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Posted by: aidastrocovsky Nov 1 2009, 05:28 PM

My name is Aida Strocovsky, from Winnipeg, Canada. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1955. My father was ashkenazi (Strocovsky), but my mother, the first one of five children is Born in Argentina in 1928, from Esther (Tera) Hakim and Salomon Dahab, both from Aleppo, Syria. I have just bumped into Les Fleurs de Orient and I found you. My grandmother had a daughter in Aleppo before coming to Argentina who died there. My grandmother had siblings, who eventually came to Buenos Aires as well: one was named Selim and the other Rachel (Rahel). My grandfather came to Buenos Aires three years or so before my grandmother Esther. She died in Buenos Aires in 1981. The Hakim-Dahab children are (in order, from oldest to youngest): Elena (my mom), Olga, Elias, Rebecca and Ezra. They are all alive. We also have relatives from my grandfather side (Salomon Hakim): some sisters (Zequie and Bahie) married in Syria and settled in Brazil, both with Chueques (phonetics).

Maybe you can help me with my research. Maybe we are related! Other related families in Buenos Aires, from Aleppo or Damascus, as far as I remember were Tawill and Helueni.

Any help will be really appreciated, and even if you can't, please drop me a line. Thank you very much in advance.


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