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If you are looking for the best X-Men rpg around, you found it. We're a non-movieverse based on but not stringently following 616 canon.

Currently, we're accepting canons and OCs, and because the game does have some adult themes like violence, we have to limit our players to at least sixeen years old.

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<<< Thomas, Everett, Synch
Posted: Sep 26 2010, 12:30 AM

Ability Synchronization

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NAME: Flyboy
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Danso Gordon


AFFILIATION: X-Men, ex-Generation X

FULL NAME: Everett Thomas

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Xavier Institute
TIME AT INSTITUTE: Joined in 2007 when Mass closed
HOMETOWN: St. Louis, Missouri
KNOWN RELATIVES: Stan Thomas (father), Ida Thomas (mother), Kim Ho Twae (adopted sister)


HEIGHT: 5’11
BUILD: Athletic
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
CLOTHING STYLE: Synch’s style of clothing has more of an urban feel. He can be seen sporting something like a colored t-shirt with jean shorts and hi-tops or some sort of sports jersey, even though he doesn’t like sports that much. He likes to wear eye catching clothing like shirts with funny writing or characters on them from comics. Synch doesn’t really care what condition his shoes are in as long as they are wearable and functioning.
UNIFORM: Standard issue X-Men suit


Everett has the mutant ability of synchronicity. What this means is that he has the ability to synch up with other powered beings, like mutants, within his immediate vicinity. When he synchs up with another mutant he gains the powers that that mutant possesses. You can tell his powers are in use because a rainbow colored aura appears around his body. This is because the energies that he absorbs split the ambient light around him. For instance when he is near a mutant that has the ability to create flames, Synch uses his power to synch up with that mutant and gains this ability.

The powers that he synchs up with can last him for as long as the person he got them from stays in his vicinity. The moment that they leave, he maintains their powers for a maximum of one hour before they fade away naturally. Another ability that he has is aura tracking. By allowing his aura to lock onto the bio-signature of a mutant, he can track them down as the aura expands in the general direction of said mutant. Maybe one day he might be able to permanently retain the powers that he gets from other people. But for now he can only keep them up to an hour out of their presence.
Everett has a weakness to everything that any normal human has. He can get sick and die or be injured and killed. Concerning his powers, he can only take on the abilities of three different mutants at a time. If he tries to take on anymore than that at his current level, his body wouldn’t be able to handle it which could lead to serious injury or even death. As mentioned before, the powers are not permanent and fade after an hour of the mutant leaving his presence.

Everett Thomas is pretty much just an average guy trying to make it on this planet called Earth. He doesn't like to make things complicated with himself or anyone around him. He likes to keep things simple despite the lifestyle that he has chosen. Everett is a good, down to earth type of guy that prefers to stay out of trouble. He has the heart of a true friend and always finds the need to want to help others. He likes to see the satisfied look on people’s faces whenever he helps them in whatever it is that they need. Everett is the guy to look to if one wants assistance with a task since he’s always willing to lend a hand without complaining of bitching about it. If he is in the area and can do something about a situation, nine times out of ten he will step in. Making others happy makes him happy.

He can sometimes take somewhat of a leadership role since he is the first person to jump into action and the last one out. He likes giving orders that are easy to follow and will ultimately lead to success. He doesn’t let that go to his head though of course. Everett is good at coming up with strategies and plans to help his team or whoever he is working with succeed in their mission. He doesn’t take it too seriously since he still cracks jokes every now and then when fighting. Everett prefers to be the one at the front of the line, but if he has to he doesn’t mind taking a backseat to others.

Everett loves to have himself a good ol time cracking jokes with friends. He knows how to take a person’s jokes or even insults and turn them around into something positive. He doesn’t pull pranks often, but he enjoys watching other people do so. It’s like the kid has a permanent smile on his face that’s hard to knock off. He tries not to let himself get upset over small things since you are the only person that can make you upset or sad. If you’re looking for a guy to hangout with or need some help with something, Everett Thomas is your man.

Everett Thomas was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri. He started off his life like any other kid, playing with friends and doing the fun things. When he was six years old, his parents decided that they wanted to have another child, but not go through the whole process of child birth again. So as a solution, they adopted a three year old Korean baby girl by the name of Kim Ho Twae. Now with a little sister, Everett found that he liked being a big brother and having someone that looked up to him. As the time went by, he developed into a fine young man instead of folding into the negative aspect that some of his friends did. He succeeded in school, helped take care of his sister, and generally stayed out of trouble.

But trouble would one day come to him. It was at the age of 16 that he would discover that he wasn’t like everyone else he knew. One day a mutant with incredible strength decided that he wanted to cause some mayhem and trouble in the neighborhood. His destructive powers was enough to garner the attention of the local police and a group of mutants calling themselves Generation X. Everett had been sent out to get some groceries from the store when he came across the chaos. He was confused and stressed and scared for his life. That was when he came into close proximity with one of the mutants, a man codenamed Banshee.

Everett accidentally synched with the mutant gaining his ability to unleash a devastating scream of sonic energy. He used this to shatter several windows around him, unknowing of what just happened. The police officer then saw him as a threat, but before they could open fire on the boy, the rampaging mutant attacked them. Everett was still confused on how he did what he did, but he didn’t want the police to be killed. He assisted Banshee and his followers in the battle and the mutant was eventually defeated. It was later explained to him and his parents that he was a mutant and that he could be better trained by attending a school in Boston with Banshee. His parents agreed, allowing him to leave so that he could better himself in a safe place.

Everett would spend the next few years as member of Generation X in the Massachusetts Academy. For him, those years were the best time of his life. He became close to several of his teammates forming a sort of brotherhood with them. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and Gen X was no exception. The team was disbanded when Everett was 19 years old. But he was satisfied with living a simple civilian life. During his time with the team he’d heard about the X-Men, so naturally they were his next destination. He would go on spending the next three years serving as a member of the X-Men.

During the events of Apocalypse, Everett was doing his best to help combat the creations of this evil mutant. He put the majority of his time and effort into help with evacuating innocent civilians and keeping them safe from threats. This was his proudest moment as what he was doing he saw as the most important. Everett helped out his teammates whenever they asked. He followed the orders of his superiors and kept to the sidelines doing crowd control and whatnot. It may not have been the most glamorous of jobs, but it was necessary.


Ah, Sunday afternoons had the be the best time of the week. It was always so quiet and peaceful outside around this time, the perfect opportunity to take a walk or sit in the park. That in fact was exactly what young Everett Thomas had on his mind. There wasn’t anything important that needed to be done at the Xavier Institute, so he had the free time to blow. Placing his hands in his pockets, the young mutant exited the school and was on his way. He didn’t feel like taking a cab or something since the day was just so nice out. The sun felt excellent beaming down against his skin as a light breeze blew over his fresh cut hair. Hehe kinda tickled.

Before long he’d reached a nice little park relax at while doing a bit of people watching. People watching, who exactly invented? Well no one actually invented it since people have been watching others since the beginning of time. Guess the correct question would be who gave it that name. Everett smiled at a pair of young ladies jogging by. He winked, they shares a giggle. His eyes lingered as they passed. Good lord! Women had to be the best thing God put on this earth for man. Everett shook his head with a grin. But this grin would not last long for the shriek of another woman pierced the air. He immediately stood from his seat on the bench and looked in the direction of the scream.

Why? Why was there always something that went wrong to ruin a perfectly good day? Looking to his left he saw a rather menacing looking individual showing off his mutant control of fire. “You gotta be kiddin me.” Being an X-Man was never an easy job. Everett rushed towards the mutant, a rainbow colored aura surrounding his own body. Once he was in close enough, he could now use the mutant’s powers against him. “Yo, flamer! How bout you try intimidating me?!”

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Buford Hollis
Posted: Sep 27 2010, 12:24 AM

Mechanical Hyper-Competence

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The history matches the one that Hannah, Brody and I worked out with Generation X's Massachussetts Academy so I'm okay with that. There's not anything glaring that needs to be fixed, but the During Apocalypse section has a few poorly chosen phrases. Like it probably wouldn't be considered "fun" for anyone, considering nearly a billion people died, man.

Other than that, I'm good.

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Posted: Sep 27 2010, 01:26 PM

Biomechanical Nano-technopathic Interface

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Yeah I'm happy with this. You're good to go.

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