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Title: Online photo album of Jewish life in Egypt

dlisbona - July 11, 2007 07:55 AM (GMT)
Hi all
This is to announce the launch of an online photo album of community Jewish life in Egypt during its heyday years.

I have chosen (at least for now) to site the photo album on.Flickr (the largest photo sharing site on the Net because it has the most powerful features and access to a wider public. You can see the first photos we have uploaded on Juifs d'Egypte

You are encouraged to join Flickr (you will need a Yahoo ID but that is easily arranged) and to contribute your photos. You will not receive any junk mail as a result of getting a Yahoo ID or joinin Flickr.

The kind of photos we are interested in are:
- Group photos – from schools, school outings, (university), youth movements, clubs, workplaces
- Reunions of Jews from Egypt since leaving Egypt
- Photos/scans of documents of various kinds – school certificates, invitations to bar/batmitzvas/weddings, other community events, documents from the Jewish community
- Photos of buildings and clearly recognizable places where Jews would go or meet or visit – e.g. school buildings, cafes, cinemas, synagogues, public buildings
- Photos of Jewish personalities – e.g. rabbis, elders, leaders of the community
- Photos of signs, advertisements, letterheads of Jewish businesses
- Photos illustrating daily life in the period – e.g. cars, buses, trains, outdoor events
- Photos showing style of dress or hairstyles

I am aware that there are photos of Jewish life in Egypt on various other websites especially on the HSJE website. This project seeks to consolidate them and take advantage of powerful new features.

Your comments and assistance will be most appreciated.

fleurs - July 17, 2007 07:48 PM (GMT)
I have uploaded my school photos from the Lycee Français du Caire.

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