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<<< When All Hell Breaks Loose, Mark Sheppard - DJ
Posted: Nov 22 2009, 06:40 AM


Time of day: 1:00 pm
Place in the time-line November 5

An hour after noon and only one thing was on his mind. Getting some food.

It was the instincts inside of him that drove him to lust after more food, specifically food that used to be a living creature at one point. These instincts brought along a new arsenal of feelings and emotions he never had before but now he had to learn to cope with and let’s just say that for Khalid this was not easy. It was not easy being a superstar athlete on a college scholarship to one of the best in the country and then having all of your dreams and aspirations taken away just because of possessing a genetic structure different than a human’s. He didn’t want to be part of homo superior nor did he ask to have a five and a half foot long tail growing from his tailbone, it was part of God’s plan for him to be like this but it didn’t make it any bit easier.

He walked on the sidewalk and he was sidestepped and stared at by those around him. It was as if he was an escaped bear from the zoo, everybody wanted to see him but nobody wanted to get close. Little kids pointed, people whispered, jokes and insults were made. Common to the regular life of mutants but Khalid was not used to this kind of life. Sure, he had been the center of attention many times before but for other reasons and he got positive feedback on those occasions.



“Go back with your own kind you monster!”

He was told to stay at the mansion since it would be safer there but Khalid couldn’t stand being cooped up much longer, he needed to go outside into the city. He needed to see try to live outside the luxurious bubble that was Xavier’s School and be in the world, no matter how cruel it was. And it was cruel. Most people tended to avoid him completely but some shouted their bigotry and insults. An inner anger was ready to burst out of the Sudanese mutant but he forced himself to keep his composure. They had enough reason to get mad, the president had been killed by one of his species. If he was in their shoes he would probably feel the same but he still felt that it was not necessary all their actions against mutants. It made his blood boil just thinking about it.

His stomach growled once more and his mind returned on food, he was hungry.

Khalid walked up to a hot dog stand and ordered a hotdog as he reached into his pocket for the money to pay for his food.

“Sorry, don’t got no more left”

What? He had just seen the obese man give a hot dog to a guy a few seconds ago. Not only that but he could see the wieners and bread read there for someone to order. The smell made it obvious too.

“What do you mean, sir?” Khalid began trying to contain his anger, “You just gave one to the guy in front of me and I can see you still have more, why don’t you just give me one of those. I have money to pay for it.”

The man looked at Khalid with a look of disgust, “It’s not about if you can pay for it. I’m not serving none of my dogs to a freak like you. You know you got some balls showing your ugly mug around us normal folk after the stunt your leader pulled yesterday. Now the government’ll be forced to lock you and your kind away for being the monsters you are.”

The anger within Khalid continued to rise and he felt the predatory instincts within him activating. A small voice in his head edged him to strike at the man, to rip him apart, to kill him. It was taking a lot out of him just to suppress this anger and he managed to respond back, “He’s not my leader and I had nothing to do with that tragedy. I’m sad and angry that he was killed too.”

It was here when he realized that a crowd of threatening looking men were surrounding him and his instincts were becoming stronger now. His tail slowly began to rise and Khalid was getting the urge to get in a defensive stance to protect himself. His tail curved and the stinger at the end slowly emerged but with that all hell broke lose.

“The mutie’s going to attack, get him!”

They came at him and it was then when his inner scorpion broke out. His tail fully curved and the stinger pointed at the incoming crowd. All in his mind was anger and the desire to sting and burn away all of those approaching him. Not only that but his black exoskeleton began to emerge from his skin and join together to give him the appearance of a large humanoid scorpion. Kill. Kill. Kill. The voices got stronger and if he didn’t get control of himself soon, his predatory nature would really make him kill these humans and that wouldn’t be good for the mutant situation at all.
Mark Sheppard
Posted: Nov 22 2009, 07:40 AM


Mark Sheppard was a mutant, however you wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at him. No he was one of the lucky ones that could pass as a normal human. Most of the time this made him feel good, but every once in a while he felt rather guilty about it. A guilt which often grew worse as he was able to see just how lucky he was to be able to pass as humans. Back at the mansion there were at least 3 dozen kids whose physical appearance were so monstrous, he could barely stand to look at them at times. It wasn't something he was proud of, but there wasn't anything he could do about it.

When these types of days took him, Mark just had to get out of the mansion, and if it meant skipping a few classes in the process well Mark had no problem with that. Still though as much as he tried, Mark could not get his mind off of just how lucky he was. How good it felt to be able to walk the streets of a big city without drawing any unwanted looks. Heaving a heavy sigh, Mark reprimanded himself for feeling good about being handsome, as he continued to walk along the crowded side walk, just relishing in the feeling that he could blend in easily.


Mark thought to himself, as he pated his side pocket, making sure that his metallic Iipod was still safely stored away. It was a rare occasion indeed when Mark would be found without his Ipod. Seeing as his mutant ability was only active when he heard music, he thought it was always best to be prepared and ready to use his abilities should the need arise. Normally Mark would have had his large earmuff styled head phones covering his ears, the music from his ipod blearing loud enough to cause long term hearing problems, but for what ever reason Mark didn't feel like listening to music right now. Perhaps he felt that he didn't deserve to drown his thoughts away with music.

Perhaps he thought he deserved to feel this lousy every once in a while for being able to pass off as a plain old human. A surviver guilt kind of thing if you will, it wasn't healthy for sure, but as long as it didn't harm anyone else he didn't see the harm in in it. Another gentler sigh escaped Mark's lips, as he dug his hands deep into his pant pockets, as he began to hope the music store wasn't already close. The hole reason he had even made this trek down here, aside from having to get away from school and the other students, was that Cerebra Bash, one of Mark's favorite all mutant band's CD just hit the stores and he was dying to hear it!

It was actually a good thing that Mark didn't have his head phones on, as it allowed him to be able to pick up the muffled jeers of a far off crowd taunting someone. By the rude remarks the people were saying, the music loving teen was able to surmise that whoever they were verbally attacking must be a mutant, and by the cruel hateful words it had to be one who was obviously one. “Just Great!” He said out loud in a hushed tone as he picked up his pace, trying to reach the destination of where the insults were coming from. This was the last thing he needed and expected to run into. If he wasn't running late already, this little excursion was certainly going to do the trick for him. So much for getting that CD He mentally thought to himself, as he prepared himself for what was sure to be an unprovoked angry mob.

Gingerly the dark haired boy withdrew his Ipod from pocket and began to shuffle through his play list until he found the one he was looking for. Opting to play classical music Mark began to feel the all to familiar warmth inside of him that indicated to him that he now possessed the defensive and sometimes offensive ability to generate force fields of varying calibre.

Why was there so much hostility against mutants lately. OK sure the president was murdered by a mutant, but come on. Mark could have named at least 3 other presidents who were assassinated by humans, you don't see the mutant population rising against the humans, or the humans turning against one another do you?

No instead when a president was assassinated by another human, what happens is that for some reason the nation grows close, unlike when a mutant kills the president in which case the nation seems to divide even further. This was all just to ridiculous for words, he though as he now raced over towards the now in sight, group of people who were somewhat surrounding a mutant with a scorpion like tail.

“Oh god...”

Mark commented to himself, as he slapped the base of his head in annoyance. There was only one mutant that Mark knew who had a tail like that, and he wasn't the type of guy you wanted to get angry. Especially when he was hungry, which by looking at the fact that they were right near a fast food place, meant he was hungry.

IF something wasn't done soon these people were going to really see what an enraged mutant was like, up close and personal. As if mutants didn't have enough bad publicity lately. He could see the Daily Buggle headline now MAD SCORPION MUTANT MAULS MISFORTUNATE BYSTANDERS. Oh god the press would have a field day with this, unless he could quickly defuse this bomb. Fat chance! His mind retorted to his suggestion, as he arrived on the scene. Once Scorpio here was mad it was just best to get out of his way.


Mark belted out as he saw the group of ignorant men beginning to surround Khalid, who in response began to pose for attack. His long scorpion like tail drew high in the air, as the stinger at the very tip of his tail slowly emerged from its resting place. This was bad real bad. Mark didn't know who he was more afraid for the humans or Khalid himself. The time to act was now, he told himself as he drew a breath of cold air, in hopes of quelling his already shattered nerves.

Whether or not Khalid was going to attack these men, Mark honestly didn't know, but to be honest he didn't care. He didn't want to risk the chance of his friend losing control like that. Before he knew what he was doing Mark launched himself through the air, using his force field generating ability to create a sort of ram before him, shoving whoever was in his way aside. Landing with a loud thud on the ground, Mark again instinctively threw up a dome like field around himself and Khalid just in time to witness a beer bottle shatter against the invisible dome's walls.

“LOOK” One of the neighboring men shouted. “HE'S ERECTED SOME KIND OF BARRIER TO PROTECT HIMSELF!” He exclaimed in rage, as a rather homely woman began to point to the pair of mutants. “LOOK THAT MONSTER HAS TAKEN AN INNOCENT BOY HOSTAGE! SOMEONE SAVE HIM!” She bellowed in the most outlandish voice Mark had ever heard. As if instructed by some sentient force, the mob in whole began to pound at the invisible dome like structure, the feed back causing Mark to moan in pain. He had never tested the full limits of the defensive properties of his powers before, but having a group of men trash at it was certainly pushing him to his limits. Ironic though the more he shouted in pain, the harder the people attacked the dome in homes or rescuing him.

“OK situation just went bad to worse” He said in a breathless tone. “So Khalid what brings you here...” He added as beads of sweat slowly cascaded down the boy's brow, as his slitted eyes pushes past the pain in hopes of trying to see his friend. “Oh and just in case your wondering. No I can't keep this up for long, and yes we will run out of air soon. Especially if I keep” He stopped for a moment as he let out a sigh of pain. “Panting like this!”
Posted: Nov 24 2009, 05:53 PM


Kill. Kill. Kill.

His inner scorpion edged him on to strike and attack. His mind was currently being overwhelmed with the predatory instincts building up within him and he felt he was slowly losing himself to them. His tail began to jerk slightly forward in anticipation for a quick strike but the part of Khalid that was still “human” held back. He felt threatened, which was obvious from the reactions of all the humans surrounding him, but not only that he felt the need to attack, again this was obvious, in order to feed. Predatory instincts meant being a predator and being a predator meant hunting for ones own nutrition and that meant killing another being in order to feed on its flesh.

“<Allah help me>” Khalid whispered as he could feel his personality go down the drain and a purely instinctual creature step forward in his place.

The muscles in his body itched to move and launch their full enhanced potential in order to unleash his angry fury upon the humans. He did not like his mutation but either way he was proud of being a mutant, true he didn’t understand it quite well yet but he was proud nonetheless. These people were ignorant and attacking him out of personal prejudices which was wrong. He hated all types of bigotry and they were pissing him off, pissing him off enough for him to be overwhelmed with anger and allow his psyche to diminish and allow his inner scorpion to take over. Scorpio lunged forward only to collide head first into what appeared to be a force field.

Luckily his exoskeleton was quite durable or else he would’ve harmed his head since he lunged quite powerfully, his muscles possessing superstrength.

“So Khalid what brings you here...”

Back to life, back to reality.

It was as if those words grabbed hold of Khalid and bitch slapped him back to his psyche. He blinked and shook his head feeling disoriented before slowly turning to see Mark who had fabricated a force field in order to protect him from the humans, or it could’ve been the other way around. He felt his inner scorpion scratch on the walls of his head striving to gain dominance over Khalid but he fought to push it back. His teeth gritted as the situation began to process in his head. His masked head turned to Mark and then to the people banging on the field, who apparently thought it was he who conjured it and thought that he was taking Mark hostage… What a load of bull.

“You know Mark, I don’t really know myself,” Khalid began still looking upon the humans who yelled at the monster which was Scorpio, “All I wanted was a hotdog”.

As his words formed, he began to return and feel a lot more like his usual self but there was always that lingering feeling inside of him of wanting to kill something except Khalid had a better state of mind to suppress it.

He turned once more to Mark who was obviously in pain though he wasn’t sure why until he saw the connection between the pounding of his field and the groans of pain he released. They were causing him more pain. Great…he was getting angry again. The scorpion-like mutant clenched his fists and felt the familiar anger start to burn within him again. He wanted nothing more than to knock down all those humans who were causing Mark pain but he knew in his right mind that they couldn’t afford to do anything that reckless right now. Mark was right, they were running out of air.

“This is just great…<Oh Allah I really need your strength right now>”

Think. Think. Think. An idea suddenly popped into his head. They had to get away from this crazy crowd and it would seem impossible were they just normal humans but they were mutants with powers. As much as Khalid disliked his own powers, he had to admit and recognize that they were useful in many situations, this being one of them.

“Hey Mark, I got an idea. You’re going to have to drop your force field soon cause we can’t be here for long. You got light powers right? Well when you drop it send out a burst of light to disorientate them and then we can use that to get the hell out of here”

Good plan. Nice job brain. Khalid had something more in mind after that. He would spray his acidic venom on the floor surrounding him causing it to corrode and burn away making holes in the ground. People would start to fall in the holes and then he could use his strength to take Mark out of the place before people got their vision back. Then they’d be safe and sound. Hopefully it would go according to plan or else he might let his inner scorpion take over again and that was not good.
Mark Sheppard
Posted: Nov 24 2009, 07:42 PM


Mark did his best to both ignore the fact that the very person he came out to save had just lunged across the way and collided straight into his shield, which ended up making them both feel pain, and the fact that the pain was beginning to wear down his defense. Mark was a decent student, a good musician, and great DJ, but at his combat classes he was pretty mediocre. Secretly he was praying for miracle to save them both. A miracle which he knew would never come. This their was a first time for everything wasn't there?[/i] He secretly asked himself, as he wiped the sweat that was beginning to drip onto his lips. Just because he had to endure a barrage of crazy humans. Did not mean he had to endure tasting the over salted taste of sweat did it?

The pain was just about overwhelming his senses, but still Mark did his best to prevail. He felt a percent of the impact on his shield every time. IT wasn't always bad to use his shielding powers, usually the reduce percentage of the hit he felt back was tolerable. Sure it hurt but he was sure being shot by pullets and beaten down by fist would have hurt a lot more. Still though these people were interpreting him as an innocence bystander who was kidnapped inadvertently. This was just not true. Mark had willingly dove through the crowed. Stretching his forcefield in such a manor that it plowed anyone who was in his way.

He created this force dome to keep the others away and from harming Khalid, as well as to keep Khalid from harming them. He want to protect everyone at large, and instead of doing that it seemed that he had just inflamed the debate even more. Sadly Mark was doing no good, and by laying on the floor looking like a victim how could ever expect to make it better. He needed to arise from the ground and try to let them know he was a mutant as well, and was there to help not hurt.

With that in mind the young musician began to slowly push off the ground. Pain, like venom in a cobra, flowed through his body. Raw fire seemed to pelt into his brain causing angony he could no longer bare, and yet somehow managed to. Being beaten by one person that was easy to endure, even a handful, but an entire mob was just a bit beyond Mark's ability to endure. With sweat beating down onto his brow, Mark stood rather drunkishly, and turned to face the mob. For a moment he allowed himself to pause. He allowed himself to think, and think of the consequences of outing himself, and for a moment he allowed himself to think of the harm.

He couldn't risk letting Khalid take the blame for all this. What type of person would do that he wondered, as he shook his head and violently reprimanded himself for even ever embracing the idea. Mutants stick together no matter what! HE thought enthusiastically to himself as he opened his mouth to speak. IT wasn't easy for Mark to find both the courage and the volume to speak over the angry protesters, and yet he summoned his courage and did so with every fiber of his being. Who knows maybe at the very least he'd end up with a new friend in Khalid in prison.

“Khalid!” he said in his most sensitive as he continued to talk after a quick chuckle over what Khalid had said. “ Don't you know meat is murder!” Ok so this was not the place, and now was not the time to be making jokes, but Mark often used jokes to try and break the ice with new people and lower the tension over the situation, and believe me tension in this situation needed to lowered. “People with hate mutants no matter what!” Added with a bit of contempt, as he threw a fierce look over at the ape like sapiens. “Its a lost cause trying to reason with them anymore, especially when their up in a frenzy like this. How about we just book it?” HE offered the idea unto Khalid with a friendly smile, despite not knowing just how it is that the two were going to get away from the group of people, when they were surrounded. This was some mess He wondered to himself, as he looked back at Khalid. “Not the problem is how are we going to get out of this alive, oh and make sure that the school doesn't kick us out!” He added trying to be funny, but knowing those were real things they both had to consider.

Though one couldn't tell it by looking at him, because he looked like a druggy who just went on rehab with all the shakes and jitters he was doing, because of the pounding the dome, but was actually feeling a little better. Not much mind you, but he certainly felt safer over the fact that Mark could tell that Khalid was calming down when he was talking. At least one of the two major crisis was averted. Now all he had to do was keep it from ever arising again in this situation and he'd be golden. Granted that task would actual prove to be harder than calming him done, but Mark was set on making sure it didn't happen. Thought to soon! Mark mentally interjected in his mind, as he caught sight of Scorpio's anger once again arising

Looks like he failed way before he even got a chance to start. Well that sucked! He thought as he looked at Khalid. Keeping him calm was going to be harder than he thought. Still he needed to do it no matter how hard it was. Khalid was a good person, he knew that much. He didn't deserve to go down against an entire lynch mob. At least not alone anyways, and with that Mark forced himself to stand up straight and even manage to get a forced smiled onto his lips.

“I'm ok!”

He said despite the simple fact that he was not alright. Shutting his big mouth up just in time, Mark was able to hear perfectly what Khalid was telling. So the kid was more than just a pretty face, Mark commented to himself mentally again, as a grin spread across his face. However at the very same time Mark was a bit thrown off. How did Khalid know about his powers? Did they have a class together he didn't know of. This was freaky was Khalid a stalker or a personal fan of himself? HE was a bit shaken and turned off by this over knowledge on his powers, but now was not the time to worry or complain about that.

The truth of the matter was that Khalid was right, and that a blinding effect would be good to get them out of this jam. Mark hardly ever used his light powers, they were one of the powers he cared about least, and thus hardly worked on it. Lucky for the both of them though, that blinding effects was about the easiest thing to do. One just had to shine and shine so bright that they temporarily blind their attackers. Another thought seemed to enter his head as well. If he blinded the people then they wouldn't be able to see Mark leave willingly with Khalid, and just blame him yet again for the effect. Man biast humans were so stupid, but now was not the time. Before acting Mark had to know if Khalid was ok with the ramifications of the act. After all it was his reputation at risk.

“Khalid wait if I do this, they wont be able to see for a while, and they wont see me leaving willingly with you. They could say you kidnapped me again. I'm saying this cause well you need to know about this if you want to make this decision!” Mark added politely as he looked painfully at Khalid. The pain was actually starting to become manageable. It seemed most of the people put their entire fury into their first couple of blows, and were actually tiring themselves out. Ah it was a blessing sent from heaven, he thought in relief. “Thank god for small miracles, the pains getting easier.

“Oh and you should also know I need to switch songs!” He added by pointing to the Ipod that laid on his left side hip belt strap. “It would take a few seconds before the pop music I need to hear will jump start my light powers, and another few seconds to generate the light. In other words it wont be instant. How good are you at jumping?” He added in a sly tone, as he checked the man's arms and legs.

What Mark was hoping for was that Khalid could jump them both high in the air, for enough time so as to allow Mark the time he needed to blind them, so they both could escape. By looks alone Mark would of said yes, but then thats mostly because he thought most of the mutated mutants had super strenght. A bit of a bad stereotype he knew but it was more often than not true wasn't it? “If you could jump high and long enough for me to generate the effect. We might just be able to get away, or at the very least get a head start. That would help us out a lot!”
Posted: Nov 30 2009, 11:59 PM


Ah, the life of a mutant. Always so glamorous.

To be honest, Khalid didn’t really know what to think of this situation seeing as it was something he had never experienced before. A year ago he was just like any other kid, well a bit more special than most but normal either way, who had received a full ride to a great college based on one’s personal athletic ability. He was maybe not “normal” but he was living the life of a human. If he hadn’t mutated into this scorpion freak then he probably would’ve been on his way to the NFL and to a life many people could only dream of. That dream which was within perfect reach of Khalid was suddenly thrown down and shattered right before his eyes. He had no chance of a normal life now and he would have to live with that for the rest of his mutant life.

He was envious of Mark and every other mutant who could pass for human. They had the potential to blend into the society without discrimination or the stares. Oh the stares. Everybody made Khalid feel as if he was an exotic animal in the zoo and his only purpose there was for the entertainment of others. With so much mutant drama occurring in these recent years haven’t humans learned what mutants look like and not stare every single time comes walking down the street? Khalid felt his rage boil as he stared down these humans from DJ’s energy field.

He was in his mutant form right now so it was pretty obvious which one of the two was part of homo superior and understandable why they believed Scorpio had kidnapped Mark, unreasonable but understandable. The guy was shaking and sweating like a junkie and here was a threatening black armored scorpion-man who looked like he could bench press a car. If he was in their position he would probably think the same thing but the fact of the matter was that he was not and he knew the truth.

“<Damn bigots.> ”

Khalid turned to Mark and thought of his words. They already thought that he had taken Mark so if they couldn’t see them escape they would think that he had taken Mark as hostage and come after him. He bit his lip from behind his black scorpion-like mask and turned back to the humans banging on the field with a fury like no other. It was true and they would be chased since a big scary mutant had taken a normal good innocent human and they would stop this mutant menace no matter what. It’s not like they had many choices though. Had the humans attacked him and hit him, their puny fists and weapons would do him no harm on his durable exoskeleton but he would’ve probably slaughtered half of them by now. Then there was Mark with no durability or invulnerability outside a human’s normal capabilities who would’ve been hurt and was hurting now because of him. No, they had to escape.

“Doesn’t matter, go ahead and do it. They can’t really hurt me,” Khalid began, “You on the other hand don’t have my protection so I gotta get you out of here as fast as possible. If they figure out that you’re a mutant too then they’ll get more pissed that you ‘tricked’ them.”

Jumping could work and it was a much better idea than what he had. He was just going to run through the crowd of people but it would be more efficient to jump. With his supestrength it would be easy to jump a high enough distance for their plan to work. Now all that was left was actual performing it.

“Don’t worry about me, Mark. You just focus on generating the light and I can take care of the actual ‘getting the hell out of here’ process. You just tell me when,” Khalid said walking closer to Mark and preparing himself to put the plan into action.
Mark Sheppard
Posted: Dec 18 2009, 06:47 PM


Come on.... Mark thought to himself, as he looked all around him, trying to do his best to stave off the onset of pain he was feeling from the massive blows rendered by the group of mutant phobic people, who ironically were attacking the dome to save Mark. Granted it was because of their blows that Mark was feeling so shitty, but they couldn't be blamed for that. They really didn't know that Mark was the cause of the dome, and if they did,well they'd probably pound against its invisible walls even harder, just to get back at Mark. “Some mes...” He said between broken pants of air. “I got us into.” Mark added as he wiped the sweat from his bro.

“All I wanted was a CD, instead of that I get dragged into a damn street war. What the hell is wrong with me!” He outwardly reprimanded himself, his own lame attempt at trying to forget the pain raging through his body by adding comedy to the mix. Now whether Mark was funny or not could be debated, but his sarcastic remarks were actually doing the trick. They were actually making the pain he was feeling quite bearable, and thank god for that! He added to himself yet again using the art of speaking to hopefully distract himself. Well at least some good came out of his action, the young boy added, as he looked towards Khalid. At least Khalid hadn't done anything he would regret....yet that is.

It was the yet part that really scared and worried Mark. HE didn't know how long he would be able to keep the guy calm. After all Khalid was known for his animal...wait...Mark thought to himself are scorpions animals, or are they insects, or arachnids or a species onto themselves? HE pondered to himself, before letting out a who cares look on his face. It didn't matter if scorpions were their own species, the fact still stood that Khalid was a very anger prone student. Mark didn't know how long he was going to be able to keep his fellow classmate subdued.

“IF they figure out that i'm a mutant, Khalid then those mutant bigots are a lot smarter than I ever gave them credit for!” Mark responded to his mutated companion with a whimsical insult to their attackers. “Besides now that I'm not more in control, I'm actually doing OK with the amount of pain their causing. I didn't make the wall of the dome itself thick enough, which meant feed back was on high. Now I got better control on it, but the air problem is looming.” He said as he tapped gently on the invisible walls of his force field.

After the decision had been decided, Mark was glad he was in this kind of predicament with Khalid. He was a very take charge kind of guy, the perfect balance to him, a man who couldn't make a hard decision to save his life. Quite literally that is. Mark was always worried about the consequences of his actions, and how he would be perceived by others, that it actually affected his ability to make decisions. It was one of the biggest things that bugged him about himself. “ Well then were going to need some pop music!” He noted as he changed the music play list to that of hit 90's pop music. It wasn't his favorite type of music, but in situations like this, it didn't really matter.

“OK time to shine!” He bellowed as he began to crawl onto the back of the scorpion like mutant, all the while doing his best not to be stung by his stinger. Who knows what kind of effect that thing would have on his physiology. “Just a few seconds and ill blind them, but good! “
Posted: Dec 19 2009, 07:49 PM


Now Khalid knew that he had a beast inside of him, one trying to crawls its way out into the world and overtake him, but he still had his personality stabilized, sort of. He had been called a feral, one who possessed animalistic characteristics, and he often felt like those traits tried to dictate his life but he wouldn’t let them, he would overcome them. In his past life Khalid had been a grade A athlete, a football player with the potential to become one of the greats in the NFL except his mutation manifested before his dreams could be realized, and the person chosen to become captain of all his team which meant that he often had to take charge of the situation and look out for his teammates. These traits were present today.

The Sudanese had his emotions swirling inside of him but he knew he had to be calm in this situation or else everything would go to hell, more than it already was. He had almost succumbed to his inner anger and he wasn’t going to allow it to turn him into the nightmarish being humans often thought of him as. Khalid knew people were scared of him, he knew people hated him, he knew how his appearance alone often led people away from him and caused people to judge him without ever knowing him. He had been dealing with such things from the start of his mutation manifested and he believed that his mutation would continue to change him but he would try to keep his mind intact and still be Khalid Al-Fashir. He believed his mind to be strong enough to not let his emotions get the better of him but it was easier said than done.

When he was in high school he would get in trouble some times because of those anger issues. You’re the captain so you should be setting an example, they would tell him but it was always something of an issue and his mutation only made it worse.

“Well then, it would seem that we have to hurry,” Khalid responded to Mark in response to the air comment.

He sure as hell wasn’t going to die by suffocation unless there was a huge guy with impenetrable skin chocking him.

He felt Mark climb onto his back and Khalid easily adjusted to the weight change. He had superstrength, it didn’t really matter. He did shift his tail positioning so that it wouldn’t curve and the stinger was pointed away from Mark. It would be bad if he was stung because unlike the neurotoxin which scorpions have in their venom, Scorpio’s was a powerful acid which would burn through his cells all the way down to the bone and Khalid had a good feeling that that was bad. His tail now mirrored movement more like a reptile’s than a scorpion’s.

The scorpion-like mutant crouched down a bit in preparation for his display of strength he would exhibit. His head looked straight onto the people in front of him and tried to ignore the insults of fear and hatred but they just made him so angry that he felt the need to go to them and just slashed their faces until they were unrecognizable. His claws itched and his tail slowly tried to jerk forward, oh he was so ready. Once Mark started shining and the field would break, all Khalid had to do was jump to the wall and crawl to a supposed safety.

“All right, when you are done glowing I want you to hold on tight for me because when we get to the wall I’m going to be crawling sideways on it and gravity will still work on you so try not to fall,” Khalid told Mark.
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