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The Forums Rules!

Don't make stupidly pointless annoying messages (SPAM) just to get your post rank raised, please wait until another person has posted before you post


Don't attack others. Personal attacks on others will not be tolerated. Challenge others' points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully... without insult and personal attack. This also includes trying to get someone else to start a argument with you by luring them in.


Don't post huge pictures/complicated animations unless you have a very good reason. Many people do not have fast connections and consequently, big pictures and complicated animations slow them down. If you want to post a picture, make it smaller or lower the quality.
If you can give a link instead of a direct upload please do, large uploaded files will get deleted to make room if the thread dies. If you have something you have made yourself but is too large (1.5MB+) then you can upload it here you receive 5mb of freespace.


Think before you post or speak: Do you really want to put your address or telephone number on a public discussion forum? We encourage you to keep personal information personal.


Ignorance is not bliss for everyone else. People in forums get tired of answering the same questions over and over. So before you post, look around a bit.


So you have a higher post count/rank than someone else. Who cares? Don't think that just because of this, you are right in every debate. Consider what the other person is saying. Along similar lines, don't brag about your post count/rank.

ANY sort of purposely infected files or viruses will reult in an imediate ban, this includes illegal programs (warez)


No pornography or racism etc. links or otherwise, its not that we're afraid of porno, its just that some people take offense to them


No multiple users, if you get bored of your name ask for it to be changed to an adminastrator (not every week please)
Dont just go and make a new user and leave your old one, we can find out if you are doing this.
however we will need to be informed (by PM or email) if the same computer is used by more than one member.

Swearing is acceptable (as long as it keeps within the guidlines of rule 2), but dont overuse it to look big and clever, it just makes you look stupid and takes up page space.

If you disagree with a decision made by a member of staff, send a PM or email to a admin (if the decision was made by an admin, send it to a mod) do not start off a topic on the boards about it.

If you are found trying to hack into the site (without permission from an admin) you will be banned perm or temp depending on admins choice.

While being annoying is not in violation of the above rules, if you are found to be OVERLY annoying, and consistantly ignore advice to be less so, you may face punishment.

Copyrights... some companies insist on their copyrights being inforced, if you make a fan game or fan work, we may have to remove it from the site...

Spelling and Grammar, we all make the occasional mistake, but please try and keep your writing readable(no purposely spelt wrong words either 1337 5P34|< or Ali g) , we dont want people sitting for hours trying to figure out what youve said, double check spelling in cheats as the wont work if theyre spelt wrong.


Dont just copy and paste cheats from another website! This really pisses us off


Pointless posts to get your post count up are taken seriously, please dont do it unless you have a very good reason.

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