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<<< Krakowski, Bernard, Cloudburst
Bernard Krakowski
Posted: Oct 20 2008, 06:05 AM



Canon or Original: Original

Name: Will
Contact: wilphus@yahoo.com
How did you find us: current member
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Give Credit Where Due: Oh, shucks, I checked a couple Jesuit websites to make sure I had my facts straight, and I looked at Wikipedia to refresh my memory on basic meteorology.

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Martin Sheen
Affiliation: X-men, X-Corps.

Name: Father Bernard Ronald Krakowski

Codename: Cloudburst

Nicknames: Bernie, Father Bernie. Father K.

Place of birth: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Age: 62 years old

Time at the Institute: Newly arrived.

Marital Status: Clergy.

Known Relatives: Andrzej ďAndrewĒ Krakowski (father, deceased) Bertha Lefebvre-Krakowski (mother, deceased) Bob Krakowski (Older brother, Deceased), Bill Krakowski (older brother), Betty Krakowski-Holbrock (younger sister), Barbara Krakowski-Silver (Younger sister), 13 nieces and nephews, and a couple dozen grandnieces and grandnephews.

Base of Operations: Xavierís Institute for Gifted Youngsters
Sexual Orientation: Straight, abstinent.

Physical Appearance: Bernard carries himself with the dignity that his age and his office dictates. Heís not the tallest fellow in the world, at only 5í9, and to be honest, heís gained weight ever since heís entered his golden years. Heís always had a pretty face, though heíd like to think itís more dignified than pretty. His brilliant auburn hair has started to gray.

As a priest, he never felt the need to make himself presentable to the opposite sex, so his physique isn't anything to brag about. He works out occasionally, though it usually doesn't get much more strenuous than some light cardio. His forehead is slowly but surely getting taller and taller. Please don't mock him for that. The fact that (a) he still retains his hair and (b) that it still retains some color was a point of pride for himself over his fellow priests.
Distinguishing Marks: Walks with cane, wears eyeglasses.

Clothing style: Up until recently, cassock and a collar. After the Popeís announcement, he has asked to have been defrocked, and as such, has taken to collared shirts, ties, vests, and slacks when performing his duties at the school, and slightly less formal wear on his downtime.

Uniform: Heíll refrain from wearing such ridiculous get-ups, since his power renders it pointless to care about what heís wearing when he uses it.

Powers: To put it simply, Bernard can transform himself into a cloud. Any type of cloud is within his purview. The dull stratus, the streaky cirrus, the puffy cumulus, and the stormy cumulonimbus are all available to him. He is able to see while in cloud form, allowing him to be an excellent gatherer of reconnaissance. He is able to change his shape as a cloud.

When heís in his cloud form, he can absorb other clouds into his consciousness, allowing him to control the weather, and produce all sorts of weather-related phenomena, from ice storms to ball lightning to gentle gusts of wind. Using his powers to create winds, he can transport over 2000 pounds of matter, though the cargo may be banged up on arrival.

Weakness: While in cloud form, he may be immune to several physical forms of harm, but heíll still have problems with water manipulators, aerokinetics, and fellow weather manipulators. If he moseys on down from the stratosphere to be relatively close to his teammates, itís harder for him to maintain his control, and he risks losing mass. Heat, especially flames may disperse him, which isnít pleasant; in fact, it is quite painful.

Personality: Bernard once had the easy grace of a believer. However, ever since the Popeís denunciation of mutants, heís had the carpet pulled out from underneath him. To be honest, its made him angry and bitchy. He had devoted himself to Church, and the one this Jesuit had sworn an oath to has decided that his help is not wanted. He is understandably pissed. And he usually is angry whenever he has to confront the realities of the situation around him. To be fair, that is not new. His strong sense of social justice has always made him angry when he sees how the world is compared to what it ought to be.

This isnít to say that he is punching small children and kittens. His skills have always been in listening to people. Heíll offer advice when it is warranted, but he has always understood that sometimes the greatest thing you can spend on another person is time. His anger at the way the world is has made him very compassionate to those who are in unfortunate circumstances.

History: Bernardís fatherís father was a union activist and a first-generation Polish immigrant. Thatís where Bernardís love of activism came from. His father was a union steelworker and the president of his union local, along with a veteran of WWII.

Bernard was a talented child. He was musically talented and played the violin well enough to get himself a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. There, he found what he really liked playing was the guitar. With his guitar playing buddies, in the summer after sophomore year in rural Mississippi registering African-Americans and getting arrested. It was then, stuck in his Mississippi Jail Cell that Bernard manifested his powers. He fell asleep and woke up in the air, not being able to see his own arms because he had no arms.

He was lucky to scrounge up enough credits to major in History and graduate in four years, but that is life. The next two years, he spent his time as a substitute teacher and a community organizer in inner-city Philadelphia. But he wasnít happy doing it. While visiting his parents back in Scranton for Christmas, he got into a long discussion with the parish priest. After discussing it with his parents, his new priest friend, and most importantly with his Lord in prayer, Bernie decided to become a priest. A Jesuit, actually.

He went to the St. Charles Boromeo Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He joined the Society of Jesus. He became a full Jesuit on February 7th, 1975. He worked as a prison Chaplain in Ohio for the following 3 years years. In 1979, he accepted a position at Fordham University in the Bronx as an in-dorm chaplain. He also began work as an academic, and began teaching a religious history elective at Fordham Preparatory school, an all-male school. During this time, he usually spent his free-time on Thursdays to experiment with his power. He wasnít trying to honor Thor by becoming a storm, but Thursday was the only day where he had more than 3 hours in a row to himself.

This life would have been most pleasing for Bernard, but it wasnít to be. At 11:38 AM local time October 9th, 2008, Pope Benedict XVI in his morning remarks to the faithful denounced mutantkind. Bernard would like to think he would have been outraged regardless of his genetic status. He immediately sent a letter to the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, and asked to be defrocked. He was officially defrocked on October 22nd, 2008 by the Archbishop of New York acting as the proxy of the Bishop of Rome.

He has contacted X-Factor who referred him to a certain school in Westchester that could use his services.

SAMPLE RP POST: Bernard was apprehensive. For the past thirty-three years, eight months and fifteen days, he was a Jesuit, and today, he had broken that streak. He mused that he could have gone downstairs from the mutant tenement that he had stayed in, and hired a prostitute. Thankfully, the thought didnít seem that appetizing to him. His morals were centered within himself instead of the collar around his neck. The X-Factor people were very nice but they made it very obvious that they were not hiring. It was odd. The boy who he met at the doorÖhe could have sworn he saw the same boy walking in as Bernard walked out. Maybe his age was effecting him more than he thought. They did mention something about an X-Corps, and promised to contact him about it later. He wondered how they would do this, since he had no permanent address, and since leaving the school, he didnít possess an e-mail address.

He also didnít have a source of income. And, if he remembered correctly, the dioscese only paid for his tuition at the seminary if he completed his studies. He was sure that still stood up, and had given the Church more than 30 years of service. But on the off-chance that his defrocking had revoked his credit, he might want to find someone whoíd be willing to be 20,000 dollars to keep him out of debtorís prison. 20,000 in 1975 dollars. Things were suddenly looking bad.

He took a taxi to the train station to Westchester. On the very short train ride to Salem, he called ahead to this Xavierís Institute. Hopefully, and all Bernard Krakowski had right now was hope, they could find a use for his particular talents.

This post has been edited by Bernard Krakowski on Apr 6 2009, 09:41 PM
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