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 Finally got this written..., Climactic sequence...
  Posted: Jan 11 2008, 07:36 PM

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Okay, so I've been working on my pet project since mid 04, and while I'm not done... I've got five episode screenplays done, and portions of the sixth episode... which concludes the 'introduction' story arc.

However, today I just finished preliminary writing of the sequence I am going to call as the final climax of the first arc... This is written in script format, with excessive detail to camera shot and movement... so it helps to try and visualize the events going on.

The BGM track that is refferenced for the sequence will be 'Orbital Strike'
Located here:

To remind, Orbital Strike was written EXACTLY for this.

The entire sequence should time well to the song if applied to screen... so all events occure slightly over a three minute span. The note marker in the text will tell exactly where the timing should be anchored. The song will start prior to that, but that timer marker would be the exact moment in the script where the song itself should reach that time point.

My main concern, is that having not written the battle up to this sequence, (having skipped ahead of a large portion of my notes and the actual script I already have to do this while I had it fresh in my mind...) the opening to the sequence is a little rickety, and perhaps cheezy and will need to be refined to both shorten and improve its dramatic 'almost time for the climax' effect.

However, from the point of where the song is supposed to start, pretty much all the way to the end of the sequence should be pretty good, assuming I can upkeep the urgency and speed all the way through it. It's too easy to expand dialogue in these sequences to take far longer than it should onscreen... so bear that in mind.

Also, a scale (though imperfect and simple) model of Galaxius can be seen here:

So without further hesitation. Zeropoint Episode Six, Climax Sequence, CODE ZEUS:
- SUMMARY OF SEQUENCE: Allice has created an Organic Interface for herself as the Starship's supercomputer AI... However, on the ground, due to inexperience in dealing with organic characteristics, she went into shell shock when Chrinoss initiated his violent attack in episode five. The feedback froze the entire starship network for the duration of the battle in episode five and Six, making immediate help VIA precision orbital strikes impossible. Only now is she recovering, and unfortunately, her inability to cope with organic propperties just yet has resulted in her making a grevous tactical overreaction in anger. As she is about to fire a full scale capital starship weapon at maximum power directly at the Offender. Unfortunately, EVERYONE is mere meters from the center of ground zero...
For this sequence, all other character information is irrellevent, except that Sarah has no experience in true spellcasting... only special sword techniques.

SUBNOTE: Code Zeus is the code name for an order to initiate a high precision, high power orbital strike. Much like the Greek God Zeus, who hurls his mighty thunderbolts to smite the wicked below him.


<Cut to chrinoss as he picks himself up, his regeneration crystal destroyed. He glares in pure anger, soundly beaten. But then smiles, almost sighing.>

Chrinoss: Hmph... So many cliche's in this fight already... It's almost a pity I have to keep pulling the classics one after another... but I'm no match for THAT as I am.

<On 'that' camera cuts to Thomas, frowning heavily as he stands between Chrinoss and the rest of the group while Samuel picks himself up.>

Samuel: Going to run away like a classic supervillain now are you?

<Camera pans to Sarah as she steps forward, holding the smaller component of Samuel's sword anew.>

Sarah: I say we should trample this asshole and throw him off a cliff, but that would be too kind for-


<Sarah looks stunned at the surprising strength left in Chrinoss' voice, camera cuts to half his face.>

Chrinoss: I may be a blood thirsty homocidal maniac, but even a homocidal maniac needs to survive if he wants to slaughter countless millions. I would say this is the perfect time for a cliche' escape moment for me, and with your barrier down, all I've needed to do is gath-

<Chrinoss stops in mid sentence, blinks and looks over. Camera pulls back so that a rock, slowely floating higher in the air, enters the frame. Camera cuts to Samuel.>

Samuel: Looks like your surprise gravity trick isn't going to work this time...

<Camera cuts back to Chrinoss, he looks at Samuel.>

Chrinoss: That's not me, do I look like I've regrown my right arm to you?

<Camera cuts back to Samuel, who blinks in surprise.>

Samuel: It's not? Then...

<Camera cuts wide, everyone looks around, noticing rocks and other small light objects floating abnormally in the immediate area.>

Samuel: Thomas, dude, you doing any more really overkill spells?

<Camera cut to thomas.>

Thomas: I... wasn't... This is large scale gravitational disruption.

Samuel: I can tell that much but I want to know what's causing it...

<Thomas furrows his brow as Samuel rants out the last sentence, but then camera cuts to his eyes as they grow wide and he turns around slowely. Camera focuses on Allice. She's on her hands and knees, but her expression vacant. Camera cuts and the vacant expression is an extremely angry looking scowl into empty space. Camera cuts back to thomas as he looks over his shoulder, camera cuts to the beaten Chrinoss looking confused, then back to thomas as he looks back at allice. His eyes widen even more as he speaks right into Samuel's tirade.>

Samuel (Continued): ...if its not a spell, then what kind of crazy event could cause a freaky gravitational anomally asside from you or the beast thing over there could produce it- (see more)

Thomas: Allice, I did not authorize a Code Zeus!

<Camera cuts to Samuel and pans back to put Thomas in the frame.>

Samuel (more): -wait Code What?

<Camera cuts as everyone turns to Thomas.>

Sarah: Allice? What-

<Sarah stops and looks shocked. Camera cuts to Kaname, huddled next to patrol car debris.>

Kaname: I know that look...

Thomas: All too well, But...

<Camera cuts to half face view of allice, her eyes are digitized.>

Thomas: This is far worse...

**NOTE: Cue the 14 second mark of 'Orbital Strike'**

<Flare to white, fade away from solar lense flare. Camera pan to Earth then circles to the dark side of the planet, moon passes behind frame as camera roars past Galaxius. Galaxius is only barely lit by the earth, so it's more seen from its lights onboard, as to remain hidden for now... Camera turns and centers on the lights of Japan. Starship hull enters frame rapidly and then scene cuts to bridge.>

<Bridge is still covered in alarm and emergency computer alert holo-consoles

Paul: What is going ON down there? This is getting out of hand...

<Bridge goes dark, sound of computer powerdown... >

Paul: What the?

<Lights come back on, but all the former holographic consoles are gone. In their place, only a couple of blank consoles appear near the tech. He immediately reports on the heals of paul's next question.>

Paul: What just-

Tech: She just rebooted the entire system network. All erranious traffic is cleared... Wait... She's accessed fire control, main system control has been interrupted, emergency combat protocalls... !!! Primary Turret Three just went hot!

<Camera cuts to Paul's eyes as they dialate. Then back to the tech>

Tech: Targetting sensors active, she's processing a firing solution! I'm registering sunstar three at full power targetting... OH !@#*! Accessing planetary GPS grid! Japan, Honshu, Shizuoka, Atami City...

Paul: My god... she wouldn't- Stop her! At that setting she'll blow that city right off the planet!

Tech: She's locked out all command functions! Override is non-responsive!

<Ship intercom beeps, Allice's system voice rings out in a calm tone.>

Allice: Fire Control Interlock Command Authorization Code Zeus. Releasing Safety Interlocks...

Paul: Don't do it!
Tech: Internal interface management hasn't been booted, she can't hear you!

<A buzz and a hologram of Allice appears on the bridge still speaking, several displays blink to life next to her, but she looks on into space without noticing anything. As she knows the info on those screens herself...>

Allice: Firing Solution Achieved, tactical grid: 35,05,45-N mark 139,04,14-E

(SUBNOTE: Actual GPS Grid of Atami, Shizuoka, Japan)

<Paul Looks on in horror as there is nothing he can do.>

Allice: Firing lock cancelled.

<Cut to surface. Sarah is shaking Allice trying to get her to respond.>

Sarah: What are you doing?!

<Allice is speaking in monotone throughout... Samuel runs over and yells at Sarah even while Allice continues to rattle on.>

Allice: Firing Clearance Confirmed, Turret Three to 100% percent...

Samuel: Just forget it and run, I got her!

<Camera cuts to Thomas.>

Thomas: No! Help me with a barrier!

Samuel: Are you DAFT?! We need to run! This spot's about to get-

Thomas: EVERYWHERE is about to get hit! There's no place to run!

<Flash cut back to the dimly lit Galaxius, then cut to the bridge to the Allice hologram from directly ahead. She looks to her left and raises her arm over her head. Camera cuts to view her from the direction she's looking. She slowely levels her arm at the camera, her hand looking like she formed it into a pistol. Visual effects replaces the bridge background with a transparency fade with the turret's twin barrels right below her arm, as if her arm is directing the cannon.>

<Once her arm levels, transparency fades out the bridge leaving just the turret. The barrels begin to glow and particle effects gather into the center of the barrels as the camera gently pulls back...>

<Seen cut to tri-stacked frame showing Thomas, Samuel, and Chrinoss' heads. ((Thomas on top on the left side, Samuel on bottom on the left side, Chrinoss in the middle on the right side.)) they all recieve a simultanious 'I feel it!' flash across their faces. Thomas and Samuels frames wipe leaving just Chrinoss' frame. His head yanks up as the camera slides around below him to near his feet... in the sky above the clouds is a white 'star'.>


<Camera cuts to wide shot of Chrinos as he turns and starts to run.>

Chrinoss: By your leave gentlemen!

<Camera cuts to Samuel as he grits his teeth and spins...>



<Camera cuts to a spot on the ground near Chrinoss as he takes a step, then the air ripples and he stumbles, his face slamming into the ground close enough to the Camera to show his teeth clearly. After he winces from impact his eyes snap open in shock.>

Chrinoss: WHAT?!

<Camera cuts to Samuel in equal shock, who snaps his head over to... Sarah.>

SAMUEL: When did-?!

<Camera cuts to Sarah, who is gasping for breath from the effort of casting the spell.>

SARAH: Take your divine punishment!

<Camera cuts to Samuel as he smirks...>

SAMUEL: Now that's a one liner...


<Camera cuts to Thomas, he looks pretty much freaked out.>

THOMAS: ...Shield NOW!

<Camera Cuts to Bridge of Galaxius. Camera cuts to closeup of Allice's holographic face, then the focus shifts out to her hand, now looking like a gun. Camera cuts to her left side, looking out to the forward left of the ship, slightly from above her head... She then says something to herself...>

ALLICE: 'Bang.'

<And on 'Bang', she kicks her arm up as if she's fired a hand gun.>

<Camera cuts to the external view from the front of the ship from about two ship-length's away, and slightly to the left of the ship. The screen flashes and the camera shakes violently as a massive beam appears on screen... shaking for about another two to three seconds as the camera fades to white...>

<Camera cuts to the surface again. Quickly cycling through the lead characters in time to the beat of the BGM... It ends on Chrinoss as he's just managed to stand. Camera cuts to above him as he looks up the ground taking a blue reflective glow below him... Cemera then cuts to the side of his face as he closes his eyes...>

Chrinoss: Oh... Damn it al-

<Camera cuts away at the final hits of the BGM, showing Atami city from the view out in the bay/harbor, just feet off the water. On the final note of the BGM, the screen flashes white, all sound blanked. As the white flash fades, the blue beam can be seen lancing through the clouds... the clouds themselves hurridly dissipate away in a ring until it goes off frame. The beam's impact point, somewhere in the city, shows a brilliant white lense flare, even as the beam fades. Sound fades in to ocean sounds, and then an almost subsonic rumble and the camera shakes... An air shockwave can be seen sweeping the hills, and then the water approaching the camera shows the disturbance of the shockwave, it races into the camera, and when it hits, the loud crack and thunderous boom of the explosion rips into the sound, and the camera violently jolts. The point of impact of the beam continues to flare, and then gets brighter and the scene fades to white, then fades to black. Bringing the scene to a close.>
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