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 The Fighter's Club, Ku Fei, Setsuna, Mana, Kaede Club
Posted: Nov 17 2006, 11:54 AM

New Member

Group: Members
Posts: 2
Member No.: 6,301
Joined: 17-November 06

Anyone remember from the 7th Negima book, when everyone thought Negi-bozu was in love with Ku Fei-san? And Nodaka went bowling? XD I loved that one.
Genesic Judas
Posted: Nov 17 2006, 08:40 PM

Kotori, my commentator...

Group: Members
Posts: 908
Member No.: 6,146
Joined: 22-September 06

You mean the part where Makie, Nodoka and Ayaka challenge Ku Fei in the bowling match? I really pity Nodoka there. Too bad Ku Fei owned them all FLAT.

As far as skills goes, I say Mana is definately the strongest of the four since she can attack from both far and close range. But that dosen't mean I don't like the other three. I pretty much admire ALL the Fighters club members.

In terms of cuteness, I like Ku Fei best.
Posted: Nov 20 2006, 10:49 PM

Advanced Magic User

Group: Members
Posts: 154
Member No.: 6,310
Joined: 20-November 06

Yay finnaly a club with Setsuna. Mana is pretty cool too. I am mostly a Setsuna fan tho. Because she uses an awesome sword ^^ I really like swords don't know why...maby because they so smooth and shiny and really powerful. Yeah well thats all i have to say oh and I'm JOINING! lol
Posted: Nov 29 2006, 09:59 PM

Experienced Magic User

Group: Members
Posts: 61
Member No.: 6,211
Joined: 11-October 06

when will negi use the botched card of ku fei? or did ku actually get stronger (when negi cheered for her in the tournament against mana) because of the botched card?
Posted: Dec 26 2006, 01:29 PM

Advanced Magic User

Group: Members
Posts: 154
Member No.: 6,310
Joined: 20-November 06

wow almost a month and nobody posted here -.-
Well anyways i think Ku got stronger because of the connection they have *teacher/student not lovers, pervs XD j/k* i think she didn't want to have Negi see her as weak i guess so she fought till the very end ^^ how sweet no? and i wonder if Kaede vs. Mana will be show and i wonder who'll win! (NO SPOILERS PLEASE) and i wnat to see whats going on with Setsuna -.-
Posted: Feb 10 2007, 03:12 AM

New Member

Group: Members
Posts: 8
Member No.: 6,547
Joined: 10-February 07

Posted: Feb 23 2007, 10:02 PM

Experienced Magic User

Group: Members
Posts: 62
Member No.: 5,676
Joined: 26-May 06

setsuna's my fav!
i think her character is better than motoko
Posted: Jun 8 2007, 04:28 AM

In desperate need of Girlfriend!

Group: Members
Posts: 157
Member No.: 6,945
Joined: 22-May 07

thanks to all the people who said set-onee-chan was their fave wink.gif
Well, i'm (superly) Biased, buuuuttt...
set-onee-chan is the coolest. i admire her and look up to her, she's such a role model older sister wink.gif
Posted: Jun 9 2007, 09:08 AM

ministra magi shu

Group: Members
Posts: 788
Member No.: 6,831
Joined: 17-April 07

ku fei and kaede the best
Posted: Sep 6 2007, 09:59 AM

New Member

Group: Members
Posts: 6
Member No.: 6,931
Joined: 17-May 07

I'm a Setsu fan too. I like her mostly becasuse she's quite cute and wields that awesome sword. biggrin.gif
I like the others too. Mana's a great fighter with amazing gun skills, Ku Fei's is one helluva fighter, and Kaede is the best ninja ever with that massive shuriken
Posted: Oct 16 2007, 10:51 AM

need help with psp

Group: Members
Posts: 2,785
Member No.: 7,405
Joined: 10-October 07

I LIKE KAEDE AND MANA they are so cool ĦĦĦĦ
Twilit Libra
Posted: Mar 13 2008, 12:01 AM

Even now, he towers over all others.

Group: Members
Posts: 1,695
Member No.: 7,345
Joined: 30-September 07

Setsuna, Kaede, Mana, Kuu. In that order.

For some reason, the ultra-happy Chinese warrior just doesn't do it all that much for me. I think she looked better when she was eating the farewell meatbun. The quiet seriousnessof that pic was nice.
  Posted: Mar 13 2008, 12:32 AM

Magister Magi

Group: Members
Posts: 7,682
Member No.: 5,528
Joined: 11-April 06

Ah why the heck not, I'll join too.

In order Setsuna, Kaede, Mana, Fei Ku. Heh, just realized Twilit & I have the same order.

Setsuna- One of the few cute/shy characters I like. She's got a past I'd like to see explored. She's also very dedicated and loyal. Plus she uses a sword and is dang good with it. tongue.gif

Kaede- She's the mature, wise, laid back sexy older sister type. Plus she can kick serious arse when called on. wink.gif

Mana- Mostly the same reasons as Kaede. Than their's the merc for hire bit too. And she can handle a gun like nobodies business.

Fei Ku- Mostly for the reasons Twilit Libra say's he doesn't like her. That and she's rather cute imo.
Posted: Mar 13 2008, 12:47 PM

He who changes things at the last moment... (Ayase of AQS...)

Group: Members
Posts: 4,657
Member No.: 4,742
Joined: 9-October 05

Eh, I guess I'll hop on the bandwagon too then...

Tatsumiya, Nagase, Kuu, and Sakurazaki... (Kuu and Nagase are close, but since I had to choose, I put Nagase over Kuu... But with more development of Nagase, Kuu might soon pass Nagase...)

That order was determined purely by the amount of development they have... (In reverse order, because I tend to like characters with less development...)

Tatsumiya - The least developed of the martial arts four and so much stuff that can be used to explain her past... (Plus, I love her doll-like eyes and her seiyuu is my favorite Negima seiyuu...)

Nagase - I think she's currently less developed than Kuu, but it may change if she gets focused on in the next few chapters... (Again, there's a lot of background materials that could explain her past and how she ended up at Mahora...)

Kuu - Yeah, she's bubbly and not serious, but I still think something can be used to give her more development as a serious character... (Since she still hasn't appeared yet, she may move up on this list soon enough...)

Sakurazaki - She's at the bottom of the list mainly because of the amount of development she gets... (She's still a cool character and I'd love to know her history when she was kicked out of her tribe, but as of now she's got enough development...)
Posted: Mar 23 2008, 01:20 AM

True Arc-cestor!

Group: Scanlation/Fansub Projects Team
Posts: 3,108
Member No.: 7,615
Joined: 11-November 07

Kaede Nagase. (The eyes just 'do it' for me!)
Setsuna Sakurazaki. (Because bird-girls are HOT!)
Ku Fei. (Because I think she's Chao Lingshen's grandmother.)
Mana Tatsumiya. (Last. Because whatever the justification for her motivations, her brand of: "I'm good, you suck so bad you have no chance against me!" perhaps justifyable arrogance make me; 'hate her guts, screaming, drop an ATC obital-strike on her butt,' mad... Though I did give her a good, (though short,) part in my fic!)

Okay everyone, long post! Kaede Nagase's Occularisims! Volume 01 to 17!

Kaede Nagase Occularisims.

Forgive me if my page numbers are off. Those 'Dog-Roger' boneheads can't seem to be consistant with how they number the chapter title pages. Plus the fact they don't really number ANY of the pages! Lazy bums.

As a note. v01 to v17 are taken from the DR versions. Chapter title pages, (since they're too cheap to number pages,) are considered to be the page the chapter number is listed on. I know it's probably wrong, but what can you do in a book where the publisher doesn't number the flamin' pages!

In any case were the panel (or, 'image frame,') may not be obvious, I provide a panel number.


p032-033. (Both. Class roster.)
p181. (Both. Concept art page.)
p185. (Both. Seat order chart.)


p0fc. (One eye. Front cover.)
c009. (One eye. Chapter splash art.)
p065, pnl07. (One eye.)
p066, pnl01. (One eye.)
p070. pnl01. (One eye.)
p184-185. (Both. Class roster.)


p064. (Both. Chamo 'picks' Nodoka class roster.)
c021. (One eye. Chapter splash art.)
p107. (One eye.)
p108. (One eye.)
p111. (One eye.)
p116. (One eye.)
p203. (Both eyes. NINE TIMES! Though six barely count. Verical eye-lines instead of horizontal.) Character concept page. This is the first time Kaede has had both eyes open outside the class roster.
p206, (One eye. Char notes.)
p0bc. (One eye. Back cover.)


p094. (One eye.)
p177. (One eye. Fan art.)
p182-183. (Both. Class roster.)




p035. (Only one open eye showing.)
p094. (One eye.)
p095. (One eye. One plus two Kaede Shadow-clones.)
p211. (One eye. Cover sketch.)




p188. (Both. Class roster. Chachamaru's name finally corrected.)


p182. (Both. Class roster.)


p0fc. (One eye. Front cover.)
p0sp. (One eye. Spine picture.)
p0fp. (One eye. Frontispice picture.)
p190. (One eye. Cover sketch.)


p076. (One eye.)
p138. pnl03. (One eye.)
p184. (One eye. Fan art.)
p185. (One eye. Fan art.)


p091. pnl06. (One eye.)
p187. (One eye. Fan art.)


p021. (One eye.)
p030. (BOTH EYES! THE FIRST TIME SHE EVER DOES IT AS PART OF THE STORY!) (As mentioned in a previous post.)


p042. (One eye. Only one eye visible.)
p045. (One eye.)
p047. pnl07. (One eye.)
p110. (One eye.)


p183. (One eye. Fan art.)


p044. (One eye.)
p082. pnl07. (Both eyes. Getting serious!)
p087. (One eye. Only one eye visible.)
p166. (One eye.)
p180. (One eye.)
p189. (Both eyes. Class roster.)


p099. (One eye. OUCH! Toko-sensei you wench! (Even if it was only a copy!))
p099. (Both eyes. Kaede-copy.)
p185. (One eye.)


p037. (One eye.)
p052. (One eye.)
p054. (One eye.)
p055. pnl02. (One eye.)
p056. (One eye. Twice.)
p058. (One eye.)
p059. (One eye.)
p059. (Both eyes. BANZAI!!! KAEDE!!!
p088. (One eye.)
p090. (One eye.)
p091. (Both eyes. OMG! TWICE!)
p092. (One eye. Only one eye visible.)
p092. (One eye.)
p093. (One eye.)

One eye seen: 53 times.

Both eyes seen: 24 times. (Though only six times really count, and one of those was the paper double of Kaede fighting Toko-sensei.)

Greatest one-eye total: Volume 17. (Thirteen times.)

Greatest both-eyes total: Volume 17. (Three times.) (Volume 03. Nine times if counted loosly. Three times with a limited count, tying it with Volume 17. ONLY if fan art is counted.) (Volume 01 also ties with Volume 17, but only by counting 'non-story' pictures.)

End of DR volumes. Occularisims from v18 and up will be added later.

Again, appologies for any page errors.
Posted: Mar 31 2008, 03:11 PM

need help with psp

Group: Members
Posts: 2,785
Member No.: 7,405
Joined: 10-October 07

i want to join this club
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