon. So when they got to the designated area, a flash of light started a chain reaction where several fireworks shot into the sky. The people's eyes followed them skyward, and he used that distraction to make his strategic escape, becoming little more than a barely noticeable purple hued blur tearing through the streets towards the palace.

He didn't stop until he'd arrived at his quarters, only then did his full form become visible to the naked eye. He was already undressing as his servants brought him his ceremonial dress for the wedding and began putting it on. It didn't take them long at all to have him looking like a Praetor should. "Dismissed;" his voice was calm and even and he didn't even look back to the women going about their business as he strode out and towards the chapel where the two most powerful people in all of Madripoor were about to be joined in holy matrimony. As was his duty, he arrived to the lobby before either Adam or Cal'syee, found his way over to the royal chariot and waited. Vulcan arrived before his bride to be, and Kallark bent his knee while lowering his head.

<"All of these years I've seen you as an equal, a rival. Now, I look to you as a leader, and I am proud to say we've both earned our ranks, and even prouder to serve you."> Sliding the sleeve up to his elbow on his left arm, his eyes glowed and twin beams of crimson burned an intricate symbol into the underside of his forearm...the banner of the Shi'ar. He showed no discomfort or pain, just a sense of duty and a nod. When Deathbird arrived, he repeated the process and showed her the still fresh thermal tattoo burned into his flesh. <"I serve my Majestor, Majestrix, and the Shi'ar wholeheartedly. My loyalty is unwavering."> Walking forward, he took his place as the driver of the chariot and waited for them to step on.
Posted: Apr 22 2012, 09:17 AM

Channeling of Geothermal Energy/Widdle Bwutha

Group: New Recruit
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Joined: 15-September 11

Adam was normally a patient young man, trained in the art of waiting for things to come to him before striking. However that was in the rules of combat, for when it came to the rare matters such as this day, he grew restless, unsure, anxious, perhaps even excited. It was a monumental day in his life and yet he barely cracked a smile at the moment. Until Cal'syee came into sight wearing an elegant purple wedding dress. The young majestor smiled slightly to see his bride elegant as ever as she placed her hand upon his cheek.

<"Indeed it is, my love."> Adam responded softly, placing his hand atop of hers, holding it in his warm grip as he moved it away from his face. <"Today Madripoor gains its first royal couple, and the start of the Royal family of the Shi'ar Imperium."> He added, though the prospect of starting a family in the near future was not something he was entirely fond of considering he was still merely eighteen. There was much he wished to do with the country before... settling down, however he kept such feelings away from Cal'syee.

However his bride was not the only one to join him, the second of the two praetors of the Shi'ar arrived as well. Kallark, the Shi'ars fearsome and powerful Gladiator. Just barely older than Adam was himself the two quickly rose to the Imperial Guard together, becoming two of the most powerful mutants in Madripoor. All the more reason there was a rivaled friendship of sorts between the two adoptive sons of the Neramani family. With Lilandra exiled and stripped of her rights to rule, if Cal'syee and Adam passed before siring an heir...rule of the Shi'ar would fall to Kallark. Which made Adam quite happy to see the man pledge loyalty to him. Even as the purple strong man burned the Shi'ars crest into his forearm.

<"Rise Kallark, your loyalty to the Shi'ar has been proven time and time again. As well to me as a comrade in arms."> Vulcan stated with a smile while holding his bride to be's hand. Adam looked at her with his still intact eye, a vague smile encroaching his face. <"However your gesture is welcome, and I do suppose with my dear Majestrix's life soon being filled with the duties akin to the Queen, I should name a new captain of the Imperial Guard."> He smiled and with his free hand placed a hand on Kallark's shoulder. <"I will not take no for an answer."> Adam valued loyalty more than he valued power. Power in allies meant nothing if their loyalty was weak, loyalty meant much to the young ruler as it was being shown within his short reign already. Lavishing those loyal to him with praise and wealth, while the rest... their end came quickly. <"We can sort out the details after the honeymoon. But for now..."> Adam turned towards the chariot.

<"Our people await us, my Majestrix."> He spoke softly leading his bride to their chariot which would take them down the road towards the church of some sort, Adam had not entirely paid attention. He was not the religious sort and knew the setting was mostly just for show. This whole ceremony was. He just couldn't wait for it to be over as he rode in the back of the chariot with his avian war goddess.

user posted image
Posted: Apr 24 2012, 05:53 PM

NPC: Avian Characteristics/Superstrength

Group: Guests
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Joined: 8-May 11

The Shi’Ar Imperium, she rather liked the way that sounded. It heard a certain ring to it that brought a smile to her lips. Cal’syee stood closer to her lover and Majestor as they embraced. Shortly after her arrival, the trusted and powerful Kallark joined them. Young Kallark was the best warrior of the entire army hand picked and trained by her. She had taught the mutant everything there was to being a great ruler and conqueror or rather practically everything. He was groomed in her likeness, cruel and ambitious. One day this could all belong to him if he continued to serve her as he had for so long. Kallark dropped to his knees and pledged his undying allegiance to them. She placed a hand on his shoulder as he rose.

The inevitable thought of Lilandra appeared causing a slight bit of frustration. Instead of simply exiling the woman, Cal’syee would have seen her executed and her headless corpse paraded through the streets. But it was the Majestor’s call that night. He made the decision to spar the woman that hand a small hand in taking care of him as a child. Though, she often thought about sending Kallark after her to do what should have been done. Anyone that betrayed the Shi’Ar faced death. Why should family be any different? But Cal’syee would not let thoughts of her dear sister ruin this day. Adam named Kallark the new captain of the guard and she smiled. <”Congratulations, my boy.”> She touched his cheek. <”There is none more deserving of this honor than you.”>

As the chariot made its way to the large church where many had gathered, Cal’syee enjoyed Adamn’s company in the comfortable position. Before long they arrived and parted ways with a kiss. They would not see each other again until the ceremony. Cal’syee made way to her chambers in the back and sat in front of a large vanity mirror. Her trusted servants, whom were waiting, began sprucing up her hair and accessories a bit. She stared at her reflection with a big grin. <”Hmph. The only thing that could make this day more perfect would be the heads of the Starjammers delivered on a platter. Ah,”> she sighed, <”a girl can dream.”>

user posted image
By Riva
Posted: Apr 28 2012, 04:44 AM

NPC: Strength, Heat Vision, Frost Breath

Group: NPC Account [Staff]
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At Vulcan's urging, he stood to his feet, his hand slightly clenching as the cooling flesh on his arm began to cry out to him. He ignored the pain and focused on Vulcan's words. He nodded slowly as he spoke, and then his breath caught in his throat. Kallark prided himself on always remaining calm and knowing the situation at all times. For once though, he was truly surprised and humbled. The new ruler of Madripoor and the Shi'ar had just named him Captain of the Royal Guard; one of, if not the single greatest honor a citizen of Madripoor could receive.

For the first time in a long time, Kallark genuinely smiled; althought it was quickly reigned into submission and his usual look of focus returned. The Majestor said he wouldn't take refusal for the promotion as an option. <"You know me well enough by now to know I would never turn down such an honor...I humbly accept. And I would hope the gesture is appreciated, as it's rather permanent and quite painful."> He laughed a small bit as he glanced from his brother in arms and leader, down to his arm, then back again.

Kallark didn't joke much, but he could when he deemed it appropriate. A soft, clawed hand on his cheek belonging to Deathbird; along with her kind words gained an appreciative nod. <"Thank you, my lady. You trained me well."> When the three had had their little moment, and the soon to be wed couple stepped into the back of the chariot, the Gladiator took his drivers seat and spurred the majestic steeds onward. "HYAH!!"

They arrived with time to spare before the ceremony, and after Cal'syee made her way to her private chambers to prepare, he accompanied Vulcan to his. He didn't stay long however, as he still had duties to attend to to make sure things went smoothly. So after he left Vulcan, he checked on Deathbird momentarily before leaving to put the finishing touches on things and making sure that if anyone were foolish enough to try and sabotage the days events, they wouldn't survive to the front door.
Posted: Apr 29 2012, 07:04 AM

Channeling of Geothermal Energy/Widdle Bwutha

Group: New Recruit
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A few hours later after the ceremony

Things had gone smoothly with the marriage ceremony, crowds cheered, and now the newly weds were making their way to the docks where their cruise ship for the honeymoon that the Majestor had promised his bride, however still let it remain a mystery for now of where the destination would be on their little cruise. At least until they were alone in their carriage that took them along the road to the private docks of the Shi'ar where the young Majestor kept all of his personal vessels and the Shi'ar flagship that replaced the Chandilar, Vulcan's Warbird.

Adam looked at the band that was around his finger, a special metal made to withstand the heat of his powers, synthetically made to appear like the usual gold though it was hardly the natural metal most wore. <"We are invited to Latveria."> He spoke suddenly. <"By Von Doom himself."> The Majestor spoke to his new wife. <"In honor of his daughter he wants to forge new alliances and offer us a place to celebrate our marriage away from home with the gift of a new and powerful ally to the Imperium."> The scarred Majestor continued. <"I think it would be good for Madripoor, and I hear Latveria looks lovely this time of year."> He smiled, trying to make it sound like there were more things than just politics and business involved with it, even though there likely wasn't.

Then they arrived, the doors were opened. Their luggage for the trip had already been packed, and brought to the cruise ship which was just finishing up for departure. The young ruler knew the ship's course and where they would be stopping for refueling between the trip. If the weather continued to favor them, they would be in Latveria before the end of the month, sooner even if they took less time in any place they chose to stop at along the way. It was a honeymoon after all, who knew what his wife would want to do to celebrate.

They were bringing some of the Royal Guard with them, and Davan would be acting ruler in his and his wife's stead until they returned. He was just waiting to be on the sea and for the day to be over. Wedding's were exhausting. <"Well my love, that is home for the next few weeks. Do you approve?"> Adam asked as he admired the vessel, always having a rather strong appreciation for almost anything nautical.

user posted image
Posted: Apr 29 2012, 11:54 PM

NPC: Baseline Human

Group: NPC Account [Staff]
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Far beneath the water, the Starjammer rested on the bottom of the harbor, lurking beneath an outcropping of coral, decked with the life of the ocean, small plants and little crustaceans that ignored the ugly metal beastie that had invaded their home. A relay periscope bobbed gently on the waves, tethered by a remote signal not a physical cable or post. The steady cam in the device watched the harbor and sent the information back down to the man who watched the monitor, his chin resting on his balled fist...

"The Majestor will avenge me..." spat the bound Shi'ar birdie tied to the post in the middle of the bridge where he could watch the proceedings. "You dare to interrupt this most joyous of occasions, attempt to insult and shame him?"

Corsair turned his head slightly towards the man and said, "Whatever is wrong with me? The audacity of liberating seven boats full of slaves that were meant to be wedding presents. Sorry, I forgot that the little Unmarked Emperor was registered at Human Traffickers R Us."

"You know nothing!" the Shi'Ar shouted, "It is our right! It is our way!"

"Well, I object," Corsair said, quietly, turning his attentions to the media coverage that played on another screen, studying the face of the Majestor, his son... seeking some sign of himself in the boy, some sign of his mother. There was only D'Ken there, only that cruelty and arrogance. Was he forever lost, this son he had been denied the opportunity to father? "Your way and your rights deny others of their own and your pompinjay of a majestor thinks his propaganda spin on what is basically 'same shit new bag' makes him a national hero. Giving slaves a larger bowl of gruel does not make them free men. It's about time you people learn that."

"The Majestor is...."

"Here," smiled Corsair as the royal couple came into view on the monitor. He stood with his new wife, grandly overlooking his yacht pretending that the blood split to build was freely given. "Now, shut your little birdie beak," he said to his prisoner, who would only be his prisoner as long as it took to keep him from spoiling the surprise. "I have a wedding present to deliver."

Spinning his chair, Corsair turned to the intercom, pulling it down and announcing to the crew, "Starjammers, the fireworks are about to start. All hands to stations please, children, Papa's about to light the fuse."

Then, when the Majestor and Majestrix were exactly where he needed them to be, close enough for the spectacle, but not enough to be injured, Corsair, whose people had removed every last crew member from the yacht, and from the seven liberated slave boats that had been strategically anchored around the harbor, hit the switch.

The slave boats, in a sequence so expertly timed by his magnificent crew that Corsair thought it could be a Las Vegas casino spectacle, exploded with enormous and shaped charges that shattered the quiet of the exclusive harbor, and nothing else. It was all pure one hundred person confined to the boats, and what they stood for. One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... the concussions forming concentric waves of crystal blue water that echoed red and orange and yellow...

... And then, the yacht... that magnificent yacht hovered on the tip of a sea churned wave and then... as a speaker burst to life with the Madripoorian National Anthem, the multimillion dollar floating folly too filled with the gold and orange of violent rebellion...

And, exploded in a shower of fireworks and wrath.

Posted: Apr 30 2012, 12:31 AM

NPC: Amphibian Characteristics

Group: NPC Account
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It was nice to spend some time in the X-Men's little Jurassic Park hideaway. A break from the daily grind of avenging the wronged, of kicking ass and taking names (well, maybe not taking names - where did these damn Shi'Ar come up with these ridiculous names of theirs? How could they have no problem with "Tch'Akamakanga Hullabaloola" or whatever and yet have so much trouble with "Charles"?), but alas, it was back to the daily grind after then.

Of course, things were different now, even though the grind was almost the same. Things were more personal for Corsair. Chris. Captain. Whatever he wanted to be called on any given day. He had a family again, aside from the Jammers of course - he had a reason beyond vengeance to fight.

And speaking of that very personal cause, it was now time to send a message. The plan was going well so far. The ships that were meant to be liberated were liberated, and the charges were in place. Big time booms gonna happen.

Charles had piloted the craft into position, with the unparalleled care and precision that he'd come to stake his reputation on over the years with the Starjammers and primed the weapons. Torpedo bays primed. Turret guns primed. Sonic pulse cannons primed (he was particularly fond of those - blasting the bad guys with pure sound - pretty damn spectacular in execution). This was, after all, an experimental craft, one of a kind since they made off with it before the Shi'Ar could mass produce it. One of the best things about it was its automated weapon systems. If he had to leave the craft during a firefight (which happened pretty damn often), the ship could keep fighting while he was out sending massive green fists into the jaws of fragile little birdies.

"Alright, Corsair, the Starjammer is ready for one hell of a show," Charles said over the radio system as he made one last adjustment before getting out of the pilot's chair.

As he made his way up the stairs and to his position, a small, white-furred ferret jumped onto his shoulder.

"You wanna catch the fireworks too, huh, Cree? Tell ya what - we ever get done with this, I'll take you stateside for the Fourth of July. You'll really get a kick out of that," he chuckled, opening up the door and stepping out behind his captain.

He made it just in time for the explosions. One after another after another. He couldn't help but feel a small bit of pride in that. A good amount of preparation and hard work went into this scheme, and it was great to see it paying off. He just wished he could see the look on the annoying little boy-king's face. As much as Charles hated D'Ken (and they all hated D'Ken), he had to give the dead majestor some credit - at least with D'Ken, he was up front and honest about what an evil douche bag he was. This new kid? Adam or Gabriel or Vulcan or whatever he wanted to call himself? He had the nerve to portray himself as some champion of the commoner, some glorious hero, and somehow that just made him all the worse.

"Shock and awe, I like it," he said with a nod of his head, narrowing his eyes and waiting for the response. There was going to be one. He knew it. He wanted it. He'd love to see tall, dark, purple and gruesome (and Charles knew gruesome - he lived with it day and day out) zoom right on over here. That would be one hell of a scrap.

He curled his hands into tightly balled fists as the particularly opulent yacht went up in a plume of flames and gold sparkles. That would be the last straw. They'd be coming out for a fight any moment now.
Posted: Apr 30 2012, 09:04 AM

Feline Mutation and Characteristics

Group: NPC Account [Staff]
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Ah, Madripoor. How much she did not miss it. The poverty, the filthy stinking streets so bitter and acrid to her sensitive sense of smell. The crime (though crime seemed to be a relative thing), the general discontent of the men and women who made up the larger, less wealthy, less powerful side of it's population. She despised it.

But what Hepzibah bat El-Baz despised the most about Madripoor was the hypocrisy in it's leadership.

Day in and out did this new Majestor, this Adam Neramani, for all hours he made himself out to be the shining light of Madripoor, of the world. But in practice, he was only another notch on the wall, another filthy Shi'Ar who used his station only to breed more discontent, more suffering. For all his posturing, nothing had really changed. The Shi'Ar still made their fortunes by walking on the backs of others, by breaking the backs of others.

And so their mission was not done. Perhaps, she thought, as she fumbled about the steerage compartment, it would never truly be over. For every D'Ken a Vulcan, and for every Vulcan something worse. She saw it in her mind's eye. A never ending cycle of grief and pain. One would fall but another would take his place.

Hepzibah pulled her mind from that sullen train of thought and continued to shift gears, to pull levers and flip switches. Before long what work she could do back here was over with, and moving to the door, she hit the intercom. "Combat maneuverability, just in case, M'ahava."

Stepping back, she wiped a bit of whatever off on the legs of her pants before leaving the hot compartment, fixing her bandanna as she went.

As Hepzibah arrived at the bridge, she half smiled at the bound prisoner, spouting his inane filth their way, swearing righteous vengeance and avenging. Corsair explained how things were, using that confident tone, that certainty in his voice that she'd grown to love so much. This was where they belonged, well and truly. Their excursion to Scott and Jean's odd little refuge had been fun, even enlightening, but here was where their true purpose really lay.

Corsair called for all hands to battle stations, and she gave a mock salute before moving quickly by him to her post, stopping briefly only to give him a look of approval and a wry grin before continuing onwards, her foot maybe slipping just enough to level a boot into the side of their distinguished guest.

Flinging herself into her chair she brought up the periscopes feed on one of her monitors, her odd aquamarine eyes lighting up in glee as the harbor lit up in a synchronized display of the rewards given to tyrants and murderers.

"Haha!" She clapped. "Al ta'atzben otti! Todah rabah tziporiim!!"

She spun in her chair to look at the others. "What I would not give to see the look on that boorish vulture's face! HAHA!"

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Posted: Apr 30 2012, 11:29 PM

NPC: Avian Characteristics/Superstrength

Group: Guests
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The ceremony was beautiful and went just as smooth as she expected. Now that the two of them were wed it was time for a long deserved honeymoon. Cal’syee was in the dark about their destination since Adam thought it sweet to keep it all a surprise. Numerous locations around the globe were swimming around in her crown decorated head. They could go anywhere that they wanted to and practically do whatever they pleased. Perhaps a stay in Morocco or the Caribbean Islands? The destination didn’t really matter to the Majestrix, though honestly she would rather celebrate by carving up those that still opposed them. But that would have to wait until a later date. Right now she was going to enjoy the company of her lover for an extended period of time.

There was no need to guess any longer as Adam revealed their destination: Latveria. Anyone in her position knew of the country and its ruler Victor Von Doom. In the past there had been talk of forming an alliance with the man, but nothing went beyond words. But it seemed that now the gears were set into motion. She would enjoy her stay in Latveria and leave with a powerful ally if everything went well. <”It sounds excellent, my love. Our country is already formidable, but with Latveria backing us nothing and no one will be able to stand against us.”>

Before long, the couple reached the docks where several of their vessels waited, including the slave ships that had been given as a gift. Her eyes drifted to the large yacht that they would be living on until the trip was over with. While her siblings may have had a fondness for the sea, Cal’syee was never much into boats and ships. Naturally, the sky was her domain. <”It is a marvelous vessel, Adam. You know exactly what it is that I like.”> No more words could be said as suddenly several explosions went off right in front of them. One by one the slave ships were turned into nothing but scraps and fire. Cal’syee covered her face to block out the flames. She cursed just as the yacht met the same fate as the smaller ships. The guards accompanying them were dumbfounded and eager to find the source. There was no doubt in her mind about who was responsible.

Her fists were clenched so tightly that the sharp nails had pierced the skin of her palms. Blood dripped to the ground and onto the hem of her gown. Her eyes were starting to fill with red. Cal’syee was on the verge of losing control of the beast within. The only thing that she could utter was, ”Corsair…”

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By Riva
Posted: May 1 2012, 04:46 AM

NPC: Medically Attuned Empathy and Knowledge /Link with F.L.Y

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Ah, such a busy week...

Sikorsky had been busy in the sick bay ever since they'd captured the first of the seven slave ships. The Shi'Ar were not know for their hospitality toward people they had deemed as "property", so from that moment, his mission was to determine who amongst the survivors was in the most dire need of his skills. Most, if not all, were already suffering from some sort of malnourishment and fatigue. Added to that were the ones who tried to resist capture that didn't end up dead, punished by letting their injuries go untreated.

He'd long since learned that there was absolutely no way he was going to be able to save the lives of every person that came into his care. It was a very large and bitter pill that he'd seen from one of his first days in medical school, to the first day he was captured by the Shi'Ar. But his resolve to save whomever he could did not waver.

From there it was a matter of figuring out who needed it the most, who was capable of leaving the Starjammer and get away from this violent cycle, and as always, whom to give as proper a burial at sea as this crew was capable of giving them. Not to mention the lying cowards who chose to try and sell themselves off as captured slaves.

Well, it was a nice, sunlit island... he thought with a smirk. Maybe the fish are abundant...

He looked at the screens in the med bay. Mostly, they were for security, to give him a visual to accompany whatever emotions he was picking up on, and to alert him to when he needed to be ready to not only treat his patients, but defend them. At the moment, the on-deck cameras were focused on the harbor that the Jammer had nestled into for Corsair's little "present". A smirk settled over his lips as he reached for a small cup. A smaller present from Dr. McCoy during their visit to the Savage Land. He'd thoroughly enjoyed that little respite, and he'd even managed to get some nice tea out of it.

"Starjammers, the fireworks are about to start. All hands to stations please, children, Papa's about to light the fuse."

"Hmmn... Well, here we go."

He reached for his headband and made sure it was secure before motioning to the patients and the few refugees standing by before activating F.L.Y. The shimmer in his vision had become natural to him at this point as the robotic bug took flight and down the hall at his whim. He had some new tricks to show these little birds.

"Fly, my pretty, fly..."

He then pulled out his pistol, making sure it was loaded before addressing the people who were either too sick, or too stubborn to get off the ship as he gripped the cup in one hand and the viewing console in the other.


As the explosions went off, he took another sip of tea.

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Mana du vortes, mana du vortes
Aeria gloris, aeria gloris

Sig by Dean. Thanks!
Posted: May 2 2012, 02:14 AM

NPC: Cyborg

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So the Majestor and Majestrix had finally decided on getting married. As much as he had appreciated the visit away from the seas, there was nothing like getting back to the open seas. Feeling the sea spray on his face, the wind on his face. There was nothing quite like it and he loved it. So when he found out that he would be making explosives to celebrate the overlords wedding day, he immediately got to work. Nothing quite made him as happy as destroying Shi'Ar. There was something about watching body parts fly that always made him smile and feel good about himself. So when Corsair told them about the slave ships they would be liberating, Raza was well on board. Building the explosives he had placed them around the liberated slave ships. Having made his way back to the Starjammer, Raza had gone to his room and collected his weapons.

His thoughts were entirely focused on the Majestor right now. D'Ken while being a pain in the ass at least was thorough in his intentions and his goals. This new majestor was a pain though, his actions were all over, everything keeping them on their toes. Though Raza loved it, loved the whole amount of chaos that he caused. Strapping his sword on, Raza paused as he heard the announcement over the intercom.

"Starjammers, the fireworks are about to start. All hands to stations please, children, Papa's about to light the fuse."

"Well its abou time," he said as he grabbed a spear and put it into his harness before rushing out of his cabin and heading towards the bridge. Stepping out of the open hatch beside Ch'Od, Corsair and Zee, Raza closed it before coming to stand and watch the explosions. In a flash they exploded and the sky was filled with ash, and fire, and light. "Nae ain't that a pretty sight?" he asked as he watched with his good eye. His robotic eye recorded the image and he would look over it after. Drawing his sword, the cyborg switched his hand and waited "So who de I get to kill first?"
Posted: May 10 2012, 05:10 PM

Feral Canine Traits

Group: Guests
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Fang had not been part of the parade.

Indeed, it was not entirely clear that Fang was part of the Imperial Guard at the moment (or the Royal Guard, or whatever they were calling themselves now... names didn't matter). He'd failed his Majestor, after all. Failed not only in his mission to destroy the hated Starjammers, but more importantly failed to execute the fundamental purpose of a Guardsman: to guard. His Majestor had died and the Chandilar had been blown to cinders while Fang had been occupied with fighting Hepzibah, and while he knew that the new Majester would forgive him that failing he also knew he did not deserve forgiveness.

So he had stayed away from the Guard and from the Imperial Court. He supposed that everyone thought him dead, which by rights he should have been after that fight. His leg had been severed by Hepzibah's sword-thrust, and he was bleeding out on the Chandilar's deck when it exploded on the open sea. He'd been as surprised as anyone when he awoke, feverish and weak, surrounded by the detritus of the flagship on the shore of a little-visited Mandripoorean island. Were it not for his mutant healing factor and his feral hunting prowess, he would have died a hundred times that first week alone... but he'd survived.

It seemed he was good at that.

Eventually he'd recovered, though it took months. His leg had even grown back, which he hadn't expected. And eventually, he'd made his way back to the mainland -- covertly, stealthily, by little-known routes and under cover of darkness. The few unfortunates who'd seen him did not survive to report his presence... not that they would have recognized him as Fang of the Imperial Guard. He'd lost his Guardsman's uniform somewhere along the line, and without the equipment or the time to shave he'd had no choice but to allow the fur he so loathed to grow in, as it always threatened to do. He had to admit, it was more comfortable than the stubble he'd always been fighting before, but that was not the point: the point was, he'd been a man before. Men of the Guard stood straight, wore their uniforms, shaved their faces.

Now, with no uniform, clothed in nothing but fur, what was he?

He had one thing to connect him to his past, a talisman of sorts: the cat's tail that had come ashore with him, clenched in a death's grip. Months of Madripooran sun had shriveled it into a dessicated relic, but it still retained some of her scent. He wore it around his neck, to remind him of his mission. To remind him of her.

When he'd heard the new Majestor was getting married, he'd finally entered the city limits. He knew the Starjammers, after all; he'd hunted them for a long time. He was sure they would disrupt the ceremony, or the celebration that followed. He'd found a secret place to stand, to watch without being watched. He'd waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And nothing had happened. Vulcan and Deathbird had been married without incident.

I can not be wrong about this, he decided with an intensity that not only bordered on fanaticism, but did so from the far side. If the enemies of the Majester had not disrupted the ceremony, it could only be because they had a greater offense in mind. And when Fang saw the royal couple and their entourage preparing to board the Warbird, he understood what that had to be.

Sneaking on to the Majester's flagship would not be an easy task, not even for someone with Fang's abilities, with skills honed by the last year of stealthy travel. It would help that he'd been an Imperial Guardsman, knew their habits and procedures and protocols. But easy or not he would have to try.

When the explosions went off, he was curled in the shadow between two crates, and he shifted instinctively so that the light from the blasts would not reveal him. He had to remain unseen for just a few minutes more, until his target revealed herself.

He bared his teeth in anticipation.
At last they had arrived.
At last he could fulfill his purpose and atone his failure.

He waited.
Posted: May 11 2012, 04:26 AM

NPC: Strength, Heat Vision, Frost Breath

Group: NPC Account [Staff]
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The wedding ceremony had gone off without a hitch. The process was lovely, this and that; not his cup of tea, but it was his Majestor's, and he was happy for both of the rulers of Madripoor. Several hours later, he and a select few of the Guard were brought along for security purposes, just in case someone was foolish enough to attack a Shi'ar ship. He'd overseen loading of the provisions, luggage and everything like that himself; everything was perfect and ready for the journey.

The King and Queen joined them later and they set sail for Latveria; the destination wasn't known to everyone, but as Head of the Guard and the Security Chief for this trip, he had to know everything about everything so he could do his job to the fullest of his abilities. With everything prepared, he stepped on to the dock and awaited the pair. They arrived later and he smiled. They knew he wished them the best; it didn't need to be spoken. It seemed as if those meddlesome Starjammers had finally wisened up and decided to stay away from any potential problems they'd get by trying to sabotage events.

He was almost a little saddened that they didn't make an appearance; he was so looking forward to crushing skulls between his hands...especially Ch'od. He was going over a few last minute, minor details when the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. BOOM! Seven times BOOM! Seven explosions one after another claimed each and every slave ship given to Vulcan and Deathbird; and to add insult to injury, their yacht was the final victim in the sabotage assault and it too sent a plume of fire and debris sky high with a resounding explosion.

Corsair and his ilk would pay, as they were the only ones brave enough, and dumb enough to even attempt something so bold and brazen. His muscles tensed and his body seethed with rage, while his eyes burned red and sent out crimson lances to destroy any wreckage that threatened to fall to close to his rulers. Then he took a deep breath and blew the fire out of the yacht, leaving it a giant icecicle. "Run a full sweep of the area; anything we can use to find Corsair and the Starjammers, use it!!! They're here and they're laughing!!!"

He turned and lifted a stunned guard from the ground with one hand. "Get to work, I want them found and dead!!!" He dropped the man and he scrambled away, then he turned to Gabriel and saw Cal'syee's claws drawing blood from her palm. "While the Honeymoon may be put on hold..." He smiled wickedly and his eyes flashed. "It seems the Starjammer's have seen fit to pay us a visit. At your leave, I say we show them how Madripoor's royal couple treat party crashers." This would be their final journey...he'd see to that.
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