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Title: Nature
Description: A Valentines Story

Haruka Urashima - February 13, 2006 11:50 PM (GMT)
I annually make love stories on valentines. So here comes my piece of mind for you to read!

Oh, and that goes here too!



It was a fine day of spring. I stand alone in a sun-baked plain, free to observe nature at work.

Birds flutter near the flowerbeds, and rabbits hop into the forest as deer proudly galloped on the other side of a river near a saltlick. Trees rustled, their leaves swaying back and forth. Time was fleeting like a long moment, yet is seemed to only last for a matter of seconds. It's like time has swirled to a confusing stop, which I eagerly anticipated...

Until I felt something trying to get my attention.

The winds were like carrying a message, an invitation to be exact. The birds flew along the breeze, and the forest nearby emanated an aura of harmony. And all I can do is follow the path nature has opened for me.

But I didn't expect that nature was trying to lead me to my most unexpected expression: Love.

At the forest's heart, lies a maiden of fair beauty and green hue, her long wavy hair she braids. She was clad in green and white celestial robes, and animals gathered around her feet, some sound asleep. The wind from earlier circled her, and the birds began perching on her shoulders.

It was a while when she noticed me. Still silent, the deity lent an open hand to me, and the creatures around her gave way to a seat beside her.

I was hesitant at first, thinking that this might be a dream I'm having back at the fields. I tried pinching my leg, but it only ended up hurting myself. Still, everything's around.

The maiden of mystery chuckled as I tried to wake myself up. It was that moment that she chose to speak.

Maiden: Do not worry, Shizuka Kazuki. I intend you no harm.

Such angelic voice. So delicate, and so pristine...

And I was there to lend an ear.

Now I know what nature has given me. A chance to meet the girl of my dreams: Herself.

She had the perfect name.

Maiden: My name is Midori. I am pleased to meet a friend nature such as you.
Kazuki: P-Pleased to meet you, too.
Midori: I sense that you are startled by my sudden call.

I took my given seat, and answered her back.

Kazuki: Are you... what I think you are? Those robes... Those gestures...

Chucling and without hesitation, she replied.

Midori: Yes. I am the embodiment of nature. And now I have finally come to meet you, Kazuki!
Kazuki: Meet... me?
Midori: I have constantly seen your love for nature and with that, I am forever grateful. That reason alone gave my the right to appear to you.

All I could express is a smile, and that smile alone wasn't a lone memory to reminisce. For after that fateful day, my heart was hers and hers alone. And hers was also mine to keep. Never a day would pass that I would not meet her in the forest. Happiness was shared adequately, and sorrow was not a burden to carry alone.

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years.

Until something happened.

Kazuki: I was recommended to study at a prestigious university east of here.

I broke the news with sadness. True, that I wanted to enter that university. But leaving Midori was beyond my powers.

Her reply became the last string.

Midori: I... understand...

The last word broke physical barriers as tears trickled down from her leafy eyes. This was the very first time I saw her cry. But with her love overpowering, she flew towards me...

And gave ourselves our first kiss.

Right that very moment, newly-grown vines sprouted and started to entwine around us as we savor the moments we are one. Until a tree sprouted as our lips parted.

Kazuki: What's... this?

From the tree, she took three gem-like seeds, and with the vines, she wove them with magic into a necklace.

Midori: Take this, and never leave it away from you, for this is the embodiment of promises we wish to keep.

At first, it was a blur. But after thinking what we have done in the past, I got the point. So with a faint smile...

Kazuki: And what is your pact, my fair lady?

With clasped hands, she spoke these words, magic letting its presence felt.

Midori: "I promise that as long as the trees in this forest stand tall, and as long as the creatures that live here pass their lives in harmony, I will await your return."

Wiping her tears, she turned to me.

Midori: And what is your promise to me, my good lad?

Holding her hands, I spoke the very exact words:

Kazuki: "I promise you, that no matter how long, no matter how hard it may be, I will return to you."

And so the surge of emotions drew us snuggled together in each other's arms. But if I hadn't left for college, the day I feared never would've passed.

After four years, I came back to keep my pact. I was with glee that I would see her again.

But what I saw crushed me into powder right there and then.

I was late. Tree were cut down and were gone. No animal was in sight, and smoke wafts as I tread the dead soil.

I have never hated myself 'till that day! I was reduced to my knees at the sight that beckons me. I never should have left her!

I can still feel her pain, her agony, as I held on to the necklace of a supposedly fulfilled promise. Why wasn't I there to protect her?!

A tear fell down to the ground, which suddenly enabled a sproutling to push itself out of the barren humus.

Kazuki: !!!

It was there that I was caught back by memories we had together as I imagine her smile in the gray clouds. Nature has taught me another lesson: I was never too late to start over again.

And so the necklace of promise was buried in the ground. It was tended with care, warmth and protection...

Until the very same wind of our first meeting came by again. So with impatience I shouted.

Kazuki: Come back soon, Midori! You better welcome your good lad!

Another time, yet the very same place. Lusher trees and greener plains carry the gentle winds as a boy treads towards a forests heart.

And he found a lass of great beauty, that of his age as well.

Lass: My name is Shizuka Chinatsu. I am pleased to meet a friend nature such as you!


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