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A year of peace... mostly...

The Illuminati is scattered. The Purifiers have been silent. Apocalypse lies shattered beneath the desert sands.

The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters welcomes new students, and faculty, a time of serenity and safety descended upon us all. The Defenders, X-Factor, X-FI, Horizon Labs... there's been minor dust ups here and there. A power swap at the school, a little bit of sneakiness by the Red Court, a few smaller issues. Nothing we can't cope with, nothing that threatens the world.

But working beneath the surface, a new danger might be raising its head. Where is Magneto? What is it that the man called Sinister wants? Mutants have begun to go missing, but so far, there's been no connection between them, no concrete evidence that there's even something beyond the normal tragedies of the lost.

It can't be that simple, can it? This world cannot be entering a new age so easily.

How long will Peace last?

Has the [Revolution] stalled?

Don't you believe it.

What will it bring us when it does?

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Julian Keller
Posted: Jun 29 2011, 06:31 PM


Date: July 1st, 2011
Time: 11:00 A.M.

Sunglasses fell from Julian’s styled hair down to the bridge of his nose. Instead of falling into a perfect fit that would be achieved from positioning and repositioning, they propped themselves on the bridge of his nose at an awkward angle. Already frustrated, the glasses were merely the icing on his shit cake. Gripping the glasses with his left hand he tossed the pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses to the ground near his bed post. Before the glasses interrupted him, he had been trying to zip up his last bag. Snagging on something or fighting being zipped up because it was filled to its limits, the bag was his only objective. The mansion, with its smell of learning and dead skin was the least of his worries. The damn bag was the only thing in his way. The only thing.

A bead of sweat ran down his forehead, the first of the day. A toned forearm rose to take care of the small bead before it ran amuck. With a new vigor, Julian ripped the zipper head with probably a little too much ferocity and the zipper gave way as it was another enemy that fell beneath him. Though it was small, a victory was a victory. As soon as the zipper broke free of its snag, the head of the zipper broke free from the actual zipper. Gritting his teeth, Julian mumbled “piece of shit,” before throwing the head against the wall. His words were inaudible to other’s as they lashed out of his mouth. They spat against the wall with equal parts of frustration, superciliousness, and general anger.

Everyone knew it was coming to this, they were fools if they didn’t. The place pulled him in with enticing friendships and beneficial training, only to push him away with mediocrity and spinelessness. The school had an amiable goal, but their drive that had been ingested and shitted out long ago. There was more beyond the school that waited for Keller; he wasn’t about to sit idly by as Josh Foley sat on his pedestal doing nothing. The ironic thing was when you set something up on its own personal pedestal, that was exactly when it stopped being useful. It just gathered dust.

Dialing the number on the phone, the call turned to the classic ringing. Growing impatient with the call not being answered, Julian slung the newly zipped bag over his shoulder. With one wheeled bag left in his room, Julian leaned it bag and pushed it out of the dorm room. The call finally picked up; Beth was on the other end, his mother’s assistant. Julian didn’t plan on talking to either of his parents, they sent him here and knowing them they were probably going to want to keep them there. “Yeah, Beth? I need a car to New York city.” ”You’re at the school correct? Do you have an address?” The assistant’s voice rang over the speakers on his iPhone. Julian cringed at the near stupidity the woman had. Nothing had changed for the past, what was it three years? Though if his mom was keeping her around, she must be good for something. “Yeah, I’m at that school. I don’t have an address, it’s somewhere in the boondocks of New York. She should have an address tucked away somewhere.” Julian’s voice was stagnant and lacked the certain humor that usually burned the subject. As he talked to Beth, the telekinetic couldn’t even manage to say mom, instead a sour ‘she’ would suffice.

The large red bar that read END CALL was pressed under Julian’s thumb. The phone slipped smoothly into his jean’s pocket before the conversation even had a proper ending. There was something else on his mind, not the X-men, not the school, not New York City. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it seduced his attention to the point where it drove him off a cliff trying to figure it out. The only thing that Julian could truly point out was that what he wanted wasn’t here.

There was nothing here.

Sunglasses were repositioned on top of his head, and the last of his Coach bags were pushed out of the door. Closing the door behind him, he pushed his bags back to the staircase he visited earlier today. Julian’s other bag lay on its top from being pushed down the entire flight of wooden stairs. Small scuffs were visible on the stained wood from being put in such contact with his suit cases. Looking at the second suitcase green tendrils of telekinetic energy whipped from his hands as a small cloak of the same green aura surrounded the suitcase. Throwing the Coach suitcase to the far wall down the staircase, the bag hit the other with a loud thud. Julian traversed the steps with a nonchalant bounce in his steps as the last bit of green energy faded from his eyes.

Leaning up against the wall all of his bags were organized, or more accurately stacked where the stoppers fell once their wheel’s stopped. The mutant tapped aimlessly on his phone, no facebook updates, no text messages, it was embarrassing how much his electronic life had diminished. Most of his friends from Beverly Hills had given up on him once they found out he was a mutant, but now a days he didn’t even get the fucking annoying facebook updates that said ‘Floyd Beck answered a question about you’.

This was the last time that he ever wanted to see the inside of this door.
Posted: Jun 29 2011, 08:39 PM

Atmokinesis, Flight

Group: Guests
Posts: 187
Member No.: 1,329
Joined: 17-June 11

Ororo kept her expression carefully neutral as she joined Julian in the entryway. She knew the young man was leaving, of course; she'd only been back for a week, but it hadn't taken her long to re-establish her usual information channels around the Institute. She wished she'd done so earlier, though she doubted it would have changed anything.

"I'm sorry to see you leave us, Julian." She was, too, though she suspected she was among the few. "I suspect you won't believe me, but I genuinely am sorry. There's always a spot in my class for you, should you choose to return."

Julian's time at the Institute had been tempestuous, to say the least, marked by a seemingly endless stream of injuries, insults, drug overdoses, fistfights, and tense encounters with SHIELD. Even at the best of times, he'd been a difficult boy to work with, and at the worst of times... well. Still more difficult.

But if his absence would be easier on the students and the staff -- not to mention the building itself -- it was nevertheless going to make life harder for Julian himself. His control over his power had grown substantially in his four years at the Institute, but his flight maneuverability was still poor, his control over his telekinetic blasts uneven. More troublingly, his control over himself had remained stunted, despite Ororo's best efforts.

And beyond that... the boy had enormous potential, potential he was never going to realize by travelling aimlessly throughout the world, or becoming the latest pawn of the Hellfire Club, or whatever the future held in store for him. The possibility that the next time she saw this boy, they might be enemies, tore at her heart.

It would not be the first time, but it never hurt any less.

Not, she reminded herself, that there's anything I can do about it. Julian was an adult, legally if not emotionally, and the choice to stay or leave was his, whatever the consequences. The worst of it was, she doubted he even knew what the consequences were going to be. Nor would he listen to her if she told him.

The best she could do, she knew, was attempt to keep him from burning all his bridges behind him, and even that was uncertain. Truthfully, she didn't expect to succeed, but she'd had to make the effort. She'd been surprised before, albeit rarely.

"Where do you intend to go from here, then? If you are staying in New York, I urge you to keep a low profile with your abilities... well, as low a profile as you are capable of. The political situation for mutants right now is not a positive one."

Of course, it never really was. But it was going to get worse, she feared, and Julian would not be the only one caught in its teeth.

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Julian Keller
Posted: Jul 1 2011, 07:57 PM


A white mop of hair flashed over the corner of his eye; before hearing the woman's voice he connected the moving body to the immediately noticed white hair. Julian knew the woman as Storm because he never could remember how many 'ro' there actually were in her name. Often times, just because it was less than mannerful, he ended up sounding like a broken record as he addressed Storm as Ororororo. Attempting to avoid meeting any sort of gaze of the woman hoping that she would just pass by, Julian fought the optic muscles that curiously pulled at his eyes which caused a drifting towards the moving figure.

A more than unpleasant half-sigh ran across his voical cords in an aggressive manner. That was the last non-verbal queue for the X-man to leave the area at least until he was about a mile away from the school. Storm's figure still pestered at the side of Julian's peripheral vision; his teeth grit as a lean muscle pulled at the side of his jaw. Flashes of how the conversation would go strobed in his head in an equally annoying manner as Storm's continual obtuseness to Julian's desires. She would attempt to convert Julian like some fledging religious missionary; the only difference would be than instead of going back to a church he would still be at the damn school.

That wasn't going to happen.

"I'm sorry to see you leave us, Julian."

A small spurt of laughter burst from within him raising his chest and shoulders before quickly deflating. It was the equivalent of an obnoxious 'ha' that so often represented sarcastic disbelief. "Sorry for what?" His eyes finally left the black screen on his phone that he had been angling to view the entire wall behind him in an attempt to avoid conversation with the X-man. His words dripped like acid on the floor beneath him, despite not wanting to speak with Storm, his words spat from his mouth as if they had been waiting for a decade. "Sorry that... you couldn't teach me the error of my ways? Sorry that... you couldn't turn me into the shining exemplary of an Xman in an attempt to convert human's opinions?" Julian's voice rode on a rollercoaster of tone in a maliciously playful manner. Like someone who found a road-kill squirrel on the road and chose to play with it. No matter how innocent you made the game look, it was still a dead fucking squirrel. "Either way, both reasons trace back to you. Apologize to yourself."

He knew that the white haired woman probably meant to apologize for Julian having such a fucking hard time in Xavier's Institute, but her words fell of deaf ears. Julian took what he needed for his material and the rest fell by the wayside. Julian's harsh eyes lept around the entry way from one antique wood working to the next. Instead of taking in the rich history of the mansion and taking in one final goodbye, Julian could only think about how better it would look with a little of his own touch. Julian had seen feats of architecture and the seductive nature it had on someone, but the mansion was simply the homely step sister of that place. The mansion could use a touch of white. Instead of a touch, a full blown assault of white.

"Where do you intend to go from here, then?"

Julian's eyes softly closed as he shook his head with a small accent of chuckling behind it. Was the woman truthfully foolish, or just curious? Which, curiousity in this situation was just another less derrogatory term for equal foolishness. "Last I checked, your jurisdiction ended at the gates, and I don't plan to camp out on the front yard." A wicked smirk pulled closer to his left ear and the telekinetic left her question unanswered. He knew full and well that SHIELD would probably recieve a call later in the afternoon notifying them that one of their prisoners had escaped. Any slip up on Julian's part would end him in the same place he was four years ago. If he was smart, Scott would consolidate the X-men and SHIELD so he could mooch off of some of the government issued funds that SHIELD had. He could probably use the money to buy a plane and satisfy his aircraft fetish or something.

"The political situation for mutants right now is not a positive one."

It didn't take a top notch detective to know that he was going to New York city, so the telekinetic was not suprised that Storm found out where he was going. He would be damned if he was going back to Los Angeles, and there was a newer branch of Keller industries that recently opened that would be of some use. At least, if his parents got off their ego trip. He had done what they wanted, hell for four years he did what they wanted. Now it was time for Julian to get a bit of what he wanted; that was often how the Keller heirarchy worked. "I've been in contact with SHIELD more than I bet you ever will be, so I'm sure this whole facade is just covering the fact that you won't blink an eye once I'm gone. You'll go back to the students who really matter to you, and I'll be off somewhere I really want to be... so if anything you should be thanking me."
Posted: Jul 1 2011, 09:19 PM

Atmokinesis, Flight

Group: Guests
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Ororo listened to the young man's posturing with a combination of annoyance and sympathy, and tried to keep the latter in the forefront of her mind. Almost nothing he'd said was true, but there seemed little point in arguing any of it; she doubted that Julian himself believed half of what came out of his mouth. Regardless, Ororo had no intention of giving him the fight he always seemed to be craving.

But he'd asked her a question, and for all that it was clearly rhetorical she decided after a moment's thought to answer it.

"Sorry for the waste of it, Julian," she replied calmly. "You're right, of course, that our lives will be much easier in your absence. Your ability to cause trouble is significant." Of course, it paled in comparison to some of the other "troublemakers" they'd dealt with over their years of operation, but Ororo declined to say that aloud... the last thing she wanted was for Julian to make it a competition.

"But we don't do what we do because it's easy. We do it because it's worth doing. You have a fine mind and a strong spirit, and the power to alleviate a great deal of suffering, and this school remains your best opportunity to channel those gifts into a life that is worth living. I'm sorry to see you throwing that opportunity away. And yes," she added, raising a hand in the forlorn hope of forestalling his inevitable response, "I know you believe the real waste of your talents would be staying here, and I know I can't convince you otherwise. I just hope that, when you finally do learn better, it won't be too late."

She shook her head and prepared to return to her office. "All that said, you're of course right that I have other responsibilities. But I didn't want you to leave without saying goodbye. The Lady's blessing on you, Julian Keller: may everything you seek turn out to be worth the price you paid."

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Julian Keller
Posted: Jul 6 2011, 04:19 AM


Storm was just staff. He'd seen plenty in his time. Julian's words had lashed with eyes closed, he cared less what the result was as long as his back was turned. Most simply gave the telekinetic a short stay in detention, and he was left with an equally disgusting taste in his mouth that was more often than not mulled around and then swallowed. His icy eyes jumped away from Storm's as he looked out the slender window that bordered the large doors. Who was he fooling, it had only been a fraction of the time that it would take to get to the Mansion from New York, but there was still a longing for the car to take him away. The sooner the better.

"Sorry for the waste of it, Julian,"

Julian pivoted his tennis shoes on the ball of his feet, back and forth he hoped to rub a small hole in the hard-wood flooring. The telekinetic assumed that Storm mean it as a stab at his abilities, or his potential, or some rediculously preachy topic that Julian wanted to steer away from at all costs. Unless Storm was about to compliment him in some absurd way that wasn't meant as an attempt to keep him at the mansion, this conversation was dead. "Yeah... a waste it was." Julian referred to his stay at the mansion. He wasted so much time here that he could have been wasting away somewhere else. At this point, the staff and student had tag teamed in an attempt to make him seem less than he knew he was. That was probably why some had gotten a small telekinetic blast to the face. Julian's unique secondary mutation was that he was able to justify his actions... any actions.

"You're right, of course, that our lives will be much easier in your absence."

Julian's face pulled up as in a slight smile, not out of enjoyment of the situation, but because of amusement. Looking over to Storm, his icy eyes narrowed while the smirk remained in tact. "No offense, but you are the worst goodbye party, I've every seen. And that's saying something, cause I've seen some doozies." Julian had, when his parents sent him off to Xavier's, his going away party consisted of him and his parents sitting around the table because none of his friends showed up. The party ended with with his mother finishing up a bottle of wine and reminiscing about his older brother successes.

"I just hope that, when you finally do learn better, it won't be too late."

"I have no plans of returning, so you can save your breath." His words were stale as his usual charisma had been sucked dry by the X-man.

"Julian Keller: may everything you seek turn out to be worth the price you paid."

Julian's eyes fell back on the luggage that was next to him. The luggage alone was more expensive than most of the students entire pathetic collections of belongings. Most people who said that life was not about the material things were poor as shit. Julian's thought wandered, but something pulled them back to his material belongings. He had little care for his memories, or emotional keepsakes that he kept from his time at the Mansion. For all he cared, they were simply copper that got lost in the luster of a pool of gold. Not knowing if Storm was still listening, Julian muttered under his breath. "Trust me, if there was anything my parents taught me it was that you get what you pay for."
Posted: Jul 6 2011, 06:37 PM

Atmokinesis, Flight

Group: Guests
Posts: 187
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Joined: 17-June 11

Oscar Wilde once wrote that the cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. That quote echoed through Ororo's head as Julian delivered his final comment; it was the best illustration of the principle she'd ever seen.

Not that it was entirely his fault, she admitted grudgingly; some of it could be attributed to his upbringing. Not very much of it, though. Ultimately, Julian had had plenty of opportunities to choose a different path than the one his family had placed him on, and he kept choosing not to.

As he was doing now.

Not that this was a surprise, of course; it was precisely the result Ororo had expected from this conversation. Still, she'd had to give him the chance; had to remain open to the possibility that he would surprise her and do better than history would suggest. If people weren't sometimes better than their histories, she'd have succumbed to despair years ago.

Perhaps that day would come for Julian, but it was clear that today was not it.

There wasn't much more to say, really, so she said nothing more. Instead, she left him awaiting his ride, and made a mental note to inform SHIELD once she returned to her office that Julian was no longer under the Institute's supervision.
They would perhaps be annoyed, but Ororo was not about to put him in a holding cell, and it was clear that nothing short of that would keep him on campus. She also intended to request that the Institute nevertheless be informed if the young man came to their attention, although it was not clear that SHIELD would honor such a request.

Mostly, Ororo prayed that the question would remain moot, and that whatever path Julian was on was not on a collision course with SHIELD, or the X-Men. Knowing, as she did so, that the Goddess answers all prayers... but sometimes the answer is "No."

[Storm exits]

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Cessily Kincaid
Posted: Jul 7 2011, 01:18 AM

Metallic Polymorph

Group: X-Factor [Staff]
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The school was practically buzzing with the rumors, even if only a handful of students really knew what was going on. Cessily happened to be one of that handful. She’d heard the rumors ages ago, about Julian’s plans to leave, and she knew full well that he wanted to go. It had always been a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’ in Julian’s case. Still, the silver skinned redhead wasn’t about to let him leave without saying goodbye. She kept a steady pace through the halls, her feet bare, comfortable in a pair of light brown terrycloth sweat pants, and a light pink tank top. Reaching the top of the staircase, recognizing Julian easily, she paused for a moment.

“Trying to escape without saying goodbye, huh?” The redhead quipped, before jogging down the stairs, fighting to keep her smile on her face. For all that Julian was prickly, rude, sarcastic…Cessily had always considered him a friend. She’d been there during Apocalypse, when the EMP knocked out the jet, and Julian had reacted so heroically. He’d been one of the first students she’d met at the school, fresh from spending time as a puddle, so certain that she was a freak. Silver eyes, the same hue has the rest of her body, glanced over the luggage, noting with amusement that it was all expensive, good quality bags – of course, Julian would only have the best.

“So you’re really going, Julian?” Looking back at him, the question was quiet and somewhat rhetorical. Obviously, he was leaving, and judging from the look on his face, he didn’t want to come back. They were the opposite ends of the spectrum, Cessily and Julian. He couldn’t wait to get out, and she couldn’t leave. He had money, means, and she had no doubt that he’d be able to do great things, if he learned to control his powers more. Unlike the redhead, who had so recently been legally separated from her parents, with no family but the ones at the school, no money but what the security job here paid.

“You better stay in touch with me!” A silver finger threatened him pointlessly, before she smiled, nudging his arm with her elbow gently. She wouldn’t pry into what he was going to do, and she wasn’t going to try and convince him to stay. But she had to wonder if he would bother to keep in touch with her – her, who was so obviously stuck at this school, as the anti-mutant sentiments rose in the city. Her appearance limited her, because it was implausible to think about constantly having an image inducer on. Her life had stalled here, at the school he so obviously despised.

The last thing he needed was for her to get all sentimental on him, so the redhead crossed her arms, doing her best to look calm, like she wasn’t sad about him leaving. A lie, of course, and not a very good one, for a girl so used to showing her emotions, but still she tried.
Julian Keller
Posted: Jul 7 2011, 08:45 PM


Julian felt the woman walk away. There was a small pull towards the direction that Ororo exited; it was strange more than anything and underneath that there was a hint of pestering that bothered the telekinetic. He cared little about the X-men yet his deepest thoughts pulled at the strings of his actions. He knew that this was the proper route for him to take, but the path was not without its trials.

Slowly ever so slowly, Julian began to slide down the wall in a fashion ever so staccatto. It wasn't an act of forfiture, but instead a desire to get more comfortable than he had been. The reality that his escape car would take more time than anticipated finally began to sink in: deeply singing in. After a small time of stop and go sliding down the wall behind him that Julian carelessly threw his weight into, he finally reached the floor. His body would have continued to colapse underneath the small but evident force of gravity if it wasn't for his spine. If that was one thing that Julian didn't lack, like most commented on mannerisms and self awareness, he did not lack spine. Both anatomically and personality-wise, Julian held the test of time against some of the most vicious forces. Whether it be X-men constantly telling him that his motives were not in-line with the true founding ideology of the bald paraplegic or the weight that he carried from the burden of the student's glares which he often collected walking down the halls.

“Trying to escape without saying goodbye, huh?”

Julian had been playing with a small ridge that ran down his jeans from his knee down as a result of his sitting stance. He immediately recognized Cessily's voice, and another internal organ took a long fall before hitting the bottom of the now near empty cavity. From the way most of his acquaintences from the Mansion refered to him, that must be the only thing inside him... and empty cavity. Julian shrugged off the feeling, it would be better to completely cut off from other's emotions than to be barely functioning because they were so hypersensitive. "I was trying to, but for some reason I get more attention when I don't want it. I'd say that is reason number nineteen as to why I was born into celebrity's body. If it was anybody else but you, I might've taken an umbrella to them." Julian's reference to Britney Spear's paparazzi handling fell flat on the floor. His words were stoic and though they were playful it was contradictory to his tone. Slowly lifting his head after finishing talking he looked up at the metal girl; it was always a sight to see. The light from the bordering windows reflected off of Cessily's body; however, it was not enough to make him squint.

“So you’re really going, Julian?”

A smug chuckle barreled through Julian's respiratory system. He looked over to Cessily with a little bit of disbelief. With one eyebrow raised unusually high, his mouth twisted into a mischievious smirk. Leaning his head against his luggage, he sighed a long and dramatic sigh. "No, this is just another publicity stunt of mine. I just haven't gotten enough people's attention to call it quits." Julian's voice was sarcastic to the point of being sickening. "No, I thought I'd leave so that Scott may get a more promising recruit in." That wasn't quite the reason, but it rolled off the tongue so much better than having to explain an actual motives to Cessily. She didn't understand just like every other person in the Mansion, except maybe Emma.

“You better stay in touch with me!”

Touch. Contact. Present day people didn't know how to properly keep long distance relationships together. Instead of writing long thought out letters, friends kept in contact by 'liking' something that often didn't even relate to their current situation in life or sending a request to feed their lamb or something on facebook. "Yeah, I'll have to get a Skype account... or something." Julian looked across the small foyer, he hadn't spent a long time in the entryway, the most prominent was when he first arrived. Mr. Summers introduced him to his roommate, he never imagined what would happen after that. The two took slightly different paths, and the two would finally experience the largest fork in the road. Today. "Well... thanks for coming to see me off." Julian choked on his words. There was a scratch that thrashed about in the back of his throat. After a small cough, Julian muttered with gusto. "... son of a bitch."
Cessily Kincaid
Posted: Jul 8 2011, 03:29 AM

Metallic Polymorph

Group: X-Factor [Staff]
Posts: 183
Member No.: 1,215
Joined: 27-March 11

Watching as Julian slid down the wall, in a lesser man, it might have been seen as defeat, or even sadness. More than likely, his ride wasn’t arriving as quickly as he’d hoped. She’d seen Ororo in the hall, and while Cessily had no idea what had been said, she could only assume it was the usual ‘sad to see you go’ bullshit that everyone else probably got. It didn’t matter to Cessily that half the mansion was probably going to be glad Julian was gone – they could kiss her shiny metal ass. He was her friend, and while she wasn’t going to pointlessly argue the idea of staying with him, that didn’t mean she was going to write him off for doing what he thought was best for himself.

Snickering at his comment, the redhead placed a dramatic hand to her chest. “Well don’t I feel special?” Laughing, she crouched down in front of him to be at eye level, just in time to meet his sarcasm. A grin tugged at her lips, rolling her eyes at him. Really, he could lay it on thick. His attempt at a real reason caused the girl to raise a silver eyebrow, not believing it very much. Julian had way more promise than anyone, just maybe not for here. But if he didn’t want to go into his reasons, she’d let it be.

“I see your sense of humor managed to live through the torture of being stuck in the mansion with all us freaks, at least.” The silver girl’s tone was dry, eyes sparkling in amusement, although his bland comment about Skype caused her to reach out, smacking his shoulder lightly. “I was talking about phone calls,” She scowled teasingly, rocking back on her heels comfortably. At least until he spoke again – because Cessily caught that slight catch in his tone, and for a moment, she looked quizzically at him. Then he cursed, and she smirked vibrantly.

“No way, do my ears deceive me? Don’t tell me the great Julian Keller is getting sentimental??” She inched closer, her grin widening. “I knew it. You’re gonna miss me. It’s my sparkling…” She glanced down for a moment, “…Personality, isn’t it??” Giggling, her tone was obviously teasing him, because there was no way she was letting that little show go un-commented on. Besides, joking about it was easier than actually considering the idea of getting all sad about him leaving. Sobering for a moment, Cessily leaned forward, a bit more serious.

“Look, I know I don’t have a car, and I can’t exactly go out in public all that much…” At this, she looked pointedly at her hands, shiny and silver. “But I don’t want you to forget about me, okay? We’re still friends, right?” In less than a year, she’d lost her entire family – she didn’t want to lose her friend too. As opposed to the bright, happy voice from earlier, her tone had gotten a bit more nervous. It would be all too easy for him to just ignore her after he left, to write her off with the rest of the school. After all, there were plenty of places he could go, people he could see, people who could go out with him, without worrying about standing out like a sore thumb. He had that luxury. She didn’t.
Julian Keller
Posted: Aug 1 2011, 07:12 PM


The floor was hard, the wall behind him was hard and the angle that force Julian to sit at was a bitch that could not be fixed. Looking around the entry way as Cessily came and sat next to him, the place looked dead. Though plenty of the students felt an undeniable warmth and acceptance from the school, Julian felt the place to be an empty skeleton where education once filled. There was no need for him here, he saw that in the Staff’s eyes when they looked at him. Though plenty claimed different, it was as obvious as if someone had written in in red sharpie across their faces. In fact, some of the staff might look better if they had that written across their face. Anything to distract from their face.

Cessily’s remark fell on deaf ears as Julian played with a small fringe at the back of his pant leg. Rude? Sure, but why would he choose now to act like such an outstanding citizen? Julian’s attention bounced around across the room like a birdie in a badminton match, yet instead of its airy traveling, Julian’s attention thrashed about with intermittent sighs and exasperated coughs.

“I was talking about phone calls,”

A small smirk came before a quietly obnoxious laugh. It was dramatic and mocking, but the entire situation still seemed to be going as painfully slow as it had before. Every five seconds it seemed, Julian couldn’t keep himself from looking out the window seeing if there was any sight of a car waiting for him. And every five seconds, the man was just as equally disappointed as he had been before. Looking over to Cessily with his sharp blue eyes, a small smirk spread across his face. “Yeah, cause I’m sure Scott would be okay with you conversing with delinquent escapees…” He trailed off waiting for Cessily’s reaction, sure she might be a little disappointed, but she couldn’t expect the world from him. He was leaving for a reason. Julian had to grip the reason to keep it.

“No way, do my ears deceive me? Don’t tell me the great Julian Keller is getting sentimental??”

Julian coughed at the scratch at the back of his throat. It bothered him, he was probably coming down with Asthma from being in this hell hole so long. Closing his eyes shut with an absurd amount of force, his eyes watered uncontrollably at the involuntary flux of bodily fluids. “Fuck no, this place is as old as time so I figure I’ve probably breathed in more dead skin than Hugh Hefner’s latest ex.” The place smelled of old furniture and dust, so Julian was probably not so far off on his statement.

“But I don’t want you to forget about me, okay? We’re still friends, right?”

Julian’s brow furrowed out of a pestering annoyance. Shit changed, people changed so you couldn’t expect to hold the same high-school connections through your whole life. This was a fork in the road, but even though Cessily could stretch across she wouldn’t be able to keep it up forever. “Yeah we’re friends… right now.” A pain tore at his side, he didn’t want to do this, but it would probably be better for both of them if this happened right now. “But I’m sure when you become one of the X-Men and start doing work for the world, stuff’ll change.” Julian subconsciously strayed away from himself being the subject of the conversation. It was her path that would tear them away, but it was just what seemed to come easy enough from his vocal cords. “It’ll blow, but we both have better stuff in store for our futures. This was just a pit-stop for me, so…” Just because the telekinetic was an arrogant asshole didn't make this any easier.
Cessily Kincaid
Posted: Aug 8 2011, 02:24 AM

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It was a way of life for people to go their separate ways. Inevitably, friends would be torn apart, this, Cessily was far more aware of than she let on. All of her childhood friends, gone because of a pubescent mutation that caused her to become so different. Her family, always so close, ashamed of her, because she no longer fit with their definition of ‘normal’. Sooner or later, everyone left her behind, or so it seemed to the silver skinned girl. It was almost hurtful, how Julian kept glancing out the windows, so obviously looking for that escape. She tried not to take offense, rolling her silver eyes at his sarcasm.

“Yeah, and if I were in prison, they might have cause to monitor my phone calls. As it is, they can’t do a damn thing about who I choose to be friends with.” Was her slightly sharp reply, and she leveled a droll look at him as he cleared his throat, looking so uncomfortable. Snickering at his attempt to cover it up, she didn’t believe it for a minute. A silver eyebrow lifted, snorting at the imagery his excuse conjured.

“I expected you to say you were allergic to the school.” Giggling, her voice was teasing, but her gaze narrowed on him as he seemed to get more serious. About…About them staying friends. That was a bad sign. She knew that face. That was the same dark look her father had given her, before shipping her off to the school to get rid of her. The heart that was made of metal, that didn’t beat, that she wasn’t even sure existed, clenched and froze in her solid metal chest. He spoke, and the words were like ice. For a moment, she flashed back to the court room. Her parents, that cold look on both their faces, as they declared to the world that they didn’t care about her.

She froze for a moment, listening to him try and explain why they couldn’t be friends. They were going different directions, they were too different. She’d heard it all before. For a moment, that useless breathing, the movement of her chest stopping, mind whirring. Cess had to shake off the court room memories – they didn’t matter, it wasn’t like Julian knew about her emancipation. No one did. But he was making excuses, and the redhead finally snapped out of her stupor. Her metal hand curled into a fist, and her eyes narrowed into a glare as she shifted in place to punch him in the arm. Not as hard as she could, considering she was made of metal…But she wouldn’t be surprised if he bruised a bit.

“You really think I’m that shallow?” Leaning back, she scowled at him, lifting one hand to rake her hair out of her face. “Look, Julian, I’m a big girl.” Cessily sat back on her heels, crossing her arms across her chest and locking her gaze on him. “If you wanna toss me to the curb because you don’t like where I have to live, that’s fine, but don’t pile bullshit excuses and blame me.” The teasing was gone from her voice, having switched to completely serious. In fact, she was almost angry – she didn’t hate him, but she was a aggravated by his obvious dismissal of her.

“I get it. You’re moving on, going places I can’t go, and that’s fine. But if you think I would let anyone, even the teachers here, affect my choices of friends, you are dead wrong. I’ve lost too many people who are important to me to be able to throw friends to the wind.” The redhead scowled darkly at him. Family, friends, so many people who had decided that she was a monster, worthless…Then she realized she still wasn’t breathing. The façade was picked back up as she inhaled uselessly, her gaze skittering away from Julian.
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