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Johnny Guadalupe - November 29, 2006 03:47 AM (GMT)
........ Now I'm scared...........

For a long video about it:

And a 5 minute follow-up:

More scariness, as in their music videos:

The creepiest thing to notice is the youtube members that post replies to these videos. A majority of them support these girls. Mainly this is because white supremists would be the ones who want to watch these videos and come across them on Youtube, so that doesn't mean that most youtubers are racists, but it's just creepy.

Here is one of said youtubers' profile page:

Then videos like this piece of unfunny crap are made that disturb me even more:

Keeping this to myself kind of just disgusted me. That's why I posted this, so I wouldn't feel so small and would come to my senses that most people in the world are not like this.
But the sad thing is, some still are.

Timmy Two Toes 2 - November 30, 2006 04:32 AM (GMT)
I blame Bush.

Harry_Callahan - December 2, 2006 03:03 AM (GMT)
I blame you.

Johnny Guadalupe - December 3, 2006 08:37 PM (GMT)
Well, you two obviously derailed this discussion into the wrong direction, taking almost all meaning out of this.

When I find time, I'll demote you two to members.

censorama - December 5, 2006 11:56 PM (GMT)
That makes me sick. I read about them last year in Newsweek and it's just TERRIBLE that in these times when so many people assume we have come so far in the world yet there are still these hate groups!

Shocking parts of the interview:
"Hitler killed 6 million Jews"
PB: "I think that's an exaggeration."
There's no reaction that I can come up with other than, "Whhhaaaaaaaatt??" I've been taking a Literature of Genocide class this semester, which goes not only into the minds of the victims of genocide and hate before, during, and after genocide, but as well as the perpetrators, AND those who stand by and do nothing. It's creepy, it's frightening, and aaaggggghh. There are no words.
PB: "I hardly believe there were that many Jews alive back then."
I have such violent thoughts toward their mother for teaching them PROPAGANDA! Jesus, I can't understand how a person could be taught to hate millions of people like that. It just doesn't make sense to me.
And then! When they had that guy representing the white supremacist label going around at Ozzfest giving out CDs, god, it like, gave me chills thinking about the people who were just taking the CDs and were probably going to go home and listen to them. I mean, we didn't see one person who like cursed him out which, they probably wouldn't have shown because it wouldn't be what the video was about, but still, I just wanted to see one person at least say, "No thanks." or just not take it. Ahh...

Their music sucks. Neither of them can play their instruments, and frankly, I know a lot of musically gifted people and those two are never going to get any better. Neither of them can sing either. It's like grating and bad. They can't do harmony. Plus, they look like teen mothers in that video where they're holding the baby.

The Neo Nazi movement in Eastern Europe is now mainly focused on hating Islamic people.

Harry_Callahan - December 9, 2006 04:54 AM (GMT)
What everyone ignores that pisses me off, is the Armenian Genocide. It's the forgotten genocide.

censorama - December 9, 2006 11:55 PM (GMT)
Genocide in general is ignored until it is over. Last year I heard Paul Rusesabagina (Paul Rusesabagina)speak, and it was the day of the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, so there were a ton of Armenian people who came to it, and Paul was introduced by a family member of one of the victims.
There are a few books on the Armenian Genocide, one is called Black Dog of Fate I think, but the sad thing is people don't know about it because it's not one of the genocides that are famous. Everyone knows about the Holocaust, and there are tons of books (fiction and non fiction) and movies about it, but the average high schooler doesn't know about Pol Pot. And of those "forgotten" genocides, even the few books and movies there are about them, they're not as known. "Snakes on a Plane" is a more recognizable title than "S21." S21: Khmer Rouge Killing Machine
And the problem with genocide (besides it happening) is that people will not talk about it. Remember how government officials would say anything not to say "genocide" when talking about Darfur? They did the same with the Rwandan genocide. And during the Holocaust the US government had plenty of information. People went undercover and visited the camps, escaped victims spoke out and wrote about it and still nothing was done. A coalition of Rabbis went to FDR and asked him to help, and FDR told them that there was nothing we could do, and sent them away.
People are crap.

Harry_Callahan - December 18, 2006 04:52 AM (GMT)
My great-whatever parents died in the Armenian Holocaust.
And the most I've heard about it in mainstream anything is two songs from System of a Down.

Johnny Guadalupe - December 18, 2006 05:49 AM (GMT)
Is Armenia a country?

censorama - December 18, 2006 02:04 PM (GMT)
It's between Georgia, Turkey and Iran.

Harry_Callahan - December 21, 2006 03:47 AM (GMT)
I'm gonna rip your arms off.

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