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Welcome to Xmen Revolution. We hope you enjoy your visit.

If you are looking for the best X-Men rpg around, you found it. We're a non-movieverse based on but not stringently following 616 canon.

Currently, we're accepting canons and OCs, and because the game does have some adult themes like violence, we have to limit our players to at least sixeen years old.

Ready to get started? Register under your character's name, and head on over to applications, or pop into the cbox and we'll help you with whatever questions you have.

Welcome to X-Men Revolution, hope you survive!

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The world has been scorched by Phoenix Fire, and the future that had been threatened has been saved.

But most importantly, we've survived... though not all of us intact. Some have been made less, others have been given more than they can handle, loved ones have been lost, new relationships have been forged... All of us struggling to find our place again in the world post Doom's Illuminati.

The rebuilt School for Gifted Youngsters welcomes back its founder. Charles Xavier, lost for eight years, has returned, unable to relate what had happened to him, but eager to continue his campaign for mutant/human co-existence, especially now. Scott Summers, too, has been returned from his simulated death and corruption by the Dark Beast's manipulations, but his experiences have scarred him, his normal stoicism broken and fragile. As the school begins again in the relative calm after the events of last year, Scott and Jean, now the solo possessor of the Phoenix Force, withdraw from authority, hoping a hiatus will allow them time to recoup.

Students continue to pour into the school, and the Legacy Squad, under Rachel Summers's guidance begins a friendly competition, dividing into two teams in the spirit of challenge and improvement. New students of a different sort have begun to attend the school, Namor, given diplomatic immunities after his true purpose in the Villains' Illuminati was revealed, has brought Atlantean mutants to our doors, giving our already motley crew an entirely new dimension.

In Mutant Town, X-Factor Investigations and Horizon Labs have come together to study the Tabula Rasa that Spiral had created with her Phoenix powers. Beneath the city, X-Factor has taken in the refugees displaced by the creation of the evolutionary anomaly, all the while continuing their quest to help those who need redemption find it, and remaining a family. Alex and Lorna's son Nate is a year old now, and Alex is considering sending the Moloid children off to the school.

Shield, under Director Fury's watchful, and singular, eye, continues to labor to keep the city intact, forming a new group of super powered agents, many of whom who have been on both sides of the law, dubbing them the Defenders, even as Gambit gathers the criminal element and takes charge of a new branch of the Thieves' Guild. The Hellfire Club, scattered after their defection from the service of the Illuminati, has broken into three distinct courts, Psylocke's White, Sage's Black and the Shroud's Red. The Queens rebuild their building, their rule, and their reputation, while Max Coleridge feverishly leads his small group of devotees on a quest for lost power items.

Beneath the sea, Exodus recovers in Sanctuary, and new Acolytes take the reins of the Brotherhood. Bruised from the attacks of the Phoenix-ified Vulcan, the Brotherhood will soon learn that the man who had worn Magneto's helmet had been a fraud. But where is Magneto, the real Magneto?

Life is not perfect. Most of us don't know if we'll see tomorrow... Many of us would rather they didn't, but we will survive. From school outings, to Singularity Investigations, to a series of mysterious attacks by a group of strangely familiar young X-Men from the future, life hasn't settled down since Doom was shunted off to another dimension bringing his Phoenix powered Illuminati to a crashing destruction. Only now, our present struggles to be the future without destroying the past have taken a less world shaking turn, sending the inhabitants of the 740 universe into a scatter of activity and adventure.

Make no mistake, the [REVOLUTION] is still coming.

What will it bring us when it does?

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Posted: Apr 24 2012, 03:38 AM

Punches from the Punch Dimension

Group: X-Men [Staff]
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Featured Plot

The Morlocks pursue the enraged monster that was Sonny Bean... right into enemy territory.
See: Grendel and His Mother

Meanwhile, Callisto wakes up, half-healed by the resident medicine man. She refuses further treatment before stalking off, but why?
See: Nietzsche 101

Site Wide Plot

Mystique is offered clemency and rescue in return for information by two very unlikely people.
See: Fugue State

Josh Foley and Noriko Ashida pay a visit to Alex Summers to find out just what the hell is going on. Hint: Nobody knows.
See: White Noise

The Defenders have been subdued, captured, and summarily defeated at the hands of a ghost from Captain America's past. Who sent him? Why?
See: Who Goes There?

Side Plots

Not new, but now they want XFI to show up. People might have been there quicker if it hadn't marked it as closed. Description edited to prevent butthurt
See: Collateral

Maria Hill approaches Teddy with an offer. Is it one he can't refuse? Oh, wait, Shield's not the mafia... right?
See: Inchoate

Soulless Storm visits Beast for more tests.
See: Memories warmer than heart's cold blood

Character Threads

Wither's a bit melodramatic sometimes. Throws a rock, accidentally pegs Laurie with it. Accidentally. He was aiming for... well nevermind. He didn't throw it that hard. She's fine. Really. It'll probably just be a campy talking thread.
See: Wrong Target

Plague returns to the tunnels after a narrow escape from death, or at the very least, a serious maiming at the hands of Exodus. Featuring Ink, the "Morlock with a Mouth".
See: Fallacies Français: an Exacerbated Epilogue

Roadkill and Tommy go on a supply run to the World Above, but things are never as routine as they ought to be. The charming southerner and the dainty daydreamer are sure to encounter trouble and strengthen their bonds along the way.
See: Awesome Possum

In light of the dinosaur attack, Northstar and Meggan offer to give a bit of airborne tutelage to Utopia's mysterious amnesiacs.
See: Second Star to the Right

A few days after her arrival, Rachel awakes in the infirmary, still plagued by Nightmares; ones belong to both herself and others.
See: The Weight

Josh is about to do his thing after the Brotherhood attack, but wants to say goodbye to his girlfriend first. Get a little bit extra, Josh, because you won't be back for a while... you just don't know it yet.
See: Leaving a piece behind

Northstar comes to Rogue for help with his memories. What is it with mutants having memory problems lately?
See: Somebody That I Used To Know

Ya know, Bobby, I'm pretty sure you were in the cbox any of the dozen times I called for threads. I'm gonna just call people out from now on. Tough love, tough tough love.
See: Nowhere Kids

Notable Events

Goodnight and Thank You ends soon. Are you going to post before it closes?

Apparently something big is happening in Greater Expectations

The Defenders are on ice. Captain America, Archangel, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Agent Simon Williams are deep undercover... and I do mean deep.


April 23.....Warren "Archangel" Worthington III (34), Betsy "Psylocke" Braddock (28), Brian "Captain Britain" Braddock (28), Chris "Charcoal" Rook (21)
April 25.....Pietro "Quicksilver" Maximoff (27), Wanda "Scarlet Witch" Maximoff (27)

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