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Rules and Guidelines
Post Content.
1. Do not post useless reply's such as 'yeah' or 'I agree', and do not double post. If you cannot think of anything to post, don't bother replying. You do not get promoted for how many posts you have made, but for the quality of them.
2. Do not advertise your forum in posts. You may, however, put a link in your signature.
3. Do not swear, the word filter will catch you out, and any attempts to work around the filter are not allowed.
4. Do not post links to sites with adult content, this is a family site, as by nature the Games Workshop hobby attracts young people. If a link send people to a site which contains content unsafe for younger people, please ask permission from a staff member and contain warning in the post.
5. Do not flame. Flaming includes (but not excluded to) arguing, name calling and bullying, do not bait or in any way initiate a flame war.
6. No racist or sexual comments, the first is illegal, and the second is because this is a family board.
7. If you see any post which breaks any of the above rules, PM an Admin and they will look into the matter.

1. Administrators have full authority, they would not be where they are if they didn't earn it. If they close a thread, or request that a thread go back on topic, there is a reason.
2. Global Moderators have authority over the forum. Think of them as Moderators on every board. They do not 'out-rank' a Moderator per se, but rather they are a very active and therefore respected Moderator.
3. Moderators have power and authority on a certain board. They have been appointed by an Admin for a reason. They can close and pin threads in the board they are moderating.
4. If you feel like any staff have been treating you unfairly, or are abusing their power, please PM an Admin about it, and they will look into the matter.

Diplomacy and Advertising
1. Diplomats are elected in a public poll. An advertisement is put up by an Admin, and any Member who puts their name forward will be added to the poll. The elected Diplomat has the same standing as a Moderator for the Diplomacy board, in addition to any Moderation powers they may or may not have. In addition to being a Moderator of the Diplomacy board, they are responsible for advertising on any forum they are a member of (rules permitting). In return, they set up threads advertising those sites which advertise us.
2. Other Members of forum may suggest sites to the Diplomat, but they cannot post advertisements in the Diplomacy board, it is the Diplomats job.
3. If the Diplomat fails to keep our end of the deal (advertising other sites in return), then he/she will be demoted, and a new poll will start immediately, until such time another Diplomat has been elected, the Admins will take control.
4. If you feel the Diplomat is not doing the job well enough, send a PM to an Admin, and they will look into the matter.

1. If a Member are found to be in violation of any of the above rules, then they will be given a warning through PM by either the Moderator in charge of the board, a Global Moderator, or an Admin. These are generally to inform them that they broke a rule, and does not assume any malicious intent.
2. If said member continues violation the rules, a second PM will be sent, this is a more formal and stern warning, and will come from an Admin, as the Moderator/Global Moderator who sent the first PM will inform an Admin of it.
3. Ignoring the second PM will see the said Member receiving a temporary ban, this can be from a week to a month, depending on the circumstances.
4. If, after the ban, a Member continues to break the rules, they will be banned permanently. Any subsequent accounts created with the same e-mail address will be closely monitored, and if they violate any rule, they will receive another permanent ban.
5. The above rules cover the standard discipline procedure, but any step can be bypassed by an Admin if they feel that a Member grossly violates a rule, such as posting pornographic images will result in an instant permanent ban.

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