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Title: 3sge 4th Gen Beams + 3sgte 4th Gen Project

Piston - April 19, 2012 08:13 AM (GMT)
Hello everybody,

As many guys knows here, I have a Toyota Altezza RS200 Z edition, and I am still looking for the best way to make it turbo, maybe a JZ swap, or 3SGTE swap, but some time ago Iíve heard another solution. Because of that Iím thinking about buying a 3SGTE 4th generation, part of a Caldina GTT ST215, Iíve heard (because I havenít seen that engine) one guy here in Peru, made a powerful beams 3SGTE with the following setup.
Block (from 3SGE Beams Altezza)
Sump (from 3SGE Beams Altezza)
Oil pump (from 3SGE Beams Altezza)
Flywheel (from 3SGE Beams Altezza)
Clutch (from 3SGE Beams Altezza)
Manifold + throttle 80 (from 3SGE Beams Altezza)
Engine mounts (from 3SGE Beams Altezza)
Gearbox (from 3SGE Beams Altezza)

Rods (from 3SGTE Caldina GT4 ST246)
Pistons (from 3SGTE Caldina GT4 ST246)
Crankshaft (from 3SGTE Caldina GT4 ST246)
ECU (from 3SGTE Caldina GT4 ST246)
Head (from 3SGTE Caldina GT4 ST246)
The only difference is the engine, I guess is a little different between ST215ís and ST246ís 3SGTE.
Do you know if this project is achievable? Considering yes, with this project and its ďstock internalsĒ how much power I can obtain?
If I only change the turbo, how much boost and power I can obtain? Iím planning just changing the ECU and The turbo if I can make this project work.
Here is the engine I wanna buy.

user posted image


Higgsy - April 19, 2012 08:24 AM (GMT)
leiden did it

and about one topic down they are talking about the same thing here

Piston - April 19, 2012 08:50 AM (GMT)
I had this link blocked, anyone could help me?

I have many questions about this conversion:

1) Is the beams block stronger as the 3SGTE to take high boot?
2) Where are located the oil lines?
3) Which are the differences between ST215 GTT and ST246 GT four engines? can I use both 3SGTE?

Help please


Higgsy - April 19, 2012 10:35 AM (GMT)
oh, your not a VIP member. become one of the VIP's and all of the build threads are open to you.

Piston - April 23, 2012 04:54 PM (GMT)
I was trying to contact Nick, but I couldnt, does anyone know how I can get access to VIP rights?... please any admin help me, I have a project waiting for your support


Higgsy - April 24, 2012 10:19 AM (GMT)

Piston - May 9, 2012 01:48 AM (GMT)
Do you know guys if this project is achievable?. If so, I think making this engine with parts of 3SGE 4th generation and 3SGTE 4th generation would be a little expensive than making my 3SGE turbo.

In terms of cost benefit, which option would be the better choice?

Does anyone here know about this works? Which would be the better choice with forged internals and some big turbo?

I think making turbo my 3SGE with forged internals would not be stronger than a forged 3SGTE, or I can boost the same PSI with the same turbo on both engines?

- Any idea about oil squirts in 3SGE?
- Any idea about VVT in 3SGE with turbo?

I need some experience and comments from other users, Im not VIP member yet

Tezz-Winnie - May 9, 2012 02:10 AM (GMT)
All this info can be found with the search tool. The 3SGE beams head is by far the best flowing head out of all the designs. A well built 3SGE beams will perform just as well as a well built 3SGTE. Oil squirter's are there on the exhaust side. You can run VVTI with turbo just need a good tuner and decent standalone ecu

Fabricating the 3SGTE beams to fit wouldn't be worth it unless you had a ST215 or ST246 engine lying around.

Just use Toda 8.5:1 pistons with eagle rods acl bearings, blueprint and balance. upgrade valve springs. Then you could run 16-20PSI no problem on a GT28RS WITH A GOOD TUNE ON A POWER FC OR LINK G4!

Piston - June 3, 2012 12:20 AM (GMT)
Just 20psi with a gt28rs plus forged pistons + rods?

I finally decided to turbo my 3SGE with forged internals.

what about a CT26 or gt35r + forged eagle rods + wiseco forged pistons +haltech?

Does anyone know if this kit fits my Beams 4th gen engine?

Whats the difference between 86mm an 87mm?
Which of them should I buy?
3SGTE pistons and rods fits 3SGE engine??
How to make vvt to work with turbo+haltech?


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