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 Forum Move!
Posted by JammerLea - 09-14-07 02:00 - 2 comments
Update your bookmarks. Zoids Evolution Forums have moved to a new address! You can catch all the action here:

-> http://www.zoidsevolution.net/forum

This ...read more
Read 1,538 times - last comment by JammerLea   Print email

 Domain Name
Posted by JammerLea - 08-21-07 22:16 - 34 comments
I'm thinking of actually purchasing a domain for ZE. I know there's not a whole lot of you left here, but just to be nice, I'd appreciate your input on what you'd prefer as a domain name.

zoidsevolution.com and zoidsevolu ...read more
Read 1,326 times - last comment by sammich   Print email

 4th Anniversary!!
Posted by JammerLea - 02-19-07 03:18 - 216 comments
Well, for those of us who are still around, ZE has hit 4 years today! Not a milestone number, but still pretty good I think.

Yeah, I'm a little late mentioning it, but at least it's closer to being on time than Gaia Online' ...read more
Read 3,511 times - last comment by Sephiroth   Print email

 New Layout II
Posted by Tilly - 04-3-06 01:26 - 36 comments
The other one *was* a bit too high-saturation (thanks Hdorriker), so I added in some blue and made it calmer as a whole. Sane enough? I don't want to go back to the default, 'cause it's all...defaulty.

If you're still see ...read more
Read 1,183 times - last comment by Atrophy Within   Print email

 New Layout (under progress)
Posted by Tilly - 04-2-06 05:37 - 15 comments
Okay, I made the OMGpink a bit less...blindy. The Zoid-y buttons are less so no too...if they're still blinding for you, shift refresh. The rest of the graphics are next.

What do people think now?

...I need to make new ran ...read more
Read 936 times - last comment by ZeRoRaVeN   Print email

 Zoid Evolution Forums 3rd Anniversary!
Posted by JammerLea - 02-18-06 09:10 - 54 comments
Today, February 18th, Zoids Evolution Forums is now Three!! I would like to thank all our members who have stuck around and helped to make ZEF the community that it is.

In recognition of this event, we are trying out an experiment ...read more
Read 2,057 times - last comment by HaTcH   Print email

 My domain appears to have issues...RESOLVED!
Posted by Tilly - 02-12-06 03:05 - 10 comments
So until it's fixed, any images on ZE not in your cache besides the banner are gonna die a horrible death. At least there's alt tags.

I apologize for any inconvenience. I'm not sure what's happened and I'm rather stre ...read more
Read 616 times - last comment by ZeRoRaVeN   Print email

 Zoids Con
Posted by HaTcH - 02-9-06 23:02 - 88 comments
Ok everyone, I'd like to announce the preliminary stages of Zoids Con that we the members of ZE would like to hold some time this (or the next) summer. I had a nice long chat with Jammer, so this isn't just spur of the moment, I'm seriou ...read more
Read 2,602 times - last comment by Demon_Within   Print email

 Rules Rewrite
Posted by JammerLea - 01-26-06 00:33 - 13 comments
I finally got to it.

The rules have been retouched on Zoids Evolution Forums (ZEF).

Check Them Out!

A lot s ...read more
Read 685 times - last comment by Tilly   Print email

 RPG Visibility
Posted by König Warrior - 12-19-05 03:46 - 18 comments
Those of you members who are not part of the rpg may notice that you can now see the RPG, no this does not mean it is open to everyone, it just means you can now, if you wish, look at it.

I enabled regular members to see the rpg forums be ...read more
Read 990 times - last comment by The Zombie   Print email