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Posted by AAAAAAAAAAA - 05-11-16 19:45 - 1 comments
My prayers go out to all the Canadians affected by this fire. Stay safe HOGS!
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 Happy Holidays, HOG!
Posted by H|+m@n - 12-29-15 14:33 - 9 comments
Wanted to stop in this Ghost Forum to wish everybody a Merry-belated Christmas and a very safe and Happy New Years... 2016-- 11 years this group has been around! God bless you all and be good!!! Read 218 times - last comment by H|+m@n   Print email

 UPRADES!!! ;-)
Posted by H|+m@n - 07-7-15 19:01 - 2 comments
I know we don't come to this forum much but oh well, no other way to show off the goodies besides Facebook, but that's like, "who cares"... errrrr...

us ...<a href="">read more</a></td>
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 Happy 4th of July!
Posted by H|+m@n - 07-5-15 03:34 - 0 comments
wink.gif May you all be safe & well! Have an awesome 4th of July, God bless America--& Canada!! more
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 New Clan?
Posted by Greywolf - 02-5-15 05:31 - 2 comments
Well since it has been over a month and I have been posting here a lot and none of you are reading these I started my own clan up for COD AW so that I can do Clan wars and if some of you want to join up till HOG gets back rolling (because once it do more
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Posted by Greywolf - 01-26-15 07:03 - 3 comments
Ok so after talking with Bob he mention that it would be wise to start up a Facebook page and he said he would get on it. Now I know that Facebook is full of gamers and what not so I went ahead and made a page for us to make sure our name would be l more
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 Are we rolling with COD AW?
Posted by Greywolf - 01-17-15 20:10 - 3 comments
So just wondering if any one is going to be running with this game like back in the old days? I have noticed over the last 2 weeks that the game is picking up and people are running wars now. So just to see if I should invest my time in this game or more
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 5 Days Late!!!
Posted by Greywolf - 01-5-15 14:42 - 3 comments
Woot, only 5 days late but still HAPPY NEW YEAR and FIRST POST OF THE NEW YEAR.
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Posted by C@NDYM@N - 12-22-14 05:27 - 3 comments
anyone playing it? i played some tdm today and it seemed decent. just noticed the ctf and im gonna try that next
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 Dragged in by cat
Posted by HOG|Dangerous Bob - 12-15-14 06:18 - 3 comments
well doods, it's been a shit year and i've been way out of the loop. sorry about that. i'm so fucking proud to see you guys still going at it, keeping the clan alive - 10 years!!!

you're a good bunch of friends more
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