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Title: Jumper 2 (With editor V3.0)
Description: Made by YoMamasMama

Boxbot219 - August 12, 2004 05:57 PM (GMT)
Made by YoMamasMama
(Exact quote by YoMamasMama)

Whew... after 8 hours of straight work today, it's finally done! I've logged countless hours working on this beast. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Direct Download
My Site

Some credits (they're in the game too, but these people deserve to be mentioned twice).

Pondwater - Formerly known as watergame. He helped me with alot of graphics stuff. Mainly scenery in the later sectors. Thanks man!

tdgc and Ben_Briggs - Both did one music track each (you won't hear them until late in the game, but they rock).

And all the testers! (list of them is on the credits menu)


Jumper Two Editor v1.1 Released!
Fixed some major bugs and added a new skin as well as new particle emitters. Sorry for the inconvenience of making save files incompatible, but the bugs really had to be fixed.

Same download link as Jumper Two (it's now packaged in the same folder as J2).

JTwoE Official Sector Archive: Link


Jumper Two Editor v2.0 Released!
Added 4 new skins, 2 new music tracks, 1 new floor tile, and 1 new gameplay object. Plus some bug fixes.

Removed the custom music and bg functions for now, next version I'll see if I can't get them fixed and put 'em back in.

Main new function is back-up files, which allow transfering stages between sectors and even versions of the editor (only this and future versions).

Same download link, plus added a mirror since gameshade is acting up.


Jumper Two Editor v3.0 Released!

Huge update!

Version: 3.0
Release: 08/10/2004
  -Added as much music credits as I could find
  -Fixed Clay Ogmo transparency bug
  -Fixed See-Thru Ogmo transparency bug
  -Fixed Ghost Ogmo transparency bug
  -Added warning floor tile
  -Added sandy brick floor tile
  Added creepy grass and short creepy grass floor tiles
  -Added creepy vines scenery object
  -Made back-up files read scenery objects as well as game objects, even if the file was saved in v2.0
  -Added fast paced music track
  -Added vine bottom scenery object
  -Added Jumper 1 floor tile
  -Fixed skin changing bug
  -Fixed score display bug
  -Fixed death count bug
  -Added hand scenery object
  -Added coffin scenery object
  -Added sandy lantern scenery object
  -Added Ending object
  -Added the ability to place Ogmo on the bottom row of a stage and he'll jump out of the bottom, like in sector 9 of the main game
  -Added timer switch gameplay object
  -Added more tips
  -Extended the effects of fake modifiers to spikes and spike mines (black, red, and blue ones)
  -Added invisible mine game object
  -Added pyramid column scenery object


The old topic was locked, but before it was split into this topic and the rest of the posts deleted, I skimmed through it and took some of the intelligent questions. Here's a list of the questions/answers/issues:

-If you get an unexpected error on startup, Try switching your color mode (from 16 to 32 or vice versa).
-The game saves everytime you return to the map screen, and since you can't quit without going back to the map (unless you ctrl alt del), it should save after everything you do.
-Taunt mode insults you everytime you die (and adds a boo-ing sound to the normal death sound)
-When asked why there's no variable jumping in the game, I said:
I had variable jumping in the game at one point, but removed it because I prefer it without. It just didn't fit the feel of the game. My next platformer will probably have it.

-The game takes place in the year 2004. So did the original Jumper, go back and watch te first cutscene of the original again if you thought it took place during WW1.

-The names of the music tracks are meant to be hints (for most of them) of what game they're from.
-The Jumper Fan Forums are Here.
-Here's what I said when asked about a sequel:
I won't start work on a Jumper Three until I have new ideas. With J2 I had the idea for the wall-jump and skid-jump, who knows what J3 will bring. I'm not a fan of rehash sequels, so I'm trying to reconstruct the series with every new installment, instead of just treating it like an expansion pack (JTwoE is the expansion pack =P).

-Yes, Sector 8 is all remade Jumper 1 stages.
-Please don't post comics about J2 in this topic, there's an artwork forum at the Jumper Fan Forums that's perfect for this, but here it's off topic.

-If you download any stage from the Official JTwoE Archive and you get an error while playing, this means you have an outdated version of the editor and should redownload it.

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