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 Installing Tomcat And Dimensionex On The Mac Os-x
Posted by Cris - 09-13-14 08:25 - 0 comments
Hi all,
I have published a brand new tutorial on how to install tomcat and DimensioneX on the Mac OS-X, in case someone is more
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 Perfect Graphic
Posted by cotteux - 08-2-13 16:58 - 1 comments
A link for free graphic on opengameart. Perfect looking for a old first person dungeon crawler. Came with ennemy hero, rooms. Really nice to use with Dimx.

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 Source Code For A Game
Posted by Damas - 12-13-12 15:35 - 4 comments
I am a new to DimensioeX , I want to develop a game using Dimensioe X, I need an example or any tutorial help me to know about how to use Dimensione X in develpoing a game .. any help plz :$
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 New Website And Install
Posted by Cris - 08-21-12 15:13 - 2 comments
Hi all,
I am proud to announce I have recently set up a brand new web site for DimensioneX.

Best of all the changes, the new site offers two main methods of getting the game engine.

The "full" package is actually more
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 Very Dissapointed
Posted by pgorbas - 08-9-12 20:48 - 1 comments
I found dimensionX from Wikipedia game engines article and it claimed this was a java based game engine.

It is not.

It is a propitiatory script engine which is only suitable for creating 1970's style adventure games.
< more
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 Request Access To Contribute To Wiki
Posted by pgorbas - 08-8-12 19:49 - 1 comments
There is no registration on the wiki, instead a link directs users to this forum to ask for access.
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 Player Save By Script?
Posted by Gumbro - 07-28-12 07:40 - 2 comments
I apparently need a way to save the player by script as if the player would have pressed the SAVE button. I could not figure it out from the developer's reference.

The use is for a battle system. I have a system in which the player more
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 Doing Something For Game Play With A Hook
Posted by HobbyCoder - 05-6-12 21:25 - 0 comments
Hi. I've recently used a hook to interact with the gave server. Right now, the client just sends an integer and ther server responds by printing the integer. That seems fairly meaningless for game play.

I would like to do something th more
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 Timed Response On The Client Side?
Posted by HobbyCoder - 04-9-12 01:15 - 7 comments
I may be willing to pay someone a little via Paypal for help with this.

The Developers Reference, on page 14, describes "Custom Client Behavior." Among other things, it says:

"The important step is to figure out more
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 Dimensionex On Elastic Beanstalk?
Posted by HobbyCoder - 03-10-12 13:53 - 5 comments

This looks like a great project.

I know that it seems like wishful thinking, because Underworld only had about 30 Facebook users the last time that I checked, but I'm trying to get Dimensionex running on Amazon Elas more
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