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 Forum & Chan Rules/FAQs, Please Read!
Posted: Oct 12 2006, 10:18 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,165
Member No.: 1
Joined: 5-January 05


--Respect fellow members and the AQS staff. Don't be a Jerk.
--Flame ideas, not people.
--Avoid low-content posts.
--No spamming, trolling, pushing your ideas on people, or posting illegal content.
--Avoid offensive and NWS(Not Work Safe) posts, images, links, and user profile fields.
--Do not steal bandwidth by hotlinking images from sites that don't allow it.
--Do no plagerize, respect copyright and intellectual property rights.

User names
User names must be in good taste, not misleading, or offensive.

The Limit for the signature image size is now 540x230. If see a scroll bar when you post in your signature it means you exceeded the limit.
NWS rules still apply.

Avatars and profile pictures
The Limit for the avatar image size is now 120x120.
NWS rules still apply.

Excessive accounts and account sharing
Generally only one account is permitted per user. However Intentional use of excessive screen names are grounds for revocation of a user's right to post under any screen name.

Only one person may use a user account. Account sharing is not permitted.

Account deletion
Accounts with zero posts and no recorded Forum visits in nth(decision pending) days will be deleted, as will accounts not activated after nth(decision pending) days of registration. Accounts with one post or more will not be deleted, except upon user request.

Posts should generally be in English so that the majority of users and AQS staff can read and understand them.

Posts should not be ENTIRELY IN CAPITAL LETTERS, L33T, netspeak, AOL-speak, StUdLy cApS, or text messaging-style shorthand, except in a humorous context

On-topic posts and threads
Off-topic posting for increased post count is not permitted. Follow-up posts should remain somewhat on-topic.

Spam posts
These are considered posts that have no relevance to the topic and don't contribute to the topic in any constructive way. Example being single word posts like lol, pwned!, etc. If you're going to post in a topic, stay on topic and only post in general if you have something relevant to say about the topic being discussed.

Duplicate posts and threads
A message, ideally, must be posted in only one forum; duplicate posts and threads are not permitted. However, posts users have made at other message boards may be reposted to the AQS forums.

Heated discussion and flaming
Threads regarding sensitive topics sometimes get heated, however, members are still expected to remain composed and respectful, even with topics they are passionate about.

Flaming other users, or making personal attacks against them, is not permitted; unless the subjected poster is being a true jerk. Criticize ideas, not people. Sarcasm is acceptable, but not when it's directed at someone; that is, unless they deserve it.

Constructive criticism is acceptable as long as it is tactful and sincere. Belittling or condescending attitudes are not allowed.

Trolling is not permitted. Trolling is posting with the intent to incite controversy or cause offense. Discussions should not deteriorate into shouting matches

Excessive foul and offensive language in posts and thread titles is strongly discouraged

Bigotry and hate speech
Hate speech, race baiting, promotion of racial pride, and demonstrations of bigotry are not permitted. This includes broad condemnation of groups to individual attacks against people and users, for their race, nationality, ethnicity, religion or athiesm, gender, and sexual orientation.

Dissenting opinions
There are some people that register but not to participate, instread they are around simply to disrupt civil discourse and promote a personal agenda. Posts critical of the planning profession, phrased in a confrontational manner ("All you anime loving hippies are retarded perverts who jerk off to little kids" are not permitted. Users with a history of making such posts, even on other message boards or IRC, may be banned.

Low content posts
Low content posts is making a post with no real purpose or content, out of laziness or just to increase post count stats.
~A lone URL, with little or no commentary.
~Two or more consecutive messages in a thread to reflect one train of thought ("Oh, and one more thing ..."). Users can amend and edit their posts up to six hours after posting. Staff may consolidate or delete posts to improve readability of a thread.
~Short followup messages that contribute nothing to a thread, such as "I agree" or "Me too"

Thread titles
Descriptive thread titles must be used and must obviously match intended content.

Two way discussion
New threads should encourage two-way discussion, BUT threads that are excessively flooded by only 2-3 users is to be avoided or will be deemed as spamming and trolling.

Putting up Ads unrelated and unrelevant to the forum or the thread's discussion are not permitted.

Thread Necrophilia
Thread necrophilia is when a topic has been deemed dead, but someone thinks that it would be great to post in it to revive it. Either there is nothing to talk about or the question has been answered.

However, if you do have something constructive to say, feel free to make a new topic and discuss there. This will give a refreshed and renewed discussion. Some exceptions to apply to this rule, such as the manga discussion thread and the image threads.

Oh and by the way, reviving dead threads just to increase post count is like spanking a camel and asking to get banned. Don't do it, you will get spanked.

As noted in the beginning, posting links or even asking for them are not allowed. That means no manga, no anime links. This will be enforced by all AQS forum staff (should be atleast). Although, there might be some exceptions, this after asking for permission. Before that, any thread with requests or anything similar will be closed down.

Bump a thread only when appropriate.

On AQS projects and releases(especially team members):

-Do not leak out info on new projects we are working on until made public by the project leaders
-Do not release to the public the AQS scans unless you have permission.
-Do not post in a project thread that you are not a part of.
-Any suspicion of unauthorized access will be dealt with accordingly

IRC Chan Rules:

1) No spamming, flaming, or flooding. Please try to be conservative with cursing and such. If it becomes excessive and distracting to people in the chan, you will be banned for a period of time determined by the ops and myself. Treat other members with respect, especially the chan ops and hops. This part should be common sense.

2) No join/!list/part, join/part, etc.

3) No @find commands in the chan. xdcc list only allowed on designated bots. Bots are listed in the chan topic and Releases section of the main site.

4)Do not ask for chapters that have been released in the US already or have been removed. No hosting or requesting licensed material

5) Since this has become a problem, no more bots except for the ones specifically assigned to the chan. Also, no scripts except those approved by the ops and myself.

6) No ads that appear in intervals. FServe descriptions show up on !list anyways.

7) If you are banned from the chan, the decision of the ops/hops are to be respected. If you have a complaint or issue about why you were banned, contact one of us directly Only ops and hops can remove the ban.

Rules to the IRC chan will be updated accordingly.

This post has been edited by erizo on Nov 7 2008, 03:18 PM
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