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<<< Doyle, Avery, Loosestrife
Posted: Aug 28 2007, 03:56 AM

Botanical Manipulation and Biology

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Name: Avery
Contact: pm will work good enough.
How did you find us: used the linky on the old site. Me and some of the people here go back a few years..
Other characters on this site: None
Rules code: ...Xavier

Give Credit Where Due: no worries...its all mine lol

Avery Doyle

user posted image

-Rachael Leigh Cook

Affiliation: X-Men

Name: Avery Doyle

Blood type: O+

Codename: Loosestrife.

Nicknames: Av, Aves

Place of birth: Random Passage, Newfoundland, Canada

Age: 21

Marital Status: Currently in a relationship with Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver.

Known Relatives:

Brian Doyle (Father, assumed missing…classified information)
-Once a hero to the young Avery, he was the strong, silent type of father. She hasn't seen him since she was 12 but still believes he's alive somewhere. To this day she still dreams of him, haunted with old memories often of the day he was taken.

Lisa Doyle (Mother, deceased)
-A kind, gentle woman with grace and a softness that Avery always wished she would one day become. Passing away with cancer it was the last string that had broken the family apart. Strong until the very end Avery had known that in her death, her mother could finally be done with the sorrow she had been harboring from the loss of her husband.

Alden (brother, 26, living in Canada),
-Five years older than Avery, Alden is the typical older brother. The age difference helped them to get along growing up. She adored him as he often let her tag along and kept a watchful eye over her as older brothers should. After their mother's death he could not deal with staying around, simply it was too hard. Being of legal age he left one day, eventually finding his calling as a fireman in Alberta. He and Avery still talk off and on, but visits are becoming less often. He is a geonkenetic but neither are aware that the other is a mutant.

Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ramsay Ross (Guardians at the age of 14).
-Lynn being the sister of Brian Doyle was the first of Avery's relatives to offer to take her in. She is a jolly woman who fusses over Avery often. Lucky to have her, Avery eventually told her about her mutation shortly after arriving to Xavier's school. To her relief she had not even turned her head at the issue.
-Ramsay is however a much sterner person than his wife. Being a four star US Army General he does not spend a lot of time home. Though he loves her, Ramsay is serious and professional even out of uniform. Currently he does not know about Avery's identity as a mutant. She fears his feelings on the subject and begged her Aunt that it be kept secret.

Base of Operations: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Appearance: If anything that makes Avery stand out it was her appearance. Back when she had first moved to the US it was obvious to others that she was foreign. A Canadian by birth and in linage Avery was born with pale skin, near ivory. Her eyes were an unusual dark brown and shapely and she had always been of above average height. Being tall, her shape became thin and somewhat lanky with long slender legs. A slight hourglass figure didn’t develop into much more over the years and eventually she blended in with the crowd. Sadly now, her own glimpse of this part of herself can only be seen in photos and the masking of an image inducer.

After her mutation had totally manifested itself she had become something she hadn’t recognized anymore. The touch still felt the same and her general shape unchanging, but it had been like looking into the face of a stranger. Having a botanic type mutation had not only gifted her with plant manipulating abilities but had altered her whole genetic makeup. The composition of her molecules were now closer that of a common dandelion than to a human. Her straight, elbow hair, which had always been a lustrous chestnut brown, was now a deep forest green. Try as she might no amount of dyeing could mask or strip it of its color. She found the same was so for her skin. Her porcelain skin gained a green hue as well, though pale and mintier in color and oddly without hair with exception to her scalp and eyebrows. Layering herself with makeup had not helped to conceal the green pigment. Later she learned that it was the amount of chlorophyll in her system that caused her hair and skin to take such a color. Restricting herself of sunlight and water would cause the green to fade but also causes her body to suffer from the nutrients it now needed.

Still, all the changes to her appearance are still not explained to her and perhaps never will be. Her notable dark iris’s had become even more so eye-catching, reigned now by a striking violet shade. Her features had become much softer and feminine and her ears, strangely long, fluting and very elven like. No amount of clothing or makeup could hide those things and had it not been for those in the walls of Xavier’s, the change could have been so crushing that she may not have ever recovered. Suicide had not been far from her mind around the time of her arrival. To Avery’s great appreciation an image inducer was issued to her under certain conditions to help her more easily move through society.

Her composure is almost always calm or timid, especially in a crowd or around those she does not know very well. Though not a sad person to look at, Avery’s expressions are usually pleasant if not serene. Partly because of her structure and way she carries herself, she gives the impression that she is a frail and delicate creature. Normally a polite or soft smile is worn on her face. Her eyes are alluring in color but they are also the windows to her soul. They express her genuineness whether she is happy, sorrowful, furious or compassionate. By merely looking at Avery one can deferrer that she is an honest woman.

Physical Stats:
-Height: 5'7"
-Weight: 130lbs

Distinguishing Marks: Avery is definitely one of a kind; she’s about as distinguished as one gets.

Clothing Style: Avery doesn’t have an overly particular style of clothing, as she could wear just about anything. She does however seem to lean more towards more feminine or girlish fashions. In her induced form she switches things up, but in her natural state she finds certain colors clash with her skin tone and often opts for skirts or dresses. Avery has lost her interest for bold colors and busy patterns and has since chosen to wear only neutral, soft and breezy colors.

XSuit: As for a combat suit, it would be one of the basic or common styles. Perhaps the only difference would be that her suit would be insulated to protect her from the cold as well to have v’d inner wrists to leave room for her vines. Accompanying her suit are two chopstick hair adornments that carry special syringes to administer herself with chlorophyll injections incase she becomes dangerously cold. Also a utility belt would be worn on missions as she is still a nurse on the field as well. It would carry various medical trinkets that would make due until the endangered person made it to the infirmary…scalpel, tweezers, u needle and stitching thread, gauze, ect.

Avery is first and foremost a botanic manipulator/conjuror, meaning that she can either use her abilities to puppet an already existing plant or summon one of her own creation to do her bidding. The activation of this power is signified by a shimmering, white mist that surrounds her hands. Controlled by her will and wove with her hands, Avery had initially struggled with this ability as most newbies did. It took her a while to understand this power and the fact that concentration and will was the key. However, when mixed with strong emotion it can be quite dangerous despite the fact that it enables her to go beyond her normal limits of ability.

Secondly are the retractable vines that are concealed within the underside of her wrists. Leafy green in color they have about a 1/2 inch thickness and can extend to about 15-20 meters maximum. They can be use to grapple or lift objects, pulling or lowering herself from heights, as well as a sort of whip as an offensive weapon.

Lastly is her ability to merge with a plant. With a practiced concentration, Avery links herself with the very essence of the subject (i.e.: tree) and slowly fuses her body with it until she is no more, appearing as if she had simply walked into the tree. Recently she has been able to form a plant, existing or created, as an extension of herself in a sort of mech style suit.

Limitations: Avery is no exception to the rules of limitations. She may seem to have powerful abilities but is simply too underdeveloped in her training and understanding to become stronger than what she is. Due to various incidents she has finally sought out training so that she might be of more help in future situations.

-Her ability as a plant user is definitely her strongest of all her gifts. Learning to control it was half the battle, although she is not quite sure what her limitations are. Like a telepath lifting a heavy object, the heavier something is the more energy and concentration it takes to keep lifting over and over, Avery is the same in this idea. Massive creations use up more of her energy and so creating and controlling them will drain her quicker as smaller ones would. It’s all a matter of how long she can control such things before reaching exhaustion, as well as how long it takes her to conjure such things to begin with. The obvious being said, Avery could perhaps create two of her largest forms and control for a maximum of 5 minutes before she becomes physically exhausted. A time period of at least an extra 5 minutes would be needed between conjures. Improving as she continues to train and use her powers more, she has learnt to create at and easier and quicker rate. The ability to create plants do not require to be constantly rooted is almost in her grasp but still require much effort.

-The vine whips are a bit more versatile when it comes to use. As an attack they can pretty much be used unlimitedly to strike the opponent. This is, unless they are damaged or cut in some way which causes them to retract back into the wrists and Avery receives a substantial amount of pain. When it comes to lifting and such, the maximum amount of weight they can hold is about the same as a mid size pickup truck (approximately the 3,500lbs area). To pick such a thing up limits her to about three times, and to throw it is somewhere around 10 meters but only twice can she do this. At least this is mostly just hypothesized as she hasn’t really had the opportunity to try this, a small family car being her biggest object picked up and actually thrown. Due to a bad first experience she was reluctant to use them in the past and still opts to use her manipulating abilities first and foremost unless in a tight spot. This however does not take away the potential that her vines may very well possess, just her lack of experience limits her knowledge of it.

-Avery’s plant fusing is the weakest of her abilities, being something she has still a long way yet to learn. Summoning the concentration and will to bend your very being to accept that of the subjects is almost a task that is too difficult for her to perform. Currently it takes her 10-15 seconds to merge with the subject and a further 40-50 seconds limit of the hold. It literally saps her energy so much that when she returns she’s on the brink of fainting. She hopes to one day hone this ability so that she can hold it longer and even be able to merge another with her, thinking that might prove to be helpful for escape or stealth. Coupled with this is the ability to make a sort of plant ‘mech-type’ suit. Of course it depends on the size of how long she can manage this form, but it is rather underdeveloped currently meaning she cannot hold a decent sized suit for no more than five seconds.

Other minor abilities include:
-An advanced healing ability due to her plant like composition. While she doesn’t have anything near super human healing, Avery’s healing accelerates faster than a normal human’s would. This meaning that a broken bone would take perhaps two weeks to mend fully instead of a month....bruises only a couple days.

-Nails which she believes are a natural defense mechanism. Though it hasn’t really been tested for its potency, Avery’s nails harbor an anesthetic which could render a person unconscious. Though it’s unknown how long the sleep would last considering it highly depends on the dosage and the victim’s immunity. Mutants with accelerated healing could easily burn off the effects of her ‘venom’ and would require a high dosage to even grant a minute or more of unconsciousness.

-Lastly with her long elven like ears it is not surprising that she has an extremely keen sense of hearing now. Though it’s not of the super human verity either, Avery does find it hard not to hear private conversations and is very sensitive to loud or sharp noises. Currently it is unknown why her hearing is linked to her mutation, but she theorizes that it is to hear the ‘spirits of the plants’ as of recently she has been able to hear these life forms and in consequence her normal hearing has become highly tuned as well.

-Though not considered much of a power it is still a result of her mutation, Avery has scent glands just behind her ear that secrete fragrant scents that are linked to her emotions. If happy she smells like one thing, sad she smells another. But in her day to day life only those with a heightened sense, ie: Wolverine would be able to detect it, as she carriers a rather sweet floral scent. On days that she feels stronger emotions the scents can be detected by anyone because the potency is higher.
Examples are:
happy = pears
sad = fresh rain/grass
angry = cinnamon
fear = oranges
embarrassment/nervousness = vanilla
worry = wild flowers
empathy/guilt = cucumbers
jealous = honeysuckle
*note, this is not something that Avery comes out and tells anyone. If anything she is embarrassed and slightly annoyed that her emotions are so easily conveyed. Most of the time when questioned about it, she pretends as if she doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Weakness: Her weaknesses have become something Avery is very aware of and keeps an eye on. Being as plant based as she is she needs a substantial amount of sunlight and water to maintain herself. Denying herself of either will cause a loss of strength, fatigue and hits her as a bad cold would. Continuous restrictions will basically drain her of her very essence of life and undoubtedly kill her.

Common sense would tell you that Avery is better advantaged outside as opposed to in. In enclosed areas it becomes difficult for her to create plants if there is no soil to bring them forth from. Unless there is a nearby window or potted plant around, this gift is useless inside, not without creating structural damage anyway. In cases as such her only the options of using her vine whips and agility for defense.

Reasonably it only makes sense that Avery becomes weaker in the colder months. Considering her body uses the sun’s rays to process into energy, winter is her hardest season because the sun is so far away and is not seen as often. In these months, her body cannot make as much chlorophyll and so she appears to almost revert to her old self with fair skin and deep brown hair. As of late a remedy has been developed to counteract this weakness so that she remains almost as strong as she is in the summer. Every day she has to take chlorophyll based injections as well as subject herself to as much sun as she can. If that is not possible, special uv sun lamps have been created for her if she should so need it.
Also like a flower she finds herself very susceptible to the cold and cannot stand to be out in freezing temperatures without being weakened. If she doesn’t catch herself quickly enough she can easily slip into hypothermia. As dangerous as it sounds, in the worst case scenario her body will slow down until her heart is in a near dormancy state, preserving her body until it can either defrost or recover. Besides the physical burden it causes, Avery finds it twice as hard in the winter to conjure plants than she normally does. Naturally it is just a difficult task to grow anything in frozen ground.

Finally her emotions, like many, have a huge effect on her powers. While joy or sadness seems to have little effect on them, anger however causes them to flux out of control. When her temper gets the best of her, she often loses control of her powers and they ride wild as if by their own accord. For this reason, Avery never seems to be angered by anything, or walks away when she knows it might lead to that. It is only for this that very few has ever seen her vexed, let alone lose her temper. Too afraid of the outcome she often swallows back her anger.. In retrospective, there has been a time or two when her anger has been focused on an enemy and has given her boost she needed to continue fighting.

Also on a strange note; since her mutation she has found that her body seems to reject any sort of meat product. Consuming it had caused her the similar ill effects felt in food poising. Therefore she must take specially made vitamins to make up for what she cannot get herself. Sadly she does get the odd cravings for meat which she ends up paying dearly for in the end.

Personality: Avery is the perfect definition of the girl next door. She’s a nice, wholesome, and modest girl, the type one would like to bring home to their mother. Initially she is somewhat shy, tending to keep to herself until someone reaches out to her. It is then that one realizes that Avery’s just a sweet and humble girl. Really, she doesn’t want to bring attention to herself, standing out enough as it is. Since her mutation had changed her appearance it caused her to be overly self-conscious and lowered her self esteem tremendously. She also finds it much harder to talk to boys because of this, feeling that it would be impossible for a man to be attracted to her now. Quite the change from a few years back when she enjoyed the company of guys more than she did the girls.

Avery has many barriers placed around her that she keeps from getting hurt. Unfortunately they’re not overly strong ones as she is trusting, and kindness and friendship (real or not) could break through these. Very compassionate and empathic, she is a loyal friend and often gives her all for the ones she loves. Being such she knows that it also causes her to be somewhat softhearted and sensitive, her feelings are easily hurt. But unlike most, Avery often locks away negative feelings and goes about as if it does not bother her at all. A telepath can easily see through this. Though she can disguise her outer appearance she cannot fully rid the turmoil within.

That being said, this doesn’t necessarily mean that her good nature, politeness and mannerisms are a facade. Avery was raised to be a good person, to help others when she can without expecting things in return, as well as to know when to turn the other cheek. Molded into such a person she avoids fights and arguments, hoping that differences can be resolved or at the very least walked away from. However, she is passionate about the people she loves and would gladly protect them with every fiber of her soul if it came down to it.
Currently she is starting to come out of her shell and rise above of her insecurities. Gaining deeper friendships with certain members of the institute and finding love where she thought she couldn’t, helped her gain this ground. Though she still has her shy tendencies and has her embarrassing moments, she at times she finds the courage to become bolder and is soon to be on her way on the path of the person she once was. Keep in mind, it may not be a difficult task to become close to Avery (she does not mind having many friends) but there are very few that actually make it in.

Hobbies: There’s a nice few things that Avery likes to do. Practically the only thing she doesn't enjoy is playing sports or video games because she's no good at them. She likes playing the violin that her grandfather gave her. He taught her to play when she was really young and she has excelled in this talent over the years. She's a good mechanic, taking after her father who she used to watch in the garage when she was growing up. She even restored the blue '77 Monte Carlo that her father used to own all by herself. She's pretty good at cooking, picking that up from her mother and grandmother. Though because her mutation causes her body to reject most foods (ie: all meats) she doesn't make much besides deserts anymore. Another thing she likes to do is read and draw. She specializes in anime because she loves its dreamy sort of style. She has two sketch books full of drawings of the institute’s residences as well as friends, visitors and some of their enemies.

Other special talents: Avery is a well rounded gymnast; having started practicing when she first moved to the US and quickly picked it up. Her agility is pretty good for a girl whom is known for sometimes being embarrassingly clumsy. She also has a little experience with sword fighting but never really developed this beyond play. Lastly with her sometimes mother like nature, the medical practice came easily to Avery and hence the reason why she wishes to be a nurse at the institute.

History: She grew up in a small community on the east coast of Newfoundland and lived a happy life with her parents and older brother. Comparable to the county life, rural parts of Newfoundland were quiet and things went by slow and peaceful. Avery grew up without worries, innocent and naive to the dangers that the world harbored. It was the sort of life that all parents wished they could provide for their children. Sadly these days would have to come to an end and the child would have to grow up and face the real world. For Avery this occurred sooner than she would have wished.

It had been sometime in September, only a few weeks after school had started. She was 12 then and her brother, Alden, 17 now took the same bus home together. As always they walked to their house, Avery yammering on about the new things she learnt and Alden just nodding and smiling. Chipper back then, she had a bounce in her walk and her big dark eyes were always filled with some sort or laughter and excitement. It was that day that a little bit of that died. Rounding the corner of their house they noticed a back car with tinted windows there. Unfamiliar with it made them frown and quicken their pace. There at their doorstep were men wearing dark business suits, three of them to be exact. One held their mother lightly while the others seemed to escort their father to the car. Though she cannot remember much of the conversation anymore, she remembers her mother crying softly and Alden becoming angered. Words from her father had caused him to stop, he seemed to be calm and collected through all of it. “Dad’ll be back..” Was the only thing she could remember him saying before they helped him into the back seat of the car. Those words were enough back then for Avery, she trusted that he would be. He never returned. To this day she still doesn’t know his whereabouts or the circumstances of his ‘abduction.’

She wasn’t quite the same after that. Avery had always been a daddy’s little girl and it broke her heart for him to be gone away so long. But her mother was strong and through her love and her faith in God, she managed to get her children through the ordeal. Two years had passed since her father went away and their lives were back to normal, so had Avery thought. She had been hiding it for a long time, trying to stay strong for them but it had spread too far. Their mother died of cancer that year, but Avery believes that she would’ve made it though it if their father was around. They could get through anything together. She was sure of it.

With their mother gone there wasn’t much left to their happy family. Avery had grown quiet and often stared into nothingness and Alden lived with spite in his heart, bitter with God and almost everyone for things he couldn’t control. He couldn’t stand to stick around, so a few days after the funeral he had disappeared. This of course hadn’t helped Avery’s current mental state at all. Having no close family there to turn to, she had been sent to live with her father’s sister who resided in the US. They had no children of their own and things were terribly different to what she had been used to.

Very much depressed at this point Avery spent a lot of her time alone. At school she kept to herself and didn’t attempt to interact with the other girls. Her Aunt and Uncle had hoped that sending her to an all girl school would have made things easier for her, but no progress had been made. Not even when they had sent her to see and psychiatrist for a few sessions. She refused to share with the doctor and spent even more time up in her room. Suicide seemed to be often on her mind. About three months she went on like this until one night changed things. She had slipped out after dark, today especially upset about...basically everything. She wasn’t sure if she could do it anymore. Really she hadn’t wished to feel such a way but she thought if she couldn’t get through this on her own, how could she make it through life? Leo Brady. He was the answer. Perhaps he had followed her that night, maybe it was by chance, but either way there he was a moment later sitting in a swing next to her. Not the first time she had seen him, for he had lived across the street. Annoyingly he picked at her and questioned her until he finally cause her to crack. She broke down, finally letting herself go as she should’ve long ago. She poured her heart out to him and he held her reassuringly as he listened. From that day they were almost inseparable and Avery’s condition did a 180. Making friends at school she quickly became the social butterfly that suited her once again bubbly, carefree personality. Again her life was back in balance, nothing more out of the ordinary than any other normal teenager.

Almost three years had passed and she was almost finished her second last year of school, on the brink of turning 17. It seemed that Avery was a wee bit overdue to be jerked around in life. Now normally mutation happens at a young age or at least when the child hits puberty. Avery however, was the prime example of a late bloomer. It was like an overnight thing, one morning at school it just happened... Angered about something Leo had done had triggered her vines that had been residing in the wrists to come flying out of her. Thrashing about they had injured some students, two of them being her best friends. Nothing could have prepared her for this and in shock and fear she did the only thing she could do, run...

Darting through a busy street she had been almost hit by one of the most wildly known X-Man, Dr. Henry McCoy. He of course very observant, knowing she was more than an ordinary girl with drama issues; he decided to follow the disoriented Avery to see if he could help. He found her in a nearby park, nestled against a tree that was shaded away from people. She was on her knees crying as she tried to cut off the vines from her wrists with a jagged rock. It was just too unreal and freaky that her mind was set that this was the only way to rid herself of the horrible things. As Hank carefully approached her he tried to explain to her what was going on and that he could help her. But those were words that Avery could not accept at the time. She had already hurt innocent people; she didn’t want to do the same to him. Sobbing for him to stay away before he got hurt as well, she stumbled to her feet and twisted to run away. She didn’t even seen what she had tripped over as she fell to the ground. Not being able to catch her, he watched her head smash against a rock and her fall unconscious.

Bringing her back to the Institute seemed to be the best option for her. There in a coma for a couple days, her mutation completed its manifestation and she became the green, elven creature that you see today. After much consoling and effort, Avery managed to control her powers enough to keep them in line, and for the most part accepted what she was. There she finished up her last year of high school and graduated with honors. She still remains at the institute aspiring to be a nurse and can be often found in the infirmary shadowing and helping out there. In addition to that she had been selected to learn the basic mechanics to repair Blackbird under the tutelage of Scott Grey-Summers as well as taking her first steps in training to become an X-Man.

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