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 Season 4
Posted by Fire General - 07-20-08 23:42 - 12 comments
Where do you stand on this great issue? Do you want more avatar? Or was the ending good enough for you? (Are there gonna be any more episodes, not Is there gonna be any more episodes! Sorry!!!)
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Posted by Blue Spirit Gal - 07-20-08 16:58 - 0 comments
THANK YOU to all the fans of Blue Spirit Gal for sharing the Avatar saga adventure with me and my wonderful staff!

The final episode was spectacular! Aang truly came to his full realization but I can' ...read more
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 OMG The End!
Posted by Fire General - 07-20-08 04:24 - 18 comments
With the final movie having come and gone, does this mean that Avatar is finally over? No! This can't be! What do you think? Do you think there is going to be another show like "Avatar, After The War?&qu ...read more
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 Who was in the Final Movie?(Mostly for characters)
Posted by Fire General - 07-20-08 03:46 - 2 comments
Did anybody see me in the war room from/during zuko's flashback?
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 FINAL US Air Dates!
Posted by Mizzoo - 06-30-08 19:38 - 33 comments
News off the top~! The US air dates for the last half of season 3 have finally been revealed!

  • Monday, July 14 at 8:00 p.m. -- The Western Air T ...read more
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 Avatar snagged Best Cartoon
Posted by Mizzoo - 03-31-08 20:56 - 41 comments
Apparently this wasn't shown on the actual awards ceremony on the 29th... but Avatar won the Kids Choice Awards category of Best Cartoon this year!

Applaud, guys, cause we've beat out SpongeBob ...read more
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 BSG Standings in the Olympics
Posted by Blue Spirit Gal - 02-5-08 16:59 - 1 comments
Here are the results so far for BSG in the Olympics!

LOGO Contest

Avatarverse - 26.5
Dongbu Feng - 26
Blue Spirit Gal - 25.5
Airbender.net - 23
Avatar Porta ...read more
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 Let's get this thing moving people
Posted by Emeri - 02-2-08 18:29 - 3 comments
Ok. So a good lot of you have signed up for the Olympics. You were pumped up, ready to put your best efforts into this. You wanted to help BSG with whatever ability you had.

The question is, are you still that dedicated? We need people NO ...read more
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 Nightmare Poll
Posted by Blue Spirit Gal - 01-30-08 00:26 - 0 comments
Please vote for your favorite suggestion for the Avatar Nightmare Contest.

We narrowed the list to the top 6 suggestions. Please make your final vote.

Only 1 vote per member please and the way the poll is set up, the tallys are ...read more
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 Avatar Olympics Calender of Events
Posted by Blue Spirit Gal - 01-26-08 02:44 - 1 comments
Please check Avatar Olympics Schedule of Events dates/times of upcomming events!

Welcome to the Avatar Interfansite Olympics! It is now Frid ...read more
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