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  1. [sold] Grom Ipod/iphone/usb
  2. F/s Hks Hi Silent Power
  3. [sold] Elegance/legana Side Skirts And Rear Lip
  4. [swap] Altezza Rs200 Exhaust
  5. [fs] Altezza Oem Spoiler - Blue, Great Condition
  6. (nsw) Fs: Hks Silent Hi-power Axle
  7. [wtb] 3sge Throttle Body
  8. Wtb: Zenki Manual Ecu
  9. [wtb] O2 Sensors
  10. Wtd: Swap For Leather Seats
  11. [wtb] Weathershields
  12. [fs] Altezza Tail Light Covers
  13. [fs] Toyota Altezza Fuel Pump With Filter
  14. [wtb] Outside Ambient Temp Sensor
  15. [syd] G3 3sge Beams Motor Packages For Sale
  16. [fs] Diezel D1r 18x8 18x9
  17. [wanted] Carbon Fibre Bonnet For Altezza
  18. [wtb] Greddy Emanage Ultimate T14 Harness
  19. [wtb] Elegance Front Lip
  20. [fs] Recaro Sr3 And Pole Position Spg Bucket Seats
  21. [fs] Kakimoto N1 Abnd Hks Kansai Exhaust
  22. [wtb] Both Front Inner Splash Guards
  23. [fs] Adapter Plate For Tremec 6 Speed
  24. [free Swap] 4.7 Final Drive
  25. [wtb] Eyelids For Altezza
  26. [fs] Grille
  27. [fs] Brand New Replica Bride Low Max Seats: Red
  28. [wtb] Link G4 Storm
  29. Wtb Window Switches
  30. Fs: Rear Bumper, Oem Is300 Grille, Wheel Nuts Etc
  31. Wtb - Any Rs200's For Sale In Christchurch
  32. Ft86 Spot Australia Fast Track Your New Ride
  33. [fs] 5w20 Pennzoil
  34. [fs] Gestalt Virouge Wheels
  35. [syd] Trd Strut Brace
  36. Fs: Geniune Philips Germany (oem) D2r 35w Hid Bulb
  37. [wtb] Altezza Rear Lip
  38. 3sge Turbo Set Up
  39. Back Seat
  40. Fs: Personalised Plate [dr0pit] 'like Its Hot'
  41. [fs] Personalised Plate For Nz
  42. [fs] 17x9 Rota Grids Custom Candy Purple
  43. [wtb] 1g-fe Engine
  44. [fs] Custom Fibreglass Lips/kits For Altezza/mr2
  45. [fs] Nissan V35 Skyline Rims With Custom Centres
  46. [fs] Car Pc Parts
  47. Supercheap Auto 25% Off
  48. Fs: Elegance Bodykit (fiberglass)
  49. [syd] Some Bits For Sale Altezza/is200/is300
  50. Rear Half-cut Parts For Sale.

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