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<<< Ramsey, Doug, Cypher
Posted: Jul 6 2009, 02:20 AM



HOW YOU FOUND US: searching



Played by:
>Neil Patrick Harris<



FULL NAME: Douglas Ramsey
NICKNAMES: Some people say he’s the leader of the Nerd Herd.

DATE OF BIRTH: August 28, 1986
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Xavier’s Institute
TIME AT INSTITUTE: [if applicable] 5 years
HOMETOWN: St. Louis, Missouri
KNOWN RELATIVES: Philip Ramsey (father) Sheila Ramsey (mother)


HEIGHT: 5.10”
BUILD: medium build.
EYES: blue
HAIR: dirty blonde
CLOTHING STYLE: Depends on the situation. Most of the time comfort dictates what he wears, though he is partial to loose fitting jeans and T-shirts.
UNIFORM: The usual black street clothes. Doug hasn’t altered them or added any flashy trimmings.



Doug Ramsey has the intuitive ability to translate and interpret languages of every sort. Codes, rhythms of speech, patterns of language...all become apparent to Doug with a fairly minimal amount of study. Generally speaking, he can learn a language in a matter of minutes.

In addition to written and spoken languages of every kind, Doug has been able to figure out body language to a large degree. With this he is able to (with some significant amount of success) determine if someone is lying, or hiding something, or being evasive. This of course varies in success with the person and situation, but has proven useful on numerous occasions. One use he has been exploring in this aspect of his power is in trying to read someone’s body language in a fight. Though this doesn’t always tend to be practical, in hand to hand Doug has started to get a feel for it. If someone is about to throw a haymaker with their right hand, there are a series of body movements building up to this. Doug simply reads them as they come and it buys him a little time to compensate. In this way, he’s almost able to read his opponent’s mind…without the use of telepathy of course.

Doug can also understand the complexity of computer languages. This has been useful on many occasions, and has aided him in writing software.


Naturally there are several severe limitations to Doug’s powers. In fact, sometimes Doug can only see the limitations. They certainly are not offensive powers; though as stated already they do have some level of benefit in the area of fighting.

His powers are not flashy or spectacular. They are stunningly modest in scope, but have greater implications than even Doug is willing to admit most of the time. The biggest limitation is that in a scuffle he is forced to rely on his wits. His mind is his greatest weapon.

Additionally, Doug’s powers for the most part work by what he can see or hear. If he can’t see or hear something, he can’t translate it. Blinding him or cutting off his senses cripples his powers.


Call it compensating, but Doug tends to go a little overboard in the area of ‘flexing his mental muscles’. He doesn’t have the ‘to die for’ body. He isn’t Mr. Personality. But brains he has. And sometimes (call it unintentional pride if you will) he tends to go on. A lot. Usually this isn’t just out of the blue and just for the sake of going on about it, but nevertheless when the opportunity rears its ugly head, he nabs it.

Why does he do that? Overall he’s got a bit of an inferiority complex which manifests in some typical and some atypical ways. He can seem awkward and shy when females of any age are around, and he also has a quiet morose kind of dry humor that more often than not gets overlooked entirely.

He is honest, faithful and entirely trustworthy in just about every sense of the word. He still hasn’t processed through some of his issues about his powers entirely, and there is some room for manipulation if someone was clever enough or knew his buttons well enough. That is, assuming they can manipulate him in a way that he doesn’t ‘read’ as manipulation. He can be fairly difficult to pull one over on if he’s paying close enough attention.


Doug Ramsey was born to Philip and Sheila Ramsey in St. Louis, Missouri. He spent several of his earliest years there, even to the point of grade school, before his father’s work moved them northward to Deerfield, Illinois. This is where he was established for most of his young life, and where he met Kitty Pryde. The mutual interest in computers and video games brought these two close together in friendship long before either of them knew of their mutant abilities. Interestingly enough, it was Doug’s extraordinary talent for computers and computer languages that aroused the suspicions that Doug had more than just a simple ‘knack’ for computers.

It wasn’t long before several people found out that Doug was a mutant. One of those people was Professor Charles Xavier. He began working with the New Mutants for some time. He befriended them and assisted them for before he even realized that they were mutants. It's safe to assume they went by a different name.

For quite a while Doug enjoyed full time status as a New Mutant. He worked with them and developed his powers until the time that the New Mutants disbanded. From there he went directly to working with Xavier’s X-Men, where he has been ever since.

He’s something of a computer guru at the school. And like all computer gurus he spouts techno babble that is not only unnecessary, but completely over most people’s heads while he assists them. He also heads up the foreign languages department. For some time he’s been working on a way to quickly teach people how to pick up the gist of a language, and with the X-Men having to deal with people in various countries this becomes extremely useful at times


Doug tugged at his bangs. More or less it was a nervous kind of gesture, but on another level he sort of hoped he could pull them down as some kind of shade to hide behind. He was just a little on the shy side, which he always sort of viewed as some kind of social handicap or something. Oh he got along well enough with people, and wasn’t an extreme case by any means, but there was no doubt that he got a little cold and clammy around females.

This was so simple. He heard the questions being asked by Dr. McCoy in the distant and preoccupied part of his mind. Simple mathematics. Actually, mathematics came easily to him of any kind. Most subjects did.

Everyone was looking at Doug, and it was killing him. He was supposed to know the answer. He knew the answer. And it was killing him! He opted not to give it, though for reasons of false modesty or simply giving another classmate the chance to answer he wasn’t sure.

Great. Now Hank was even looking at him. So much for hiding behind his bangs. Doug tried to put on a smile. He cleared his throat and tried to find his voice. “e is obtained by asking which function f equals its own derivative. The answer to that question is f(x) = ex. If that approach is chosen the statement in the previous equation becomes a Theorem.” This seemed perfectly logical to him. “That way you can see e to 10,000 digits.” Doug shrugged, and was supremely aware of the reactions of his fellow X-Men.

He felt a familiar burning in his cheeks.

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Posted: Jul 6 2009, 02:23 AM


okay, nothing has significantly changed here, but I added a year to his age and thought maybe I'd send in the app again. I think I'm easily handling the two characters I have now, and there's some need for nerd here.

Lemme know when you can. Thanks.
Hank McCoy
Posted: Jul 6 2009, 03:08 AM

Bestial Form and Traits

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Normally I'd say you'd need to put this in our format, since we've changed the bio form since we last accepted Doug, but since this is a reactivation, that just seems like busy work to me.

I'm fine with this.

Posted: Jul 6 2009, 05:18 PM


Perhaps it's unnecessary, but I put it in the new format.
Posted: Jul 6 2009, 06:48 PM

Punches from the Punch Dimension

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Yeah I'm good with bringing you back in. I'm moving you to a senior (college age) student, and putting you in one of the co-ed dorms.

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