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 Shingetsutan Tsukihime Review
Posted: Aug 30 2005, 07:42 AM

New Member

Group: Members
Posts: 17
Member No.: 4,196
Joined: 13-August 05

Shingetsutan Tsukihime Review

Shingetsutan Tsukihime (“Lunar Chronicles: Moon Princess”) is an anime based on a H-game made first by TYPE-MOON and then developed into a doujin fighting game called ‘Melty Blood’. For those who have noticed, TYPE-MOON has made plenty of these kinds of games, including the infamous Fate/Stay Night (that’s coming out someday as an anime). There is a huge fan base for this anime, supported by the fan boys and fan girls.

Tsukihime is about a teenager Shiki Tohno, who has the ‘eyes of death perception’. He meets this girl whose a vampire called Arcueid Brunestud, they work together as a team to slay other rogue vampires, demons and so forth. Now one may assume that, “Oh, vampires; Hellsing. That was great, is this going to be like that?” I have a very very firm answer to this question:


In many ways, Shingetsutan Tsukihime is better than Hellsing. OMGWTF I am a heretic. Please kill me. Hellsing lacked some things which Tsukihime had plenty of. It doesn’t require awesome violence or characters that are out of this world completely, or the ‘cool’ factor. It is a story, elaborated by the twists and characters that turn the pages of a well versed book that reaches out to the viewer. The story, though, yes is driven the characters is intriguing and maintained interest, though to some people find it dull and boring. However, I don’t blame them. I ‘blame’ what they have watched before. You can not compare all vampire animes that one has seen; more or less it is better to watch it entirely without a bias (which isn’t possible). Its original and takes a different perspective due to the complexity of the anime. The character aren’t outrageous, though not human or have superhuman abilities, they remain ‘human’ and realistic .For reference, go to this site and see how complex the story is: http://www.geocities.com/max3075/tsukihime/anime.htm

Story wise…Tsukihime rocks. 6/5 (yes it is THAT good)


Tsukihime really didn’t have great GREAT revolutionary animation, but it was good enough as the story really carried it though. It stays loyal to TYPE-MOON and I wasn’t asking for the best animation in the world for this, but rather the development of the characters, their relationships and their interactions with the story. It met my expectations least to say.

Score. 3/5


Music in Tsukhime is also impressive. There are times though it can be a little repetitive, but it doesn’t push the limits of muting your media player. The ED is the best, I have listened to it God know how long and many times and the music in the background is suited to the moments…Nothing too much to complain here, but its no Yoko Konno either.

Score: 3.5/5


Well. IT IS BAD. Nah. If I said that in front of a TYPE-MOON fan HQ, I wouldn’t be standing. In fact I would be dead. Its good and believable, it draws strength into the characters and their emotions. I don’t understand Seiyuu’s. They almost always do a great job

Score: 4/5

Closing Thoughts

You have to watch this. Its only 12 eps, and if you’re curious why this has been so popular, then watch it. Oh, you might want to play Melty Blood, read the manga, read the cute 4 panels, get the H-game, look at the art as well. This is why TYPE-MOON is soo famous, so you have to see this anime. Or die.

Total Score: 82.5 anime goodness out of 100. actually it should be 110, but damn my maths skills.

Posted: Aug 30 2005, 10:03 AM

Errr... gone, FOREVER!

Group: Scanlation/Fansub Projects Team
Posts: 1,539
Member No.: 31
Joined: 8-January 05

good review, but it's hard summarizing the great story in a few lines...

another good link:

More precisions:
-the serie is lincensed (for europe see MVM studios)
-still illegally fansubbed (even in french ^^)

And i tottally agree 12 eps it's short but it worths it, it's so rare finding a good anime (Negima? what? it s**ks compared to this)...
last comment: watch it watch it! or die (bis) ;p

Oh well , the specialist is Sushi-Y, I leave her yeilling at us if we forget something...
Posted: Sep 3 2005, 04:35 AM

Co-hosting AQS Underground/<3 Hisui

Group: Members
Posts: 1,240
Member No.: 23
Joined: 7-January 05

Since I'm a bit of seasoned reviewer, I'd critque it a bit...well more than a bit.

No offence but the beginning is a bit short and doesn't gather the reader's attention. It's a bit black and white as it doesn't paint off a vivid discription of the anime. Instead you pretty much described spin-offs of Tsukihime (then again, Fate/Night Stay is completely seperate). If I were to review something like Final Fantasy, I wouldn't have wasted a paragraph on talking about Chrono Trigger.

While giving a brief summary of the story, try to go into more detail than that. What is "eyes of death perception"? Why is Shiki working with a vampire to kill OTHER vampires? How does it differ from Hellsing? Stuff like that would help a person that hasn't seen this anime before.

That third paragraph is the shining point of your review. It has it's share of figurative language and I like that. One of my basic principles in review writing is to avoid using the word "you". It seems like you're directly implying that statement to all of your readers and some my not be like what you said. I loved the story to Tsukihime but your writing thinks that I just like to watch blood spill.

Animation basically breaks down the art of the anime, not the personality of the characters.

Your music review is short and to the point. The only thing I would of changed is state some anime Yoko Konno (Cowboy Bebop) did some music on for those who do not know about her.

Are the voice acting good or bad?!?!?! The score says it's almost the best but you feel that you didn't like it at all. Confusing.

Conclusions typically wraps up the whole review and briefly fine tunes everything. Conclusions never have any new information within it. It should be going over the key points of the anime.

Overall, I can sense that you have some sort of hidden talent in writing reviews; however, you do not write often enough to understand that what you write can be misunderstood by your audience. If you need any more tips on review writing AIM me or somethin' and I'll take care of ya.

Before Sushi-Y replies, I'd like to say Kohaku is the best character in the anime and games.
Posted: Sep 17 2005, 03:10 AM

All Decade's Fault

Group: Members
Posts: 2,016
Member No.: 22
Joined: 7-January 05

Personally, I think the Manga is a lot better--it matches the game story better, while the Anime is pretty much Tsukihime 'lite'.

IMHO, I think that The Tsukihime Code" is out there somewhere..

user posted image
Posted: Jun 6 2006, 07:11 AM


I'm rezzing like a mother*&#@er, but I don't care.

Where can I get the scanlated manga?
Posted: Jun 6 2006, 07:26 PM

Riding the wave~

Group: Members
Posts: 2,650
Member No.: 4,666
Joined: 27-September 05

Wave, I saw some Tsukihime Gundam Sentinel parody (creating Tsukihime Sentinel).

It is a 4chan thread where some guy who obviously likes both Tsukihime and Gundam Sentinel made fanarts where he turned Akiha into S Gundam, 2 of the maid twins wearing red into a pair Zeta Plus C1s, and 3 other maids being the FAZZ.

LOL Akiha Sentinel and Hisui Plus C1.

Gundam Sentinel is win anyway. I forgot the website.
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