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Posted by: Rahine Nov 7 2012, 04:34 PM

Trying to narrow down origins by uncommon last names for Jews, particularly as transliteration changes from immigration to immigration. It would be nice to see if any of us are more closely related.

A couple names I have in question for my maternal side are Kaufman, originally Malamud, supposedly from Yaman. Paternally, we have Rahine, Rhin, Cizim, Bosemat, and Melamed, changed to Wiener in the 1930s, and Kurnick. After this, we find a Turkish tanakh in the middle of Lithuania that made it's way north from Macedonia, or what would be Macedonia NOW, and the town of Kurnick in Poland predominantly Roman Catholic. Some common female first names paternally were Slobotka, Fani, and Suri. My hypothesis for these are out of the lost community of Bitola, but I have no proof definitively yet.

Husband speaks Ladino; is looking for surnames, Sura, Larin, and Lemus-Rabin: maternal side supposedly Chaldean, father from Spain.

If you have additional surnames you'd like to add, please do so, so we can make some connections and start researching and charting the developments of uncommon Jewish surnames into common ones, particularly where Sephardi names morph into Ashkenazi ones.

Thanks so much!


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