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 With You
Posted by ageha - 06-23-09 01:20 - 0 comments
Title: With You
Genre: Angst
Theme: Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
Cast: Okamoto Keito, Cherie
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. Even though I want them so badly?

Hembusan angin malam membelai halus wajahku, membuat rambut ...read more
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 Pengumuman Moderator dan Designer Baru
Posted by hika-chan - 06-22-09 17:05 - 0 comments
Minna yg mendaftar sbg mods ataupun designer,
kami meminta maaf sebesar2nya karena terpaksa pengumumannya ditunda hingga hasil competition selesai didapat krn ada satu dan lain hal yg harus dipertimbangkan sehubungan dg hal ini.
Dan juga k ...read more
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Posted by choco8ars - 07-11-08 03:45 - 52 comments
curhat, khusus admin aja. boleh one liner
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