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 Sukoune Masura, application
Sukoune Masura
Posted: Mar 24 2007, 12:56 AM


Group: RPG Members
Posts: 21
Member No.: 635
Joined: 23-March 07

Name: Sukoune Masura (last name first)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 130lbs.
Age: 17

Physical Description~
Masura is tall, 174cm, thin-looking, but well-toned with plenty of meat on his bones. His oriental ancestry is obvious, stiff black hair of medium length, sandy yellow skin tone, slightly bronzed by time in the sun, and delicate features. His eyes a bright goldenrod, in addition to his constant wily smirk, narrow face, and dirty-looking hair making him look much like a wolf. Black skin-tight tank top an long shorts are always worn, over which heavier clothes, urban camo baggy cargos, and a button-up urban camo fatigue shirt and heavy black/grey fatigue jacket are the norm. There is little variance in his outfits as little can be carried when your home is a zoid. In his Command Wolf, Masura wears a grey-black piloting helmet with a HUD eyepiece attached, a custom job, taught the mechanic's art of tinkering by his grandfather, replacing the cockpit HUD in his Wolf, working over a short-range wireless link.

Masura likes many things: cute girls, sweet fruits, sour candy and beverages, fire-in-your-mouth spicy food, even though the level of heat he likes makes him pass out sometimes. He likes doing crazy things just to get his blood pumping and he'll get in arguments just for the sake of arguing with someone. People get annoyed by Masura, sometimes because of his attitude, other times because he's dense, but most of the time because he says what is on his mind without thinking. Masura has a bad attitude towards most authority, seeing them as ignorant, though it comes from dealing with a lot of people who held their power of authority over him, Masura takes that as most would take finding out their significant other was cheating on them with a person they hate.

Brief History~
Masura Was given his command wolf by his grandfather, an old war veteran, who had given it to Masura's father when he was young. Mr. Sukoune left to participate in the zoid tournaments for glory, fame, and wealth. He returned the wolf to the Elder Sukoune fifteen years later with a few upgrades. Mr. Sukoune then attended to his only son whom he had left to grow up on the family farm with his wife and parents. Masura had spent his life mostly on the farm, his mother taking him to the city to attend school before he decided to drop out and go back to the farm.
Elder Sukoune spent much time with his grandson, mostly because his wounds from the last war prevented him from doing much of anything, even with prosthetic replacements, so he brought his grandson up under his wing with stories of the war and the many battles he got through with his trusty Command Wolf at his side. Young Masura took to the fantasy and learned as much as he could about zoids.
When his father returned Masura spent much time looking at the noble command wolf, for two years he studied it with his eyes and hands. Both his father and grandfather taugh him much, happy that they could share a major part of their life with him. So, at the age of seventeen, Masura decided to follow in his father's footsteps, much to he chagrin of his mother, tho Grandma Sukooune convinced her to let the boy go.
"After all it's only once in a lifetime that a boy can decide which path he will take to become a man" She said, smiling at her husband, son, and grandson in turn. That night, Masura left to the goodbyes of his family in the cockpit of the family heirloom, one he had a part in shaping, and would give to his son, if he ever had one. That night, Masura set out on a quest not many have a chance to take, or even start out on the right footing, Masura was a lucky one at that.

Zoid: Command Wolf
CPs/CASes: CP-06 Bomber Unit (35), ZE-03 E-Shield (30), IT Unit (35), "Juggernaut" Urban Combat CAS Unit (45) (140 Total), LCD Camouflage System (10?), 150ZE Total.

-Name: Command Wolf
-Alignment: Republican
-Family: Wolf
-Registration Number: RZ-009
-Height: 7.9 Meters
-Length: 14.7 Meters
-Weight: 46 Tons
-Top Speed: 210 Kilometers per Hour, 194 km/h with all equipment attached
-Stock Weapons: Twin 50mm AZ Cannons (Back, removed), Electron Bite Fangs, Hardened Alloy Claws
-CP-06 Bomber Unit Additions: 2x 8-shot Missile Pods (Shoulders), 2x Rear-Facing 3-shot Missile Pods
-ZE-03 Shield Unit Additions: Forward Oriented E-Shield Generator (Head)
-IT Unit Additions: Long Range Cannon (Back)
-Urban Combat CAS Unit Additions: 4x 200mm Mortar Cannons (Back), 2x 8-shot Rocket Pods (head), Heavy Forward-Optimised Armor
-Special Abilities: 4x Rear-facing Smoke Dischargers, Infrared Sensors

~LCD Camo System~
The Command Wolf is covered in a coating of liquid crystals, like the ones used in computer screens, covered by a thin film of transparent plastic. As such it can display any color scheme that has been programmed into the Wolf's memory. Programming the color scheme takes a long time, first the actual scheme must be created, which takes anywhere from a half-hour to eight hours depending on the complexity of the pattern, then it must integrated with the system memory, which takes about an hour to four, again depending on the complexity. So, while the scheme can be switched with another pattern in the buffer, the system cannot be used as an active camouflage system.
A major down-side to this is that any physical damage taken will be likely to short out or degrade the display, and since it doesn't bend light around the zoid or any other such high-tech tom-foolery, the cockpit canopy, barrel-ends, claws, fangs, any any other such parts of the zoid are not camouflaged, so it's relatively obvious if the zoid is trying to hide on a flat plain within visual range, however, it makes long-range recognition harder, like camo-netting only more easily deployed.
When not using the LCD Camo System the Command Wolf is Black with Red streaks of warpaint.
(If you have any beefs with this, consider the remaining 10 ZEs to pay for the system, and if you still have beefs, talk to me and I'll try to compromise before giving it up)
~Counter Attack: Scenario Four~

"SONOFA!!!" Masura yells, his HUD eyepiece bright with warning signals. He points the Command Wolf's head at the Hammerhead and engages the E-Shield Generator, dropping the Wolf's body lower to the ground to minimise profile. The two remaining AZ Missiles mounted on the head of the Hammerhead impact against the shield solidly, while the two fore mounted Hyper Beam Guns patter against the shield's protectie curtain. 30mm AZ Hyper Shock Gun shells churning the ground around Masura and his Wolf, he decides to get out of the Hammerhead's fire. The Command Wolf runs full out under the beast, slowing down to 130km/h to lock on with the tail-mounted missiles, as the gunship wasn't doing much other than fall, Masura stoping, turning his Wolf's head to lock onto the wounded belly of the Hammerhead, letting loose with all six missiles.

"TAKE THAT YOU MISERABLE FISH!!!" Masura yelled turning away and making for cover, it still had six AZ missiles in its tail-section, Masura didn't want to give it the chance to get a lock on him. Diving into a closeby edge of the forest and running the forest camo pattern from the active buffer, Masura's Command Wolf almost became one with the trees. Paws blended with the shrubs they had crushed, legs turning into tree trunks, and the body becoming a floating mass of foliage. Masura hid the Wolf's bright orange cokcpit in the canopy of the forest, the ears and the tip of the heavy cannon on its back peaking through the top of the forest canopy.

"It's hide and seek time now, and I ROCK at it!" Masura bragged, the Command Wolf elicited a barely audible groan, Masura harumphed "Who asked you anyways" a growl had Masura apologizing and patting his console.

"So," he said seriously "now we wait for the wounded beast to fall into our ambush"
yay, I'm in!
...what now?
time to read, yay, wait, no, poo

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